USC Morning Notes: Whatever Happened To Kenon Christon?

Remember during training camp there were so many breathless reports about how freshman tailback Kenon Christon was?

He hasn’t played and it looks like he will redshirt. The homers will say USC’s other tailbacks are so good he needs to redshirt.

Vavae Malepeai is solid but not a gamechanger. Stephen Carr‘s been disappointing outside of that long run vs. Washington while Markese Stepp seems to be out of favor with the coaches at times.

With Christon the fastest back you would think Graham Harrell could find a role for him, at least as a receiver out of the backfield.

  • Here is the Pac-12 basketball preseason media poll:
 Team (First Place Votes)Points
1. OREGON (9)291
2. COLORADO (9)288
3. WASHINGTON (6)273
4. ARIZONA (2)263
5. USC (1)198
8. UCLA148
9. UTAH131

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Notes: Whatever Happened To Kenon Christon?

  1. I think Owns cost USC basketball at least FIVE 1st place votes with his incessant “NCAA Death Penalty in November” talk….

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      1. karma —even if there are penalties — in fact, even if Enfield is sent to federal prison….. I hope Owns keeps using his Enfield photo…


      1. I can actually answer that, Owns — Helton, unlike other coaches being paid in the multi-millions, doesn’t believe he can get all his freshman ready to play. He doesn’t even think he should try with most of them….


      2. Who’d have ever guessed that Clay is actually a disciple of Woody Hayes? Only he never got to the “3 yards and a cloud of dust/hit them so hard snot blows out their nose” chapters, because he was so enthralled by the “the best thing about a freshman is that they become a sophomore” section…

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  2. Like I have said before, players under Gomer have to wait their turn even if they are the better player.

    Look who starts at RB,
    Vavae, redshirt Jr
    then Carr, Jr
    then Stepp, redshirt Fr.
    that’s the Gomer way.

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  3. That makes sense, add a RB to an already crowded backfield. How about this:
    Vavae and Carr go pro while Markese and Kenon provide a thunder lightning punch for Urban Meyer next year.

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  4. Gomer could have Johnny Unitas, John Elway and Joe Montana on his bench and he would still start the 5th year senior Fred Fumbatory, who had not played a snap in prior years, because under his system…….seniority counts. Its a Union Hall.
    So why would any 5 star looking at the NFL come to USC unless he was mentally retarded.

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    1. And would still be trying to recruit more quarterbacks while explaining that they kept getting sacked, turning the ball over, and getting injured, because of lack of execution…

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      1. Actually Michael, Retard in music means slow, so I get to say it all of the time. I have a little trouble with the Italian (formal) word for Bassoon. It is faggot, and with middle school saying faggot out loud is like dropping an Fbomb in front of the principal. But actually they told us teacher prospects (ions ago) that the word refers to a bundle of sticks and the association with people of the non-hetero persuasion comes from a time when they were burned at the stake. To further this notion up until the 1960s cigarettes were referred to as fags also. It is not uncommon in noir writing for a private dick (as opposed to a public one like______ ) to stop and bum a fag from the lady at the door.
        What you didn’t put Helton in the blank?


      2. Rialto — I would just love for you to be chosen to give the keynote speech at the Democratic Convention …..


      3. New Rule: Anything appearing in the hashtags is protected from spelling corrections….
        [Anyway, I was referring to the name used in Nostradamus’ prophecy of Hitler, not Hitler himself]…..


  5. I can’t wait for a new coaching staff to be in place, because some of these players that don’t see significant playing time under Bozo Helton, will probably look like All Americans playing for a legitimate coach. Don’t believe me, just ask Michael Pittmans dad, because his son would be buried on the beach if he didn’t tweet a subliminal message of a ass kicking coming Helton’s way 😂😂

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    1. You sure love taking shots at Darnold but forget about wish I had his “nose full of nickels” Rosen. He fucking stinks and will be out of the league in 2 years. Who you going to lose to this week duckhead?


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