Even The Players Know It’s Over

When Oregon returned a kickoff for a touchdown just before halftime, a USC player on the sideline was heard saying, “Clay is finished.”

  • Believe it or not, USC is a 2-point favorite over Arizona State per BetOnline.
  • Does anyone have a problem with USC’s coaches putting so much on an 18-year-old (Kedon Slovis)? He’s been taking a physical beating the past 2 weeks and hasn’t really been at his best the past 3 games.

An ordinary coach would have had Jack Sears as the backup and could have slowly transitioned to Slovis if desired. But Clay Helton ran Sears off and went all in with Slovis.

And now we have an 18-year-old who is in danger of getting shell-shocked before he finishes his first season of college football.

  • CBS bowl analyst Jerry Palm still has USC playing in the Sun Bowl vs. Louisville.

30 thoughts on “Even The Players Know It’s Over

    1. Owns,
      Swann told Helton that, should he get us to the revered & historic Sun Bowl, his job would be secure forever. Helton may very well keep up his end of the bargain. But it appears the university is preparing to welch.

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  1. Let JT go. USC needs a mobile QB for a change that can take off and run. Slovis will be good but he is not mobile. Look at the QB’s at Alabama and Clemson, they can run. The “Air Raid” was bullshit with Harrell from day one. No matter how talented your receivers you have to have a running game and an OL that can pass/run block. USC has not had a competent OL in years. Basic strengths in both the OL and DL win football games. Back to basics…

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    1. J. T. has great awareness and a great arm …but he’s as bad on his feet as anybody I’ve ever seen. Watching him do footwork drills is painful. With zero escapability there is no way his fragile body could get through an entire season. Given the circumstance, we’re damn lucky Slovis is such a tough kid —although what he’s being asked to endure isn’t fair to him.
      [And Harrell is a complete fraud, btw]….

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      1. JT Dirt is terrible and everyone on the team hates him. I don’t get the JT Daniels ball-washing on here. USC won 5 games w/ him last year. His arm is trash, all he did last year was chuck and duck. He was throwing balloons all over the place. Yeah, he was good in HS where he was on a college team playing against kids. It’s the same as the Lonzo Ball thing. Lonzo was good in HS b/c he had 3 or 4 future NBA players on his team. Lonzo was wildly over rated and so is JT. Why Helton started him is beyond me. Why did Helton say his hands were tied when it came to JT? Seriously, why? He’s not been the best QB on the USC roster his whole time there.


    2. Michael Link, I agree with a lot of your post, but they did have a running game when their backs were healthy and would have a better shot against teams like Oregon if Vavae, Stepp, Carr, or any combo of them would have played. There was an 18 year old handing it off to another 18 year old with the second 18 year old not being able to pick up blitzes. Once Oregon knew to bring pressure, Slovis had no chance and we all know Helton would not make the necessary adjustments. (Perhaps an extra TE to help pass block).


  2. Who punched Gomer at half ? was Kennedy Pola in the locker room, he dropped Kiffin once too.
    As far as Daniels … get lost
    And yes, the Air Stink is a joke and nice ruining poor Slovis as he is now hit drunk.

    Just get rid of these clowns now … Gomer’s leached off SC way too long he should had been let go way back with Kiffin

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  3. SCooter,

    If u are correct about a player saying that, that could be contagious and the players could just mail it in from now on. We will see what happens


    1. Smells like all programs do when all know the head man is a goner and not because he’s gt a better gig but because he’s a joke kind of wjat happened to Mora over at bel-air tech two years ago this month.

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  4. Clay Helton’s treatment of Jack Sears is typical of an inexperienced coach. I believe if Helton would have stayed with Max Browne his fate would have been determined much earlier.

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  5. wolfman, if history has taught us ANYTHING, it’s that once you turn on a coach, his days are severely NUMBERED!!!

    you PERSONALLY ran Kiff and Sark outta town! and you are the only guey who wanted to KEEP the Agin’ Cajun!! Hell-TON is as good as gone now that you said it !!

    the bitter alums will never let them hire you for AD, but if they were SMART, they would pull a LAKERS and hire you right out of the press box!!


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    1. Charlie –I think you’re right —but this is bad news for the next coach —cuz Scott will turn on him within 24 hours….

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      1. Exactly…


    2. Imagine all of the lawsuits that SW would create- hangin’ out with cheerleaders in creepy fashion and making fun of 17 and 18 year old- not to mention their parents. USC couldn’t afford him.


      1. Right assessment. The man is creepy jealous of athletes. He ragged on JT being jumpy and now he pleads on behalf of Slovis being jumpy. Both are good kids and want to play hard for the their team.


      2. dude, the CHEERLEADERS are the ones who HOUND the wolfman. it’s like with Elvis….EVERYONE wants their picture with him. google scott wolf cheerleaders and stare agape at the hundreds of lecherous co-eds straining to snuggle up to our hero.


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    3. Coors Light ran Lane & Sark out of town. Drunk ass Pat Haden turned a blind eye until he couldn’t any longer then he hired Helton and quit.


  6. FSU should have fired their loser last yr…SC too
    too save the rest of the recruiting yr , and get the players back to practicing real football and thus play like a real football team,once again dominating the line of scrimmage…slovis is a fine frosh q/b , not ready for the punishment a mediocre ‘O’ line allows…although he has increased his movement some.


  7. All you need to know about this whole fiasco is that a player referred to his head coach by his first name. Never in my life would I ever call my college coach anything but “Coach Edwards.” Even if I saw him today when I’m 48, I would still refer to him by his title. Helton has no respect from his players. They may like him, but liking is not respecting.


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