Super Bowl In South Bend

If Clay Helton were smart, he would treat the Notre Dame game like his Super Bowl.

What does he have to lose by taking risks? USC is a double-digit underdog. A loss will only make the players more uninspired. A win might reverse course on the season.

Helton should:

  • Run some trick plays (which Graham Harrell seems allergic to)
  • Fake a punt (Ben Griffiths will thank him)
  • Throw to the tight end (Yes, I mentioned it earlier today)
  • Start Markese Stepp (Play the best players, imagine that)

I’m sure these suggestions would make Helton cringe. He’s not creative enough and stubbornly thinks things will just work out. Plus he is not a boat rocker (Lay low, let Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian self-destruct and become USC coach!).

It’s too late for Helton to convince fans he can be a good coach. But he might earn some grudging respect if he leaves everything on the field at Notre Dame Stadium.

7 thoughts on “Super Bowl In South Bend

  1. Take risks? I think that’s what Helton plans to do. The problem is, as always, Helton is not a smart gambler. A savvy gambler would try throwing the ball at least once to Stepp (all college backs should be able to catch a 12 yard pass), letting Velus Jones show what he can do on at least one long ball and, also, as QB on one 1st and goal, try throwing to Falo on 4th and short. A rookie gambler will –as Helton has done already — try to run for first down on 4th and 2 on our side of the field…..

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