Earth To USC Coaches

How amazing is this? USC is tweeting out stats that make the coaches look dumb. Markese Stepp is doing something? Then why doesn’t he play!!!!!

  • Clay Helton made it official tonight by saying Kedon Slovis will start vs. Notre Dame. At least Graham Harrell won’t be able to throw Matt Fink under the bus after the Notre Dame game.

22 thoughts on “Earth To USC Coaches

  1. I like the effort of Matt Fink but he threw himself under that bus…he tried to make completions where none was necessary and threw picks when he should have stood down. Harrell had little to do with the WA loss save the poor 3rd string qb looked like a 3rd string qb.

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      1. Correct, gt. I hope that fine young man realizes that one day, when the sting of the Washington loss fades, he’ll be able to look back and see that he accomplished something very few backups get a chance to do: come off the bench and beat a top 10 team….


  2. We’re gonna learn a lot about a Slovis this week. He got absolutely carjacked on that sack. Much more than scrambled eggs. He hurt all over the next week.

    Gun shy? Footsteps? Tuck and drop?

    Very tough assignment for the kid.

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    1. He was hit by a Mack Truck. That tackle was one for the ages. I loved the tackle but no on SC’s qb. Too bad our defense doesn’t make tackles like that anymore. I remember when they used to be common with SC’s defense.

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  3. The coaches are just letting everybody know that they have a weapon in the ground game, even though they don’t use him correctly. It’s kinda like a subliminal message to the Notre Dame coaching staff. A great way to sneak up on the opponent, Bozo Helton style 😂😂

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      1. Heard the ‘bel-air tech’ moment by Tim Kates on 570 am this week? He’s singing the praises of some former brewie who plays now for the TN Titans and how he’s been named to the ‘pro-bowl’ 4 times….a former player on a team that hasn’t been, save for 2017, to the playoffs since 2008 but hey here
        ‘some ‘no-name’ that fled westwood, to praise.


  4. Following the same line of logic,if it can be called that…SLOVIS THREW HIMSELF UNDER ANOTHER BUS vs A MUCH INFERIOR TEAM AT BYU…THE BEST Q/B Harrell has ever seen…

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    1. even he would have had to practice vs a Washington style defense they prepared for Wash st….it is ludicrous to think SC threw basically inexperienced q/b’s against a defense that the best air raid offense can’t defeat…but that’s SC football under hellton.


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