Reggie Bush Could Be Allowed At USC In 2020

USC interim athletic director Dave Roberts, who is also an insider with the NCAA, said Reggie Bush’s ban from the university will end in June, 2020.

Roberts said it would then be up to USC to decide if Bush is allowed back on campus in an interview with

“The COI, which I sit on — Committee on Infractions — had recently put through a rule change. It’s called an IOP — internal operating procedure — which basically reduced any disassociation to a 10-year disassociation, much like what was given to [former Michigan basketball star] Chris Webber,” Roberts told the website. “So in June of 2020, the disassociation for Bush will expire and it’s going to be up to the university what the university wants to do.”

If I was USC, I would allow Bush to return on one condition: He apologizes for his actions, lack of contrition and the way his refusal to cooperate with the NCAA affected future Trojan players who were forced to deal with probation.

I’m guessing if that was the condition, Bush’s USC-ban would last even longer because I doubt he would apologize, unless he thought it would be good for his Fox Sports career.

15 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Could Be Allowed At USC In 2020

  1. Uh, look I mean you know I’m sorry that USC and my uh teammates got hammered so hard by the NCAA uh you know, but that’s not on me. I did everything legit. That guy was a family friend you know, my stepdad said he was an excellent uh you know what I mean he was a big time you know sports promoter. He gave my folks some uh you know cash and what not I didn’t ask for nuthin. Then he tried to jack me up and I was like, you know uh who are you again? The NCAA thems the ones who oughta apologize for what they did man it was way outa proportion uh and stuff like that. Then I seen the scene what was going down with coach McNair and I didn’t want and uh part of dat, so I blew the whole thing off- said Yo NCAA you don’t got no hold over me. Love you lots USC

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      1. Michael, the hiring of chip kelly looks to be one of the worst in a power 5 conference in a long time. ucla gave up on football years ago. They should be ashamed that they took Aikmans and Wasserman’s money only to turn those $$ into the s***show that they are putting on the field.

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      1. In case you’re directing your reprimand at me, Arturo — I’ve been using that phrase with my son when we’re boxing since I heard Sergio Mora’s trainer yell it from the corner in the first Contender series when he changed lead hands in the middle of a round.


  2. At this point in time UCLA FB is irrelevant; but, not quite as irrelevant as the Clown U BB program has been since 1954 and still oooooooooo forever.

    #According to NCAA rules, Andyain’twinnings classic DF denial “I dinna know squat” about Tony Bland’s illegal side gig is irrelevant, and not a valid excuse… pun intended.



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