My USC-Oregon Pick

When I projected USC’s schedule before the season, I had today’s game vs. Oregon as a loss.

Nothing that happened last week vs. Colorado really changed my mind about the Trojans. They were lucky to win and Steven Montez‘s injury had more to do with it than Kedon Slovis‘ heroics in the fourth quarter.

The fact Oregon is ranked No. 7 also bolsters the case for choosing the Ducks.

And yet I am going to pick USC.

Why? Because Oregon has some things to prove despite being the favorite. QB Justin Herbert needs to show he can carry the team and not hide behind the running game. The defense needs to prove it handle the Air Raid better than it did last week vs. Washington State. The Ducks need to win a big road game.

USC is many things – mostly negative — but the Trojans do seem to play different at home. I can see USC doing a lot of awful things and still winning on a Michael Pittman or Tyler Vaughns TD.

I’m not exactly confident picking USC. But I will take the Trojans, 34-27.

26 thoughts on “My USC-Oregon Pick

  1. so now hellton has prepared usc to win vs #7?
    wolf ,thenyou are wrong to call for any changes;
    oregon is the best team in pac12, it won’t be close


  2. I’ll have some of whatever Wolfie is drinking this morning.

    Oregon is shooting for the “Final-4,” and they have the horses, or their ducks all lined up for an early Thanksgiving 41-24 carving up of the Trojans.

    “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

    Oh, and before buddha, or BK chimes in with his usual lame, profane comments, I will say and repeat that SC will never dominate again like they did in the McKay and Carroll years. But they might dominate the Pac-12 with better future recruiting.

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    1. Profane comments ? I just showed you for what you are, a liar.

      And now you’re defending your comments instead of denying them, amazing what proof does to a lair

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    2. with the hellton machine sc is about to make a big move
      in recruiting…straight down
      BUT the jig is up on hellton…he is a real gone guy shortly


  3. IMO, Scottie is spot on regarding the issues with the Ducks.

    This boils down to what the Trojan defense can do against Ore running game, as Ducks are a completely different team when Herbert is forced to pass.

    I find it hard to believe that Ore is a legitimate top 10 team. I wonder how many of the voters actually have watched their games.

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      1. On a related point, I find it hard to believe that in the Pac 12 that the SC defense cannot generate an effective pass rush without blitzing.

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      1. GT, agree, though Herbert seems disciplined – he doesn’t throw many picks. Tends to throw a lot on second and short since they seem confident that they can convert on third and short.

        Their RB Verdell seems to be the key guy. 5’8″, 210, and very quick through the line. Classic Duck RB.

        Will Trojan D line contain edge and will LBs be able to plug gaps?

        I’d love to see a balanced offense that tries to minimize the number of third and longs. I don’t know what the stats are in our third and long converts, but I would think we are way below average.

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      2. 67 —My guess is we’re gonna see a lot of passes (past the sticks) from USC on first down at the beginning of this game —I think Helton wants to keep us out of 3rd and long as much as possible…..

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  4. Wolf is dreaming on this, but it is possible as everything might be. But, when you factor in coaching , it is a crap shoot.Also it is not whether you win or lose but how. Helton plays iffy football, meaning If I had a good quarterback, or a Dory Jackson or a Darnold we would win. His whole career at Usc is about if. And, he uses that same monologue to buy another year. Even if he beats oregon he still should go. This sandlot ball is not fit for human consumption. I actuallyt feel sorry for him, becausre he seems to be unaware but feerling sorry for him is not a reason for retention. Let us move quickly to end this farce. We do not have much time to rescue our repuation. Another year of this and we can kiss our reputation goodbye. I am still puzzled about Swan’s decision. He needs to explain it, and I mean literally. He owes us that.

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      1. Even with lack of depth at RB, Trojans still have one of the quickest RBs in football with Christon, perhaps best trio of WRs in country, Falo at TE.

        I’d love to see the O-line get into a rhythm with the run game. But probably won’t happen.

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      2. Yeah —Please Helton don’t start over-thinking the playcalling (again) when we get inside the 20….

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  5. I legit have no idea. Neither team is really all that great. In honor of Mike Bohn, this game will come down to USC doing many, many boners. Ducks 41, Bohners 24.


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