Wednesday Practice Report

Who didn’t practice today?

Drake Jackson, Talanoa Hufanga, Stephen Carr, Juliano Falaniko, Vavae Malepeai and Palaie Gaoteote.

There was never any hope some of these guys would be back this week but Jackson will be the big loss if he doesn’t play vs. Oregon. The Trojans were very ordinary on the edge last week without Jackson.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Practice Report

    1. Rector’s ready to go, Alv.
      [btw, What do ya wanna bet Larry Scott has already communicated to the Pac 12 refs not to get in the way of Oregon making the playoffs]?

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      1. That makes two of us who wouldn’t be surprised, 67. Scott wants it to look like the Pac 12 is coming up in the world —and the ONLY way he could pull that off is having a little chat with the refs before Saturday….


      2. MG, how soon you forget.

        Don’t forget, the Larry Scott you’re complaining of had the ref’s help the Clown U avoid an ugly Colorado upset by over penalizing Colorado 13 times for 109 yards. Oh well.


  1. The loss of Malepeai is proof of mismanagement on the part of the medical staff. His knee problem was festering after spring ball. The operation he had a few weeks ago could have been done prior to the season and most likely healed by the second or third game.
    I’m not a doctor but I watched House when it was on and I know bad medicine when I read about it on this blog.

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  2. Crazey taht usc want to play agianst a ex couch naimed oregon cuz they Was 2 cheep to maik him thare couch. Geez wen is the ncca gonna invistigate this cuz its not like ucla playes teems called the kelleys


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      1. Owns (back in his version of a Batman costume that we know as The Mule – maybe just for Halloween? nah…) continuing his campaign to surpass the demon Pazuzu (aka “nowanami” or “I am no one” – most appropriate) (aka “Captain Howdy” – also kind of appropriate, given his Andy persona) from The Exorcist with his idiot tourrette’s infused Pez dispenser blatherings about some piglet…Owns, take the costume back off (your so much more affable when…) and stay away from the crucifix!

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      2. James —Nothing —and I mean NOTHING —can stop Owns. [At least he’s quite clever on occasion —- which, as we both know, is more than can be said for some of the bashers]….

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      3. MG
        As per usual, you are correct…and as you note, it really isn’t desirable…but like so much of life, feigned behavior and witty/witless banter is a big part of the entertainment value! When Owns makes sense, which he has far too often recently, we have to agree with him, publicly no less! – much preferable that he mix in a healthy dose of The Mule (although the Darnold Exorcist bit is annoying only in that we all foresee the day he must eat those…words? are they words when they are spurted in such a manner? I guess they still are…and are impatient for it to arrive)…
        So come on Mule, I’m waiting for your next kick!


  3. Just Puke,

    You truly are a stupid Moron idiot. How many times have we told you that when you refer to Clown U, you are referring to Thug U aka ruinville. Remember this Puke, it is not hard, ucla stands for, U Clowns Lose Again.

    As far as refs go, they have something against SC and so does Scott, that pencil neck geek. When SC finally makes a good and solid tackle and are flagged or a hit against nd that should not have been a penalty, then the refs have something against SC.

    Now, it is time to leave the library and go to work by collecting your bottles and cans. You have a long day ahead of you. “What a Maroon”, Bugs Bunny.


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