Did You Hear The USC-Oregon Conspiracy Theory?

It is really beneath USC that during the radio broadcast it peddled a conspiracy theory that with Utah defeating Washington, the Pac-12 officiating crew was going to do what it could to make sure USC lost to Oregon to keep the Pac-12 South race interesting.

This continued with the announcer complaining about two first-half calls (Tyler Vaughns‘ dropped pass, Isaiah Pola-Mao targeting) until replays forced a backtrack.

Let’s be clear: The officiating crew completely botched Vaughns getting tackled on a pass route, which caused an intereception.

But Oregon had 12 penalties for 157 yards. Two Oregon players were ejected. Does that sound like the refs were intent on Oregon winning?

If you want to say Pac-12 refs are incompetent, go for it. But a conspiracy theory? On the official radio broadcast?

USC, of course, has long had a “who cares” attitude about the radio situation (hence KABC is the flagship station) but I can’t let everything pass unnoticed.

31 thoughts on “Did You Hear The USC-Oregon Conspiracy Theory?

    1. Senior Associate Athletic Director Steve Lopes is likely out the door with the Bohn hire.

      It has been reported that Bohn will be joined by Brandon Sosna, the Chief Revenue Officer in Cincinnati’s athletic department. His title is similar to Lopes’ “Chief Financial Officer – CFO” in Heritage Hall.

      Not likely that USC will duplicate both roles. Lopes is likely gone, or more likely reassigned somewhere else around USC.




  1. Helton’s remarks for tonight’s address have been leaked:
    “I had this team ready but was deliberately undermined by news of President Folt’s unnecessary hiring of a new Athletic Director the day before the game. Typical! Fortunately, I was able to shield this information from the team until our second offensive drive….when somehow (probably via that asshole Slovis) they heard about it in the Red Zone. Field Goal instead of touchdown! Then, knowing the team was feeling down, the Pac 12 refs threw my best defensive player out for merely using his helmet against another player’s head —who knew about that rule until last night?! After that, I gave the team permission to stop trying. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. I love you all. Good nite.”

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    1. You are SO completely wrong, Pac 12! Without the botched Vaughns call the score would have probably been a very respectable 42-17……

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      1. Pudly –

        You ran your diuretic mouth, were proven wrong, and now you’re hiding. What a punk you are. Your behavior is tantamount to a prison yard snitch.

        Go buy yourself some breast implants, you pr##k.

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    1. It’s a totally different situation, Alv —Taggart couldn’t even get this proud program into a bowl last season…..


    1. I can readily see getting rid of somebody who can’t do better than 9-12….


  2. nice catch, wolfman!! nothing and i mean NOTHING escapes your keen eyes and ears.

    its almost as though you possessed supernatural sensory powers!!



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