What Happened To Clay Helton’s Face?

This photo of Clay Helton has gone viral since the Oregon game.

Many are speculating Helton got into an altercation at halftime. Some say it’s merely a cold sore. Some contend his left eye also looks swollen.

Something happened? Nothing happened? It wouldn’t surprise me either way the way this program has been run.

22 thoughts on “What Happened To Clay Helton’s Face?

  1. Don’t know about the face —but I can’t help liking the message Clay has given his assistants —“The press is gonna get all weird & uppity with us every time we lose by 50 points —so just say you appreciate their questions w/o answering them —the way Mueller did in front of congress —or, better yet, spew food on them while they’re doing their interview.”

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  2. Sorry, Flow, but you’re reeeeeaaallly stretching it here. He had that shit on his lip all week in post-practice interviews, including Trojans Live. Nothing to see here. Make sure you drop that application off to TMZ…

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  3. If someone popped Helton on the lip then it would be swollen.

    Just like pjmctrollsheet’s lips after he told daddy he flunked out so he could work in the carwash.


  4. Recollection brings me to another away game with ASU….and then after, there was a certain tarmac issue…do any of you fellas remember that ?


      1. Cal75,
        It might be sudden enough …but it’s a little late for it to be swift enough…


      1. Owns — Ha! [No fight —just a ‘misunderstanding.’ Like the ones Ed. G is always having in public restrooms]….


  5. I’d like to think Kennedy Polamalu is 2 – 0 when going up against USC head coaches.



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  6. on a related note, used to have a football coach who hated whistling. he would say “knock that off, or i’ll break your whistle!!”

    maybe Graham does not like whistling either???




  7. Did I have to come in and set the record straight? I just went over the entire 3hours of game film and I’m surprised nobody saw this. Helton was so angry at the refs he threw his hat on the sidelines. That little bugger bounced back of the ground smacked his face. It’s nothing- pay no attention.
    But I also read an alternative theory penned by Pete Arbogasser, Helton was roughed up by a pair of gambling thugs who worked the sidelines sticks. Pete pointed out they were obviously criminals because they wore stripes. The rub is that while they wanted the Trojans to lose, the roughed Helton up for not trying to win. Helton began trying in the second half. It’s proof that with rubes, reverse psychology works. I
    That’s why they’re saying we don’t need Urban. He’ll feel so lucky to get the chance, we’ve got him.


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