USC Podcast Time

It’s USC-Notre Dame week, so time to discuss if the Trojans have a chance vs. the Irish?

15 thoughts on “USC Podcast Time

    1. Arturo —I’m with Scott when he says it’ll be interesting to see what kind of wrinkles Harrell inserts into the offense to combat Notre Dame’s complex defensive adjustments —& ya gotta admit the Hubbard stories were fun (wonder how many of Hubbard’s “memories” are accurate —there’s a little bit of a “Zelig” feeling to his autobiography)……

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      1. Well, I got to thinking about how much fun Scott’s making this Notre Dame week …and how much shit he’s getting for it…..and it seemed a little fucked up…..


    1. Alv —Ya know how people have been saying that USC has to up it’s game to compete with the Dodgers and the Rams? Well, I think you can scratch one team from that list……

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  1. Who is fired first

    A Dave Roberts
    B. Clay Helton
    C. Chip Kelly

    Dodgers can’t hit in postseason

    Well at least we have Goff and McVey!
    Oops a former Cal QB with happy feet and overrated millennial coach who gets schooled by his elder coaches!

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  2. Scottie: “Time discuss if the Trojans have a chance vs. the Irish?”

    Not so long ago, no one would even ask that question. Irrespective of the record, the Trojans would always have a chance in this game. And ND knew it.

    This is what is so sad about what Helton has done to the program.

    May the Irish fall heavily and may Helton be sent packing.

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      1. 67 (Having difficulty getting this posted — I think cuz there’s a misunderstanding about meaning and context of some of the following words—you’ll see what I mean, hopefully):
        Good idea on Harry and David —I’ve always been pleased with them. The only issue is do we go with the super duper fruit, cheese and nuts —or the tin foil wrapped pears?


    1. I don’t know the answer to your question FIGHTON —but if anyone here ever wants to do a seminar on “how to carry an interviewer”, study this tape…..

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  3. Alright guys,

    You can kill me if you want after I make this comment, but, (I’m gonna hate myself), Scott Wolf has made some sense lately. I have become more critical of Helton because of his coaching and Wolf actually brought this to attention a lot earlier. Thank you SCooter.


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