USC Injury Report

Chris Steele and Christian Rector returned to practice.

Everyone else (Drake Jackson, Jordan Iosefa, Palaie Gaoteote, Talanoa Hufanga, Vavae Malepeai, Stephen Carr, Markese Stepp) was out.

Clay Helton said wide receiver Bru McCoy will officially redshirt.

  • Here is USC’s statement on the NCAA’s early comments saying it will allow college athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness.

11 thoughts on “USC Injury Report

      1. 04 —I REALLY won’t be at all surprised if we win this game. [We have to stay on the attack if we get ahead, though].

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  1. There is this natural chemical in the body of athletes called adrenaline. It makes muscle bound football players get “up” for games of importance. I have seen players given up for dead show up on Saturday. The only thing that would stop our better players from playing is a head coach who hates his job.
    Don’t get me wrong Helton loves his title, but not his job. His job is to direct his athletes in winning football games using strategies designed to foil his opponent. Unfortunately his mentor was a loser with a capital L. Helton doesn’t do things that read as if he knows the game and he does nothing to improve. He inverts logic and cares less about the team than he cares for the poor excuse for a center. He cares more about recruiting promises, than winning games. In short, he loves his title (and money) but hates to do his job.

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    1. There’s a lot of truth in what you say, Rialto. But I believe it’s a little bit more complicated. Helton, being a very average sort of man (although a hard working one), doesn’t know how to evaluate talent. He actually couldn’t tell that Stepp, not Carr or Slovis, was ready to win the game in overtime at BYU. He couldn’t see that Sam, not Browne, was ready to beat Stanford. He couldn’t tell that Neilon was more reliable than Toa. He watched Callaway coach the o-line and didn’t make a switch because he couldn’t tell that Callaway had lost the confidence of the players. In short, Helton wants the title and the job —he just doesn’t know what to do with either one of them….

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  2. We have a chance if the offense can score on their reputable “D” which I think we can if Washington State did. I have better faith that our secondary can stop the pass but the “D” cant stop the run. We cant fall behind on these guys.

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  3. sow tihs iz ware u awl r hideing frum me! its like wen all da kidz hide frum me in scool and maid me stand in uh lokker wading four dem bhut they knot comeback end let me owt untill mundays. i fownd u all even u john


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  4. SCooter,

    You did not see the ramification of this meley, by its acceptance of this new ruling, the ncaa allowed any one with a business to become a booster by asking players to be a sponsor of their product. The ncaa is a booster now by allowing this ruling to happen. what is the significance of this when a booster asks a player to support their product and they will be paid for it? Will the ncaa go after the school because an independent entity went and asked a player to represent the product or will, will they suspend the player and put the school on probation, or if the ncaa gets paid off, will they forget it ever happened? This is a slippery slope.

    Michael Guarino, I would love to hear your feedback on this. Thank you.

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    1. pt —talk about unintended results! Senator Burr of North Carolina is so disgusted with this concept of compensation for college athletes that he has proposed legislation to tax players on their scholarships “the moment they cash in.”


      1. Michael,
        Thank you. I think collegiate sports as we know it is dead. Now, it is just a mercenary hire. Who ever can pay the top dollar, the kid will go. So, now, some of these kids can make thousands or even millions of dollars from this. Remember when OJ was lined up to work for Hertz and he was to be paid $100,00 after his last game of his senior year. That was 50 years ago. With inflation, there will be million dollar contracts, especially if a kid wins a Heisman and now he wants to leave his present school through the transfer portal and ends up at a school where a booster, err business man pays him million(s) so he can endorse the guys product. Talk about whoring.


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