USC Needs To Act Now

Florida State just fired Willie Taggart.

That’s how you do it. USC needs to take similar action this week. I hear Mike Bohn might be introduced at a press conference as soon as Monday. Bohn should make his first act to fire Clay Helton.

The timing perfect coming off a demoralizing loss to Oregon.

More importantly, USC needs to get ahead of any other schools who are hiring. They need to contact coaches today. The early signing period is Dec. 18. A new coach needs to try and flip some recruits before they sign.

Florida State will call Urban Meyer today or tomorrow. USC can’t be behind on contacting coaches. If you fire Helton today, you still have a month of the regular season left to conduct a search that does not need to be rushed.

It makes so much sense I fear USC will not do it.

44 thoughts on “USC Needs To Act Now

  1. Relax.

    It would be a no-class deal to fire Helton now instead of waiting 2 1/2 more weeks to do so after the sucla game.

    One of L.A.’s premier sports writers says he hates Meyer and prays that SC won’t hire him. You think Meyer wants to work in such a toxic environment?

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    1. No class to fire him now? Are you smoking crack? If he had any class he would quit and put the entire Trojan community at rest for a while. The guy is a 100% loser that needs to get the hell out of The coaches office. He is a disgrace to the coaching community. A horrible hire who made additional poor hires and has fucked USC football and made us a laughing stock. No class my ass,

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    2. (1) Florida State has already said they don’t want Meyer–
      (2) President Folt has already announced that “If Coach Helton can beat Arizona State—and keep our Pac 12 South dreams alive — I see no reason why we shouldn’t extend his contract.”

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      1. Special K,
        Well, she said it a little differently. “When in the course of human events, a man suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with only a vague smile and blank eyes for protection, such a man calls on us, nay, demands of us the contract extension he has won on the field of so many [lost] battles.”

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    3. Why do you care Mr Liar ? You think it’ over for USC football anyway, no more dominating glory days and why would anyone care what that POS Plaschke has to say ?

      Why are you here, no ambulances to chase today ?


    4. James Franklin! Meyer would be the best choice short term (5 years max) while Franklin could start a dynasty. Franklin has recruited really well at Penn St. even though he has to get his best players from Ohio and Virginia. Imagine what he’d do at USC where a 30 mile radius around the Coliseum has more talent than any other area and is on the level of South Florida and the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. He is undefeated at Penn St. and he doesn’t even really have a QB. Franklin would kill it at SC.

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      1. I agree – Franklin is the one they should be focusing on as the big 10 , today, is the strongest conference even stronger than the SEC – next week PA St. @ MN – PA St. ‘should’ win – Franklin hasn’t a notion of corruption and has moved smoothly from Vanderbilt yo PA St. – he’s the one.

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      2. MG- So was Dabo Swinney. Besides, no one wins a natty at Vanderbilt and even winning one in Happy Valley has only happened twice. Franklin really can relate to kids: his own story of growing up with a single mom and being 1/2 African- American is stuff of legends.

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      1. Bill’s a decent columnist pretty good actually when he isn’t putting out some puff piece (Paradise-CA football or another suck up piece absout what a god Scully is).


  2. What did we learn from the Oregon blowout?
    1. Oregon had too much speed on defense to stop their blitzes.
    2. The QB job next year is wide open (mostly for a newcomer or transfer). Milller Moss and Jake Garcia shouldn’t be deterred from committing.
    3. Why didn’t Helton take out Slovis? He should have switched to a running QB or tried something else. In the PAC 12 you need a running QB and a drop back QB to insert depending on what team you are playing. But that runs against having a team identity (rather than winning).
    4. The only thing gained was the prospect of a coaching change.

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      1. Folt sent Swann packing after the Times article of D. Wayne Hughes revealed he (Hughes) had strong armed Nikias in putting that clown househand Swann in as AD.

        Her move to rid USC of Swann was both swift and overdue – Singer’s inroads hadn’t been uncovered due to lack of oversight by both Swann and esp by Haden.

        The hire of a new coach will be thought out and not impulsive or based on a ‘hunch’ (Haden’s excat word per Sarkisian). The talent is still there and if Meyer wants it that bad then strap him down with lots of oversight

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    1. No worries, Alv —he won’t. He’d like to join us —but the ‘brain trust’ may have other ideas…

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      1. Mike I sincerely doubt Meyer is hired by USC ‘however’ never say never i.e. if he really wants the job and can somehow convince the powers that be he’s willing to have a non-athletic ‘ombudsman’ as ‘rezidentura commissar’ it just might happen Bill Plaschke or no Bill Plaschke.

        Taggart getting sacked is another reason to be happy Helton’s time is coming to a swift end esp. if FL St. nails a top hire.

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  3. FSU will be getting a head start unless we do something soon. All the candidates mentioned for USC being mentioned for FSU. FSU wants tombet ahead in the process.

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    1. PJM — He DID want to be here —but he’s young and not too savvy and couldn’t see what a shit storm Helton’s put together when he was first asked to come aboard. Now, he just wants OUT…

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  4. wolfman, you KNOW i LOVE you like a long-lost blood-brother from another mother! but you are taking the trOXans down the garden path supporting the hire of Meyer.

    this guy has more baggage than J. Lo on her last World Tour!!

    31 (count ’em) players busted at Fla St., including the cultivation of psyco murderer Aaron Hernandez. worse, in my opinion, he was clearly guilty of providing cover for serial wife abuser on his OSU staff (a relative of one of his cronies). OSU suspended him only 3 games but that was a gift in return for his promise to “retire”.

    wolfman, i would NEVER publicly contradict you but i BEG you to reconsider this before you tarnish your STERLING reputation!!


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    1. you need to get informed badly. He coached at UF not FSU. There are no signs or even allegations of coverups at UF. Read stories and not headlines. No evidence of zach smith abuse ever turned out to be true. UFM is about as straight an arrow as there is.

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      1. 31 busted players is ok with you? not even SC had that many back in the 90’s! and covering up for a wife abuser? Meyer was SUSPENDED for that, and the abusive POS was fired and pleaded down to disorderly conduct WITH a three year protective order that keeps him away from the victim. yeah they’re a couple of angels.



    2. Charlie —You know I love you like a brother but we NEED Meyer. USC HAS to beat everybody —including Alabama —-AND have a top 5 recruiting class. This can’t be done without breaking a few eggs and bending a few rules (All Folt needs to do is look the other way and keep her mouth shut like our other presidents). As for Scott –well, he’s never been too worried about getting a little tarnished for a good cause.

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      1. It’s difficult to believe “Nicky Squid” would look the other way and keep his mouth shut for the benefit of Clown U.


      2. the dark side is STRONG with you, padawan.

        to find the path to the LIGHT side of the FORCE, use your FEELINGS you must.



  5. First, fire Helton. Second, have a solid and deliberate coaching search – and hire on the merits, not on the perceived “baggage.” Meyer would be a solid hire. So would Franklin. So would a number of smart young coaches who do a lot more winning with a lot less talent.

    Bottom line: if you have the wrong coach (and we do), there is nothing to be gained by hesitation. It is a disservice to the school and the players to keep incompetent personnel in positions of leadership.

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  6. Here is the problem, even if you are uninformed and buy all the debunked “baggage” about meyer… and so you hire someone else who can win the pac12… it doesn’t matter. If someone else hires meyer, you still won’t win an NC. Because you’ll still have to beat swinney, saban or meyer when you get there, getting past all 3 in a given year… it isn’t happening. If FSU hires him, or Tennessee, or fill in the blank a “Great hire” won’t cut it if you want to get back to national prominence.


  7. Timing of Helton’s dismissal is not important, now that an AD is in position [almost], the search for a new head coach should already be happening.

    If the HC coach search isn’t already at full speed, or nearing completion, USC admin is more incompetent than Helton himself.

    Shit or get off the pot.

    Something tells me they’re going to screw this thing up.


    1. I don’t think it is as dire as that. Ask yourself what kind of demands Meyer may impose on getting hired – probably minimal as he really wants the job because all the old legacy programs, except ‘the princess’, FL St. and Miami have solid coaches. he’s used to and knows Florida but he’s seen and lived now in LA. As to the ‘hibernians’, he already gamed them when he took the FL job.

      Best to see who else is out there as there are an awful lot of great coaches right now who don’t have the issues that Meyer will bring nor the age/health issue.

      Franklin is solid but I’d say the guy @ Baylor and @ IA St and, after this coming saturday, possibly HC Fleck – MN.


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