The USC-Cal Game Will Kick Off When?!?!

The USC-Cal game on Nov. 16 will kick off at 8 p.m. and be on Fox Sports 1.

I didn’t even know there was an 8 p.m. window that existed for start times.

I get this game is considered irrelevant but 8 p.m.? That means walking out of Memorial Stadium around 11:45 p.m. or midnight. This might be the latest kick off for a USC game outside of games played in Hawaii.

The Pac-12 never ceases to amaze.

What’s worse? Trying to walk up the hill to Memorial Stadium in darkness or trying to walk down it after the game to find your car or the BART station?

18 thoughts on “The USC-Cal Game Will Kick Off When?!?!

    1. Who do I contact to find out why my writing disappears? I am not good at repeating myself and I really am tired of making this stuff up only have it disappear. I need to know where this stuff goes.
      Here are a couple of attempts at finding the offensive material


      1. I am trying to get this across but it keeps disappearing so my pseudonym must change for a bit: Here is what I said (briefly) The game is late because of a Berkley ordinance against boring entertainment starting before 8pm. Opera, kindergarten recitals and Boy Scout Bugorees must pay a tax if they start before 8:pm because they tend to lead to bedtime and the people at Fox were afraid that Cal would be boring. (the tax is $40 a ticket sold so the city stands to earn about $1,400. ) There is always a simple explanation if you want to make it up.
        Anyway the bobble head is a giveaway incentive. It has a voicebox that spews platitudes when a button is pressed. Things like “I get up everyday” and “We’ll watch the film and correct the mistakes.” With that last platitude the head actually spins and on the deluxe model it explodes. I can’t make the game because I’m allergic to Berkley so I’ll get mine on eBay Sunday.
        I hope Helton represents the university the way he did last Saturday when lip readers across the country were treated to expletives, which I have deleted to get this posted but, didn’t represent the university well.

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      2. Did you know the inland empire gets its name from a group that has a grand dragon as its leader. With a name that looks like 3 strikeouts..


    1. Not so fast bk. Up on Piedmont Ave the only crime being commited is watching PiPhi’s trying to pass as 21 to buy boonesfarm.

      I shall be in the Bay Area to watch the mighty golden Bears try to score a TD.


      1. ’86, you waterhead, I still can’t believe Kal crushed Utah @ Utah. No doubt Biggy – T issued a WH invitation to meet the team.

        #prortal on


  1. SCooter,

    This 8 pm time start has been happening all season long. That is too late to start a football game when you are throwing 69 passes, pac 12 refs want to be tv stars, and commercials. Game won’t be over until 12 am. What a joke. Now, if someone falls asleep at the wheel, can that person sue the PAC 12 for such a late start if they were either watching or attending the game?


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