USC Afternoon Notes: Clancy Pendergast Spotlight

Let me give an example of why I criticize USC defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

I have mentioned he blitzes too much and leaves his cornerbacks in one-one coverage too much.

Last week, he blitzed and left redshirt freshman cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart by himself on Colorado’s top receiver, Laviska Shenault.

The results were predictable: Shenault caught a slant pass and raced 71 yards for a touchdown.

The Pendergast or USC supporters will counter he came back and made adjustments that shut out Colorado the entire fourth quarter.

But all the biggest adjustment I saw was Colorado QB Steven Montez suffering what looked like a concussion or at least a near-concussion. The Buffs offense was playing with one hand tied behind its back.

At no time does it seem like Pendergast bases what he does off what Colorado is doing.

  • For what it’s worth, I’ve heard from two sources that Villanova athletic director Mark Jackson is not a top-tier candidate for the USC athletic director job.
  • California entrepreneur Jeffrey Bizzack was sentenced to 2 months in prison for paying $250,000 to have his son admitted to USC as a fake volleyball recruit.

12 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Clancy Pendergast Spotlight

  1. Any comments on the speculation that the A. D. job is Lou Holtz’s if he accepts it?
    #Holtz: “I promise to staff my office with Westwood volunteers…”


  2. The truth is Clancy’s defense (aggressive rush, man to man on the back end) would work beautifully with the right people playing corner…..


  3. Pendergast must blitz to cover up the lack of pass rush from our front four or a team like Oregon will tear us up. Unfortunately the Oregon staff should know this so without discussing the remedy…….they will probably do it. Contrary to the herd I am not expecting a close game.


  4. Pendergast must blitz to cover up the lack of pass rush from our front four or a team like Oregon will tear us up. Since our safeties were decimated last year due to many issues and this year due to injury…..and our cb’s are inexperienced its a shooting gallery back there for a team with an experienced QB and a quality line.


  5. Mark Jackson lol … that idiot brought us Suckisian he should never be allowed on campus again

    As far as Pendy … he is just cashing checks, like Gomer he cannot believe he gets paid major money for being a complete dope that no one wanted or wants


  6. There once was a man named Clancy
    Whose defensive plans were too fancy
    There are too many plays
    that’s what everyone says
    Because his players play like chimpanzees


  7. SCooter,

    You forgot to mention that Pendergasts defense gives up around 180-225 yards rushing. This leads to allowing the opposing team to pass or do as it wills. If you stop the run and keep the yardage under a 100 yards a game, then the defense can will its way. Since Pendergast does not recruit, he does not help his defense by getting the players he wants. He should have been fired along with Helton at the end of last season. This is another season of futility. It is like being in purgatory, you see how good it can be, but you are paying hell for it now.


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