USC Morning Buzz: The Madness Continues

So I already mentioned USC promoted that 52 percent of tailback Markese Stepp‘s carries resulted in a first down or touchdown, the highest mark in the FBS for running backs with at least 25 carries.

But that did not deter offensive coordinator Graham Harrell on Tuesday, who said Stepp’s role will not “increase or decrease much from what it’s been because we have three guys that we feel really good about, that we feel like need to be in the game.”

Yeah, what’s the rush? Stay the course. Who cares if you have a guy that might actually challenge Notre Dame with 20-25 carries.

Harrell has proven he can make statements as ridiculous as Clay Helton.

  • Did you like Michael Pittman‘s comments about the expected cold weather Saturday at South Bend?

“It’s going to be cold,” Pittman said. “But it’ll be fun when we’re running up the score.”

Pittman later tweeted, “Don’t take this out of context, no disrespect intended. I’m just excited to get to South Bend and compete.”

  • Pac-12 basketball media day was Tuesday in San Francisco and local coverage of USC was pretty invisible. Not that I blame anyone. How many people really care about USC basketball?

But did you notice who USC took to media day: Jonah Mathews and Quinton Adlesh. Where was Nick Rakocevic? He was the only USC/UCLA player selected to the preseason All-Pac-12 team.

Someone at USC will respond, “he had class” or some other excuse. Fine.

But Adlesh? Take a player who has actually suited up in a USC game. Not a graduate transfer. USC will say, “he’s a captain.” Whatever.

Elijah Weaver should have gone. He played last season. If you were going to take a newcomer, then take Onyeka Okongwu, the five-star forward who is expected to be critical to the Trojans’ fortunes.

Another own goal for USC.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Madness Continues

  1. LSU vs Florida looks like an interesting game among top 10 teams ,the big ‘O’ has certainly shown to SC what a real head coach looks like, and in the toughest conference in football.

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      1. gt –Like a lazy parent, the governing factor in all of Haden’s decision making was always, “what’s the easiest path for me?”

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      2. Coach O isn’t a smooth talker, recent article in The Athletic about coach O shows him to be a rather wild dude, like chugging Red Bulls, throwing chairs, punching himself in the face, his players love him.

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      3. karma — gulping down 4 Red Bulls in a row in less than a minute while standing naked in the locker room, smashing furniture all over campus (including the President’s office), punching himself in the mouth so hard it draws blood and scares the players watching —-it’s all shit Coach O learned from Helton…..

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      4. If you haven’t seen it, look up the special with Petros that was generated as a lead-in for the 2004 Rose Bowl (I have a copy of it on a DVD of the game)…there’s a segment where Petros is asking Coach O. about the game and you can see he is actually intimidated (if not afraid) of him…if nothing else, you get to here him talking about a USC defensive line featuring Patterson, Cody, Wright, Nazel, Udeze, and Rucker…and being nasty…

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      5. James —I’ve seen it —and I know what you mean. I can remember lots of videos of Ed while at USC actually grabbing interviewers and SHOWING them techniques he taught (in a good natured but not gentle way). I’m not sure he could pull that with Petros today, though.

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      6. He’s a lot smaller and older, and Petros is a lot bigger…what a battle that would be though! Would be amazing to see that interview restaged this year with LSU in the championship game…not as good as LSU playing USC in the championship game, but…

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  2. Own goal? Yes, they are the easiest goals to get! And they count as goals, right? Score!

    Nothing surprises us anymore with the incompetence of Heritage Hall, in PR matters or regular duties – even in its current interim state. Just hoping we break with *that* tradition with the new AD hire. Haden and Swann were bad enough…thanyouverymuch…

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  3. I love Michael Pittman’s bulletin board material, and if Notre Dame doesn’t have anybody to cover those receivers, then he’s right. But if the Fighting Irish ☘️ take the field, and punch the Trojans in the mouth, then Pittman’s quote will make Sunday morning headlines 😂😂

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    1. Fan Boy –Pittman’s [first] post was not smart, agreed. But I like the idea that our guys believe they can win this game. I think they can, too…


      1. MG
        Have you listened to the Hyde/Weber pods of this week? Even RA is unable to muster the effort to redirect…and they are retroactively admitting even more about what they’ve really known/felt over the past few years…this is not going to be pretty…

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      2. James —
        I admit to the possibility that Helton, his assistants and his players are whistling in the cemetery this week. But I won’t be surprised in the slightest if they come together on Saturday, play their best game of the season and beat Notre Dame.


      3. One badly coached team engaging in two more weeks of pillow fighting with dire prospects…another with a full-up scrimmage (sort of a game…but popping pads) coached by someone who has qualified for the playoffs twice…

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  4. Saturday night Pittman can say he was misquoted, “I said when they’re running up the score-not we’re running up the score.”
    As for who to take to media day for basketball, does it really matter? Media days are like horse shows. A bunch of horse’s asses showing their horse’s asses to horse’s asses. I want to know if Galen Traveler and keychain Tommy will be there. I certainly hope the interim AD doesn’t ban the song girls this year.

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    1. Would Pittman have to issue that retraction Saturday night even if we won?
      [Hey Pudly! Where are you, anyway]?….


  5. Harrell is starting to fall into the lines of Helton, incompetent. I guess that is why Helton hired him. Stepps needs to start against nd. Bigger back. Sc should run the I formation to help the qb and stabilize the oline. Lineman would rather run block. With the oline that SC has, that would be an advantage.

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    1. I agree I don’t know if Harrell is afraid of Helton (if he is he’s the only person in Southern California) but he’s sure towing the line this year.
      Also I would love to see the old power I formation. Nobody knew who was getting the ball and if they used the fullback as a blocker the run usually gained ground. It was the bread and butter of the old guard, it still works.

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      1. RT –Graham is scared of Helton. And for good reason. Haven’t you ever worked for anybody who you could tell was, a quarter of an inch beneath the surface, not quite right in the head? Name a coach who gets to say “I wish (fill in a name) all the best, he’ll always be part of the family” more frequently than Helton. That long, long parade of long gone players saw something they didn’t like. Something that spelled w-r-o-n-g.

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  6. Great article about Stepp in The Athletic, talks about his relationship with a boy who died from cancer, his change of heart about ND, never considered transferring, says you finish what you start, good insight into this young man

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  7. Not to defend the current “Brain Trust,” but Stepp struggles in pass protection and ins’t a pass receiving threat out of the backfield, because LBs can easily match-up with him.

    He’s a very good football players, but he just isn’t an AIr-Raid running back. When you put him in the game, you limit what you can do in this offense.

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    1. Somehow I bet Urban Meyer would find a way to get him at least 20 carries a game.

      And we don’t run the ” Air Raid ” we run a version of the Chinese Fire Drill

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      1. It’s not as catchy a label but I really wish Harrell would start calling it that….


  8. The really great thing about Clown U vs ND game is Fox’s farcical twins, Matthew & Reginald, will not disrupt the game ambiance with the SUCCX chimp, chest-pounding.


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