USC Morning Buzz: Urban Meyer Update

An athletic director at another university told me this morning around 10 candidates turned down the USC job before Mike Bohn accepted it.

Now, one thing I want to point out is that most well-known college football and basketball coaches usually have a national writer that they like to work with or people believe is “their guy.”

Many believe the closest writer to Urban Meyer is Yahoo sports writer Pete Thamel. So it’s worth reading what he writes and here is what he wrote after the Oregon game:

USC failed to express serious interest in candidates with deep and direct ties to Meyer, like former Florida AD Jeremy Foley and Washington State AD Patrick Chun. If Folt really wanted Meyer, she’d have engineered the AD search to get him.

Bohn and Meyer have some surface ties, as Meyer’s son plays baseball at Cincinnati and provides the strongest link. But if USC leaders wanted someone with deep ties to Meyer, they passed on multiple candidates. Those with knowledge of the search say it’s a clear sign Folt wants a different direction.

“If they wanted to go and get Urban Meyer, they’d need to hire someone he has a strong relationship with,” said an industry source. “He needs to believe in his AD. He’s been very close with all the athletic directors he’s worked with.”

Thamel believes Penn State coach James Franklin is the top candidate but also mentioned Bob Stoops, Kyle Whittingham (Utah), Matt Rhule (Baylor), P.J. Fleck (Minnesota), Matt Campbell ( Iowa State), Luke Fickell (Cincinnati) and Mike Norvell (Memphis).

54 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Urban Meyer Update

  1. Yahoo is a joke, so are their writers. It’s been reported that USC wants Meyer if he’s interested, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Who had us hiring Kiffin or Sark or Gomer ??????

    And for those of you who think Meyer has baggage, look at what happened at Vanderbilt under Franklin, rapes, rapes and more rapes at a school that is known for it’s academics. Franklin is a coach I do not want.

    Whitingham couldn’t beat Gomer with maybe his best team and the rest of that list is just typical lazy nonsense, those are the “hot” guys just put them in the article.

    We can only hope Bohn makes the right call

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  2. I’m going to uncritically buy off on the governing premise of the piece (no one wanted the USC Athletic Director spot) and take it in a different direction. Folt wants Meyer badly and tried to ‘engineer’ the A. D. search toward Foley —but he said “no way —I’m in a beautiful place now where I hate money & material success.” She tried to engineer Chun into the position, too —but he expressed dissatisfaction with what he called “soul rot and corruption” [whatever that’s supposed to mean].
    Bottom line: USC is very interested in Meyer. Stay tuned!

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    1. If you read any articles about Bohn he’s the antithesis of Haden, Swann and Garrett, he actually interacts with the hoi polloi. He was chosen to change the culture of the USC athletic department not kiss Meyer’s ass. If Meyer can’t work for Bohn, then move on to some one else, but from what I’ve read, Bohn seems like a pretty decent guy who didn’t seem to have issues with people working with or for him.

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      1. I think under Folt you’ll see a lot of the crap cleaned out of the Admin, the BOT is another story and I think you’ll see Bohn clean out the athletic department

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  3. Gee. Intresting taht All the head couching jobs go to “other” couches, seams rediculiss taht “poeple” on the out side dont get a chance, wears the ncca on this????


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  4. Either SC is too cheap to pay for a very good coach, or they will settle for a guy from Memphis, Norvell. my choice would be as follows if SC wants to stay away from Myers, they are:

    Cristobal: Oregon
    Tedford: Fresno
    Herman: Texas
    Rhule: Baylor

    Tedford is being overlooked and it is an obvious choice. he went to Warren High in Downey, he has kept his nose clean, and with the talent SC has, which he has never had, he would win. It is my opinion. Thank you.

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    1. Cristobal coaches a top 10 team that just annihilated the bozos 56 – 24; why would he downgrade to coach the self-proclaimed “most talented team” in the Pac-12?

      Baylor and Tixas have deeper pockets than Clown U.

      Tedford is a possible bozo HC candidate, however, Clown U would have to convince Tedford to lower his personal standards by 50% to accept the SUCCX job.

      If the Wolf fact that at least 10 AD’s said no thx to SUCCX queries, it’s a reasonable assumption that as many possible HFBC candidates will opt to do the same.


    2. Tedford is funny. He is not a national championship caliber coach. I’ll give him credit for taking a bottom team like Cal and making them mediocre, or a collapsed team like Fresno state and making them respectable. He learned from his coach Jim Sweeney how to make the best of a lesser recruiting class. That doesn’t mean he’d know what to do with highly ranked recruits, or if he has the ability to maintain a top recruiting stream. But if the USC community couldn’t stand the Kiffin or Helton eras, they’d hate Tedford. Tedford would probably get USC consistent 8 win seasons, which would be good in most places, but the USC fan base would go nuts.


      1. Wooden is revered as a Saint world-wide. the few jealous wierdos at SC matter NOT! i would list the awards and honos named after him but it would be pages!


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      2. Buddhakarma, When it comes to Wooden, bruin fans choose to live in a different universe.

        The bruin hoop players all agree gross violations of rules with Sam Gilbert occurred year after year.

        Bill Walton notes that they would have lost 8 out of the 10 championships.

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      3. Ah yeah! The peckerwood …. they say if you got up early in the morning you just might see Sam Gilbert walking his doggie on Hilgard Ave to that bus station so the doggie could ‘get comfortable’ ….doggie’s name was ‘Jonniekins’


    1. get informed. he’s as clean as it gets. If you only read headlines you’ll always be lost and believing whatever the media tells you to. The OSU report completely cleared him.

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      1. hmmm, if OSU cleared Meyer, they WHY the 3 game suspension? or am i believing the fake media too much?? i seem to recall the suspension was indeed a factual occurrence!



      2. 3 game suspension was unrelated to domestic abuse and only because of political pressure. They were saying he should have fired zach smith for performance reasons. Again… you can’t just read headlines.


  5. Among the coaches that are listed above by Scottie, Matt Campbell and Jim Fleck took over programs (Iowa State and Minnesota) that were complete sh*tshows when they arrived, and have turned them around.

    Both are young, have a lot of energy, and connect with the players while still retaining what it takes to be a coach. Unlike Helton.

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    1. When Minnesota beats a team with a pulse let me know.

      Look at what Rhule did at Temple and Baylor, guy is a hot name and FSU will be all over him while we fuck around.

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      1. lol who cares!!!!! He isn’t the next urban or saban. Matt Rhule is 44-40 so far as a hc. UFM at this point in his career (7years in) was 70-15!

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      2. Record at Baylor, which was a mess after Briles ruined it.

        Record at Temple, not exactly a football school

        Gee, looks like the guy can take chickenshit and turn it into chicken salad

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    2. I’d love to see what Campbell could do with the talent he could recruit at USC! Don’t want an old retread, especially one who leaves his programs after he’s gotten their reputations soiled.


    1. No. No. Don’t say that, ttrojan22! Thamel is right almost 20% of the time. Don’t put Petey in a corner.

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  6. lol you guys are so used to mediocrity. If you hire the next hot mid major coach or coach of the hour, usc will be a middling non-contender. You have to hire elite. Taggart, Herman, Strong, Frost, Fitzgerald, Shaw, Harbaugh, Helfrich, etc. etc. were once the hot coach. There is only 2 meyers or sabans. Outside of those 2, odds are you’ll have a 5year run win about 50-70% and have 1 great year.

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    1. The sad thing, Mike, is that Folt is probably reading your comments right now about “50-70%” and “one good year” and saying to herself, “Sounds like a plan!”

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      1. That doesn’t sound like the “why wait til the last minute?!” karma we all know and love…..

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  7. Bob Stoops has had some of his players involved in sexual misconduct and domestic violence incidents. That might put him in the same category as James Franklin and Urban Meyer. At today’s USC, that would make Stoops a no – go for the HC job.




      1. I agree with you both that morality should not be a factor in hiring a HC.

        I just want to point out that you can’t be against Meyer (like Plaschke was in the L.A. Times recently) and then push for Stoops.

        If there are supporters for Stoops to USC despite his baggage, then HH might as well go for Urban Meyer.



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  8. If I were Clown U, I’d keep Helton and employ Meyer as the FB AD, totally responsible for the FB program. That stone kills several birds.



      1. I don’t think so. SUCCX would leverage Meyer’s expertise and FB cache to recruit better Asst. Coaches and players.

        SUCCX saves Helton’s 8/9 figure buyout and Helton improves his coaching via interaction with Meyer.

        Lastly, Meyer won’t die on the Crumbling Mausoleum field because of a fourth and short bozo fumble.


      2. Hey they can always keep trying to clone’ the peckerwood at bel-air tech. Weren’t we all amused when Peter Dalis acted like Capt. Louis Renault (Casablanca) as he acted with outrage about Jim Harrick paying for the dinner of 2 players. Mind you Harricjk is the sole coach who ever won a NC since wooden retired after 1975.


  9. As stupid an idea as the idiot who wrote it.

    Go back to your cave, troll. We are in the process of restoring a *real* football program… as soon as Helton is fired.



  10. #1 James Franklin lied in a court case, admitted he saw and covered rape videos during his tenure of serial rapes at Vandy. One of the people involved talked about using girls and sex to be honeypots for recruits. He brought in a bunch of kids that had those issues, still didn’t turn Vandy into an SEC contender, and he hasn’t won anything.

    #2 Please tell me someone didn’t say Tedford. Things aren’t that bad. And why would we want a coach that struggles at a similar program with access to recruits and resources like Herman at Texas?

    #3 Pete Thamel absolutely hates USC. Not just now, always. At the NY Times, now at Yahoo. It’s his right but there’s never been anything saying he’s connected to UM. Foley actually is on record of saying he was interested in the SC job by the way, but he’s older and semi retired, might have been looking at it as maybe a four or five year job and that may have not sat well, but I would have been happy with him.

    #4 Folt oversaw a long period of cheating at UNC, with the football program in a pay for play, then the whole pay for play and the academic cheating with fake majors, fake classes, fake grades… She did a good job in fighting the NCAA but she wasn’t about keeping a clean program or school. Also, she’s very political, got tied up in BOT squabbles at UNC which got her fired. She also angered the BOT in tearing down statues in the middle of the night when she was told to wait for the BOT to make a decision, in an apparent attempt to curry favor with one portion of the board.

    #5 Bohn was around for the stupidity with Colorado weighing against bringing Texas into the conference right? Sigh. But that was the Buff’s president not Bohn with the Texas hate I think. Bohn was fired for not raising money but I think he’s gotten better at it. I still like him but he’s just mediocre, his hires have been ho-hum. He does have lots of ties to UM by the way, in terms of UM’s sister working at Cincinnati, Fickell, etc. Meyer has been hanging around the West Coast seemingly with an objective in mind but he’s kind wishy washy with making decisions to go or stay, or to start a new job (which is his right).

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    1. Great, smart stuff…
      …The only bright spot, though, is Folt “doesn’t worry about keeping a clean program”…


  11. Don’t place too much hope in Folt, her Curriculum vitae is uninspiring.
    Recently she mentioned that she wanted Caruso as her point man….he’s helped her some much since arriving, that in itself tells me she is a puppet and has abjured her independence and now accepts her fealty to the Borg.

    Nikias and Caruso run USC

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  12. Nothing will happen until after the bel-air tech game…..USC has already sacked two of the three previous coaches during the season (Kiffin and Sarkisian) they don’t want to have another coach get sacked with a mere 3 games to go.


  13. Oh no Pinkywood has had a relapse of virulent shigellosis.

    He spews:

    “Hey they can always keep trying to clone’ the peckerwood at bel-air tech. Weren’t we all amused when Peter Dalis acted like Capt. Louis Renault (Casablanca) as he acted with outrage about Jim Harrick paying for the dinner of 2 players. Mind you Harricjk is the sole coach who ever won a NC since wooden retired after 1975.” ~ Pinkywood the Lush


    You can always tell when Pinkywood the Lush is nursing on a large bottle of cheap rotgut. His syntax suffers and his facts are DT’s laced.

    For instance, Pinkywood claims Dalis (A man whom I detest just slightly less than Pinkywood) fired Harrick for paying for a recruiting lunch. That is patently FALSE. Now there’s a Pinkywood fact shocker.

    Dalis fired Harrick for lying to Dalis repeatedly, face to face, about the recruiting lunch, not because Harrick paid for the lunch.

    “Mind you,” Pinkywood quoting Walton to prove Pinkywood’s outrageous UCLA BS would appeal to the < 40 point IQ bozo crowd.

    Commie Lush, after you succumb to cirrhosis liver and brain and are swiftly and willfully erased, Wooden will always be credited with 10 NCAA NC's so long as BB is played.



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