Pick The USC-Oregon Score

I’m still going back-and-forth on who to pick to win this game but you can pick a winner now!

34 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Oregon Score

  1. Ducks 56 southern cal 17… In other news, Urban Meyer was seen holding on to his chest while slurping on a bowl of Pho at Lan Viet in the North Market! His wife is dead set against taking the HC job at southern cal… she know that southern cal will end up killing her husband.



    1. If they don’t get Meyer, there will always be outstanding coaches who will be eager to take the SC job. We could have had a great coach by now if Pat Haden had not been the AD.

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      1. Everyone is talking about Meyer. How long would he stay? Nobody knows. Bohn has contacts in the AAC and it has some outstanding coaches who would probably jump at the USC job and not break the bank.

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    2. What did I tell you fools?!? If it wasn’t for the garbage time touchdown, I would have been on the dot! 56-24? southern cal needs to start worrying about whether it will be bowl eligible!


    1. Even with all this week’s distractions (as usual, terrible timing on the announcement of a new A. D. by USC—what a death wish our school exhibits!), the Vegas line moved from Oregon being a seven and a half point favorite to only a three and a half point favorite (and maybe moving lower than that if the trend of the last 24 hours continues). This is probably going to be a close game (and it won’t even be that if Clancy can protect the edges).

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      1. gt— Great link! Plaschke has given the team one more reason to play hard. I’m not a Helton fan ….but if this bit about getting to the Rose Bowl and saving their coach’s job helps the team to take care of business today — well, I’m all for it…

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      1. Sadly the Bruins lost to Oregon St. Then is then and now is now!

        However MG, I do like this possible scenario: UCLA wins out and Oregon pounds the Clowns – UCLA plays Oregon for the Pac-12 Championship.

        *****Since Pac-12 play started, no offense in the conference has been better. The Bruins lead the Pac-12 in points per game (38.2), yards per game (488.4), rushing yards per game (220.6), first downs per game (25.4) and are tied with Utah for the lead in third-down conversion success (48%) in conference games…….LA Times


      1. UCLA 40 – Colorado 10

        Colorado shot their wad last week vs the Clowns. The Buffs might have won but Mr. Scott had the game Refs penalize the Buffs into a game loss.


  2. We are a different team at home. Oregon looks beatable after their performance against Washington State last week. Our biggest liabilities are (of course) with our coaching. Yet I think we win this one…for some odd and unfounded but compelling reason… 38-28.

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  3. I would love to say Peking Duck for dinner, but anyone who thinks the game Oregon played last week was anything but an indication of looking forward to SC is kidding themselves. Unless we play above our mediocre coaching and beyond the PAC 12’s desire to have a team in the playoffs (watch out for them refs) We are going to need a fighting Methodist miracle. Being fair I expect it to be close, but not as even as you would expect. We lose by 3 but in a strange twist Helton resigns at the after game press conference as a protest of the cheating refs. The school pays him for the rest of the year.

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    1. You’re dreaming…mealy mouthed Helton resign, never! That takes a person with honor and dignity which he is devoid.

      As to your feelings toward the score….Umm, could happen, even might beat the Ducks. If you’ve watched the play of conference teams, the upsets, close games etc. there doesn’t seem to be a dominant team in the conference. All four games this weekend are 50/50 potential in spite of what the gamblers think.

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  4. Helton gets lucky again…Though God created ducks, he is not one…He, according to the musings of Saint Helton, is a Trojan…therefore, combining that logic with the Helton’s coaching acumen, and aided by the, less than stellar, in-game coaching exhibited by Marco Polo, the Ducks will be lost….Trojans by the hand of Helton, 41, the ugly ducklings 31….

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  5. Doubt Folt agrees to Meyer being hired and also don’t think Bohn wants to be seen as having caved to agreeing to such. Not saying it won’t happen nor that it is a bad thing to happen but there’s also James Franklin @ PA St. that I gather has a very low ‘buyout’.

    Can’t say who’ll win OR has a very good running offense….OR by 6

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  6. Y’all dreamin’

    Oregon is shooting for the “Final-4,” and they have the horses, or their ducks all lined up for an early Thanksgiving 41-24 carving up of the Trojans.

    “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”


  7. It is not important to pick a winner . Win or lose Helton should go.This is not about one game or two games or several wins. it is about the future of our program. Let us face it!


  8. ‘The Princess’ contract with Kelly is through 2021….they (Irish) are having their hands full against Wake Forest. Were USC to sign someone other than Meyer how ‘hard’ will the ‘the princess’ ‘ academic restrictions matter in So. Bend? It seems unlikely Kelly will get a shot again at the playoffs. He’s changed his entire coaching staff and yet still no cigar. There is also a growing contempt for them not having to play a CCG

    There are some good top tier head coaches available – probably nothing before the season’s ends but definitely, before the bowls start per Helton.


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