USC Morning Buzz: Throw To Tight End!

USC’s Air Raid offense is doing a great job getting the ball to its wide receivers but Graham Harrell seems to have little use for the tight end.

Erik Krommenhoek and Josh Falo combined for six receptions in five games.

By contrast, former USC tight end Cary Angeline, who transferred to North Carolina State, has 13 receptions this season in five games. Notre Dame’s tight ends have caught 26 passes.

But the Irish are not smart enough to run the Air Raid.

Wouldn’t you think USC, in what will be its biggest game of the season from a national perspective, would maybe alter the offense and surprise the Irish by throwing to the tight end? I would but I’m not Genious Graham Harrell.

At this point, I’m not sure why tight end Jack Yary, the son of ex-USC All-American Ron Yary, remains committed to USC. Unless he expects a coaching change and new offense that utilizes the tight end.

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Throw To Tight End!

  1. That is what I sensed was the reason Jack Yary decided to commit to USC….matters not what happens this Saturday or through early December….thos in the know ‘know’ Heltonska is headin’ a well deserved sacking…. ‘Clay’days are numbered.

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    1. I hope so Alv, but today’s article in the LA Times with Dave Roberts (interim AD) makes me worried that Gomer’s sacking is NOT going to happen soon enough. In the article he states that as interim AD, he is not going to make any decisions on Gomer. Only the new AD will. And that the search committee has only recently been formed (over a month after Swann’s sacking). Things are moving too slow!!

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      1. Let Clay Helton lose a few more games, and I guarantee he’ll get fired . Hiring a new Football Coach should be left up to the new athletic director, not terminating the current one. The USC administration has 3 months to bring a new AD aboard, and I’m sure during the interview process, the topic will be discussed

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      2. Calabasas — Vacillation has become a very large part of the decision making process at USC —and it has consequences. If we continue moving at a snail’s pace (which—let’s face it — we probably will), we’ll not only lose out on recruits but probably also lose out on getting the ONE coach who would give us a chance at beating Saban next year: Urban Meyer. Making sure that EVERYBODY in the loop is happy before we move an inch in ANY direction might seem short range smart to Folt but it’s long range stupid. Saddling some mediocre new coach with a mediocre recruiting class, along with losing some stars from this year’s team to the NFL, will reduce our chances of being successful in 2020……

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      3. It could be even slower than usual. Because of all of the f-ups previously at the university, they will really have to demonstrate that they checked off all of the HR boxes, show that they picked a large and varied set of candidates for first round consideration, etc. And with the holidays coming up, maybe nothing gets done between Thanksgiving and New Years.

        I would be surprised if the recruiting class can be rescued.

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      4. 67 —I’ve been hoping against hope there was an under the table agreement between Meyer and USC to the effect we would conduct a lengthy and expensive sham search and, in the end, give the job to him. This arrangement would placate all the dense “process people” while assuring we don’t lose the one person who could save the 2020 class and beat Saban in next year’s opener. But —the more I think about it — we’re still just wandering around aimlessly…..

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      5. Michael, I used to believe that only in gov’t could you find chronic failure by personnel and no accountability or change. Add SC to this list.

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      6. Los Angeles is such a great city —it’s a shame that virtually every governmental agency and large business or institution within it has recently adopted pretty much the same operating principle (i. e., get through the day without making an actual decision).

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    1. Twice it hasn’t posted- there must be something in it I can’t say. I am sorry I don’t want to write a third time. Check out where I posted as Reggie that’s all the humor I can muster for one day


  2. They will not throw the ball to the TE nor will they pound it running the ball, it’s not in Opie’s DNA, it’s not in Gomer’s DNA and it’s not what the Chinese Fire Drill Offense is all about, so stop bitching about it.

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  3. It sure sounds like the time frame they are thinking is much longer than the time frame we would all like. There goes the recruiting class of 2020 down the drain if they don’t have a “name” they can show the young men.

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    1. Fred Davis followed Byrd…but your point is correct…unless you count the blocking exploits of Rhett Ellison (not that there haven’t been talented ones – e.g. Grimble)…


  4. What the????

    Wolf you really need some new material or need to buy Petros Papadopoulos (Fired USC Basketball P.A.) a few more lunches to score his cheat sheet on bitter USC opinions.

    Cary Angeline?
    You referenced him as if he transferred recently or if he was once a difference maker while at SC.

    Good stuff.
    Keep up the good “work”


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