USC Morning Buzz: Emotions Ran High At Washington

I originally wrote about this in more detail Monday on but thought it was worth reposting some of it here.

I ran into a current USC player over the weekend at a high school football game.

During the conversation, he told me an interesting story. After the 28-14 to Washington, the USC players filed into the locker room at Husky Stadium.

The mood was hardly somber and some players appeared to be laughing.

At that point, one of the strength coaches tore in the team. He criticized their demeanor in the locker room, their overall attitude and being satisfied with a loss. Who was the coach? I named him here.

“He really let the team have it,” the player said. “He delivered a message.”

But it leads to an obvious question: Isn’t that Clay Helton’s job?

Can anyone recall Helton ever tearing into the game after a loss? Or a practice? Or ever?

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Emotions Ran High At Washington

  1. yeah, this experiment is over. how many gd times does a head coach get a chance to prove his mettle? at the easiest place in college football to win, by the way. helton and his staff can go … and take this soft-ass offense with ’em.

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  2. Coach…..what gives anyone the idea USC is coached….more like handled.
    That 14 Buick over there was driven by an old lady….want to try it out.

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  3. Bottom line, Clay Helton is not head coaching material, and there’s a reason why Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian never gave him significant coaching duties. When Helton made an appearance on Christine Lehey’s talk show, “Fair Game” , he said Nick Saban wanted to hire him away from USC, but he and his family prefer California. I’d love for someone in the media to confirm that story, because I can’t imagine it to be true 😂😂

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    1. There’s probably some truth to that given Helton has the same agent as Saben. That same agent orchestrated Saban hiring Kiffin and Sark after each was fired by SC.

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      1. According to numerous sites, Nick never intended to automatically hire Helton —only to meet and interview him. I guess we could try to FORCE Saban to interview Helton….

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  4. Based on recruiting, I sincerely believe Clay has checked out. He’s probably secretly looking to sell his home. Maybe a deal is in place and he knows he’s gone? USC recruits itself and should have no problem picking up four stars in the area. He needs to go ASAP.

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    1. The kids have checked out, they know Gomer’s on the hot seat and they don’t want to commit to USC because they have no idea who the next coach could be. If SC would get off their ass and hire an AD who would then shit can Gomer and hire Meyer you would see the recruiting class go from 60 whatever to top 10 in a nano second and you would see the other eleven PAC 12 coaches shit themselves knowing they had zero chance while Meyer was at USC.

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      1. No way USC follows your advice, karma [Folt: “I will make my move….as soon as it’s too late—-at the moment Meyer is no longer available and we’re stuck with bottom half recruits”].
        I would caution folks to wait for Notre Dame result before concluding that this team has no fight left in it. But even if we beat Notre Dame by the same score that Washington beat us, we need that “culture change” Swann promised (without knowing what he was talking about)……

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      2. ND practiced hard and played a cupcake, USC practiced like a flag football team and had cake and ice cream on Saturday. ND can’t afford to lose again, Gomer has never won at ND or many other places on the road, I see USC getting mauled on Saturday.

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  5. Gomer will probably fire that coach for yelling at the players.

    Can you imagine one player laughing after a loss if Meyer was the head coach ? Or Del Rio ?

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      1. karma —you have to admit that it’s remotely possible we’d hire Del Rio even if Meyer DID take the job….


      2. I concur with you, sir.




    1. karma —-stop being melodramatic. That coach was reprimanded and fined —nobody got fired.


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