No, USC Is Not Close To Alabama

Since 2008, Alabama has only lost 1 game by 15-or-more points.

USC has lost 15 games by that margin.

Notre Dame has lost 14.

Georgia 13.

Oregon 13.

Oklahoma 10.

Before his final season at USC, Pete Carroll lost only one game by double digits in his first eight years.

Clemson 10.

12 thoughts on “No, USC Is Not Close To Alabama

    1. Scottie, nobody is saying SC is close to ‘Bama in football.

      But the stats Scottie cites speak for themselves. Saban and Pete, in their own ways, do not tolerate failure or underperformance, and that is why there weren’t many blowout losses.

      For example, I doubt there is any way that the ’16 SC team could have beaten ‘Bama in the opener, but there is no way that a Carroll team would have laid down for that beating as is what happened with Helton, who had no idea what to do or what to say.

      Same thing happened in the ’17 Notre Dame game. The team gave up after halfway through the first quarter.

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      1. Good points, 67. [I hope Helton shows the team the 2016 documentary that features interviews with all the USC players taking about how, after the loss to Utah, they decided as a team they would will themselves to victory in every remaining game. The interviews —especially from the talented and never used again, Daniel Imatorbhebhe —are moving and inspiring. The real line in the sand in 2016 was drawn for the big game with Washington in Seattle. In 2019 it’s Oregon]!

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      2. The gap between the two teams is not as significant as one would think. On the Trojan side, the coaching has been subpar for the most part. On the Bama side, they pad their schedule: 2 byes, 8 home games, Western Carolina, New Mexico St., Southern Mississipi; two of those byes before LSU and A&M, and Western Carolina before Auburn. Talk about a fixed, pansy-filled schedule. USC would cruise with a schedule like that.


  1. Michael, the players seem motivated. The talent is there. Herbert IMO is way overrated. Oregon is beatable. All we need is…


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    1. If we lose this game cuz Helton changes the play 6 times from the sidelines when we get to Oregon’s 5 yard line…. I’ll be a bit angry. If you’ll recall, Kiffin once caused Barkley to look away from center WHILE THE BALL WAS BEING SNAPPED by trying to change the play at the last second. Result: Barkley lost the ball and USC lost the game. The opponent was Oregon in the coliseum.

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  2. Wolfie, tell us something we don’t know. Even if we pulled off a miracle in the opener next year, you’d have to be a fool to claim we’ve “caught up to them”. That would be one of those “on any given day” things. Now to go on a 4-5 year run of being in the NC discussion? THAT would be catching up to them.

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  3. Ed Orgeron was asked by an espn reporter yesterday about being able to compete with Alabama. So he said “You have to beat them at the line of scrimmage “ . And Orgeron was asked the same question a few more times during the interview, and he gave the same answer. Which goes to show, that not too many people understand the game of football. USC is nowhere close to playing with the likes of top SEC schools, because Bozo Helton doesn’t design his recruiting that way

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    1. Oregon, on the other hand, DOES get it. They have the best o-line in the country (per Phil Steele). We can only hope we can outscore them —cuz it’s unlikely we’re gonna disrupt them (although that would be the coolest thing USC has done since the Rose Bowl)……

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