If Only JT Daniels Were Healthy

There’s been some spin emerging that USC would have beaten BYU and Washington if JT Daniels were healthy.

Do people forget USC’s offense struggled in the second quarter of its victory over Fresno State? Clay Helton and Graham Harrell constantly bring up Kedon Slovis and Matt Fink throwing three interceptions in their first road starts. But they will never mention Daniels threw a costly interception against Fresno State, who is worse.

I get that Daniels is more experienced. Is he a winner at the college level? Would he take a hit when a pumped up road opponent got to him? Remember how he shrunk after getting hit early in last year’s Stanford game? He was limping at Arizona. He got knocked out of the Utah game.

So to assume USC would win with Daniels is a stretch, in my opinion.

  • Did you see USC women’s volleyball lost to Washington State at the Galen Center on Sunday? Washington. State. At. Home.

The scary thing is Washington State was ranked No. 24 and USC was unranked. Firing Mick Haley, who was by no means perfect, worked out well.

11 thoughts on “If Only JT Daniels Were Healthy

  1. Some talented players just aren’t built to play college football. J. T. could be one of them. It doesn’t help that, while his throwing motion is really good when he has time and he’s more accurate than the other qb’s on the roster, he has the worst feet on the team [the video of his fall footwork drills were almost unreal —what the fuck was Ellis teaching him all last year]?

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  2. There is newish scuttlebutt that USC is looking at a new AD from one of the Washington schools and that once on board Urban will be a done deal.
    From my typing thumb to God’s ears 👂

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  3. Kedon Slovis is clearly a better passer than JT Daniels, and at the end of the season, he’ll also be more experienced than him. So Daniels better kick rocks, and go pretend to be a quarterback at another University, or community college, because it’s not gonna happen at USC .

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    1. If Kedon stays healthy, plays in every game left this season and beats everybody he faces in the Pac 12, you’re probably right (about him taking over the helm at USC next year—not about 5 star J. T. going to a community college to play football)….


  4. SCooter, it is time to start talking about the nd game. Gve us your negative spin on how you see the game and how SC will lose. Move forward.


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