USC Morning Buzz: Will Marquee Game Bring Big Crowd?

USC has not played Oregon at the Coliseum since 2016 and the Ducks are ranked No. 7 in the nation with a quarterback projected to be one of the top picks in the NFL draft.

So why isn’t the game being discussed as a hot ticket this week?

I’m told some USC officials will be happy if 60,000 show up for the game. Now when I say 60,000, I mean 60,000. Not some fake number that gets announced to the public.

USC is averaging 57,246 per game but I haven’t seen that many people at a single game this season. The Arizona attendance (53,826) seemed to be inflated by at least 10,000.

The fact is Clay Helton has drained the enthusiasm of the fans. Will a new athletic director consider this a factor on whether to retain him? Will he even be aware of it if he gets hired in the next four weeks and needs to make a quick decision on Helton?

  • The Pac-12 has not offered one officiating clarification/statement on any of its 30 conference football games this season. This column questions that policy.
  • USC has offered a scholarship to Jayden de Laura, a three-star QB from St. Louis High School in Honolulu. He has committed to Washington State.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Will Marquee Game Bring Big Crowd?

    1. For a USC alumni who has attended USC football games since 1973 and during the Pete Carroll when the availability of tickets were almost nonexistent. I attended the last home game against Arizona and it appeared at least half the seats were empty. You get very little bang for your buck for entertainment value attending these games. I hope USC fans don’t continue to expect so little from this coaching staff and be content with mediocrity. I don’t see any favorable consistent progress with CH’s team other than his continual excuses. I just believe he’s had ample time to be successful and it’s not happening. You contrast his progress to Ed Oregon of LSU and it’s obvious that it was a mistake not to given Orgeron a chance. CH’s time should be over and the search for a experienced top flight coach should begin.

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      1. Cracks me up how everyone is so pro Orgeron … NOW. They would have called for him to be fired at USC if he had similar results as at Ol’ Miss.


      1. gt —I guess it’s probably time for USC to seriously consider suing Scott for the revenue lost (20,000 seats per game over Helton’s tenure) as a result of his relentless blogging…..

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  1. If the new athletic director comes from a football school, then you’d have to think Clay Helton will be fired. Because he inherited a team that was talented enough to go to back to back major bowl games, and now look at it. Everything about Trojan football says underachieving, ticket sales, recruiting etc etc. So why would an experienced AD hand the keys to Bozo for another year, to put his reputation on the line ?

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  2. I’m loving the 55-60K crowds. Makes for light traffic, easy parking and short concession lines. Heck, that’s 20K more than SUCLA is drawing. LOL

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      1. Even the Daily bruin laments the apathy about ucla sports:

        Students simply don’t attend anymore. That is one death knell of a college football program.

        The other is that bruin fans spend all their time on the competitor’s website. Remind you of anyone?


    1. That was the normal crown when McKay as there, same for Robo, but the population was far less then but LA only had one pro team not 2.

      If SC makes the right hire the crowds will be back in the 70,000’s, but if they keep Gomer USC will be able to play in Carson because they won’t draw flies.

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  3. I sold my tickets to this game for over face value on stub hub so i take that as a bit of a good sign attendance will be good.

    On another note I just don’t get the Herbert hype.

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  4. Im hoping with EA, IST and Rector back and the fact Oregon had 2 back to back tight games. We have Slovis and we didnt have against Washington. Oregon was 2 td,s behind Washington before coming back. Homefield advantage helps too. We to score fast and early. Hoping the fact that Washington State being able to torch secondary is a good sign.

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    1. Our receivers are better than Washington State’s (but I don’t think they’re are too many people who would say that Helton is a better gameday coach than Leach)…..

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  5. Scooter,

    When were you elected to be the head ticket counter? How do you know what the attendance looks like? yes, Helton has taken the excitement out of the game. it is too bad but with a new AD he will see the potential from historical fact that SC can draw and get rid of Helton. BTW, ruinville gives away about 10k tickets for their games. They are U Clowns Lose Again joke. Ask Just Puke about that.

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      1. Michael, I think Kelly will be there one more year. They would have to find a donor to fund the buyout. Wasserman has told them not to ask for more $$$ for a long time.

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