Clay Helton Double Downs On Kick Off Vs. Oregon

Clay Helton was on Trojans Live tonight and he was asked about the kickoff just before halftime that Oregon returned for a touchdown.

“I’d do it again,” Helton said.

I’m sure he would. But did he have to admit it?

He said something about not doing a squib kick because Justin Herbert has a strong arm and Oregon has a good kicker.

I just checked: Oregon’s longest field goal is 40 yards this season and the Ducks are only 5 for 8 on field goals (1-2 between 40-49 yards).

It makes little sense.

21 thoughts on “Clay Helton Double Downs On Kick Off Vs. Oregon

  1. This boy Helton is a freaking idiot. How much longer will we be subjected to his dumb ass comments? His faux coaching is bad enough but ….. oh screw it.

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    1. Helton’s attitude toward the fans, the university and the press is, simply, “I’m continuing to screw you big time —what are ya goin’ do about it?!” The assistants —Callaway, Baxter, Pendergast, Harrell —wouldn’t give the “fuck you” interviews they do unless they knew it was very okay with Helton. He will never admit to a mistake cuz he knows nobody will call bullshit on him. Oh, sure, Dan Weber is great for patrolling the field and shooting the wounded in his columns —but he kisses Helton’s ass in a little girl voice when they’re face to face. When Scott was allowed within 20 square feet of Helton, real questions were asked. But Helton too care of that —now he’s free to say one insultingly dumb thing after another and nobody makes a peep. I will not shed one tear for those egotistical fat prick when he gets the “news.”

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  2. When will we “officially” hear that Bohn is hired as AD? That will start a clock ticking on how long it will take to fire Helton. The smarter the AD hire, the shorter that wait will be…

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  3. I wonder if he wants to be fired. That extension contract that Swann signed must be a real winner. If he steals an additional 15 million or so after the heist of at least 15. Not bad, 30 mill for walking around and pretending to be a coach for 7 years or so.

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  4. He stays until after the game against bel-air tech – not before then. All wishing it was otherwise, tough luck. He is a fool as he would be far better served to either ignore such questions or admit culpability. Then again, as already noted, he has a lot of money coming his worthless way no matter what.

    Helton is here – it’s only until the 24th-25th November but he ain’t going anywhere

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    1. You are right on all counts, Alv —Helton would be better off not denying his screw ups, we’ll all have to look at his face for the rest of the season, and he’ll take the university for all he can get before he leaves (while still playing his God and Family routine to the hilt). It all infuriates me to the point I can’t even see straight (Ha! As evidenced by the fact I misspelled every other word in my previous post)…

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    2. Like Pudly, Helton is a front running prick. I’ll never forget the press conference Haden did announcing that Sark had been sent home, indefinitely. Helton was sitting at that desk with him (Haden) with a giddy look on his face, He’s a phony whom would slit your throat if need be.

      p.s. – Up yours, Pudly


      1. PJM — Man, did you nail it. Helton is the kind of chicken shit who does all his dirty work behind the scenes. He has seriously screwed over players who question him or say the wrong thing to reporters or simply don’t kiss his ass frequently enough. Fuck, the guy has become evil personified in his desperate attempt to hold on to his title. The worst part is he tries to justify all his selfish, me-first bullshit by saying he’s doing it all for his “kids”. I’ll take a Woody Hayes or a Saban who says what’s on his mind… to your face. Helton must laugh his ass off every time he hears somebody say he’s a nice guy but not a great coach. He knows that by pretending to be the former he can go on being the latter. But, the truth is, he’s neither.


  5. Well I guess hindsight is always 20/20, but agree with those who think it was a mistake. Even though Oregon hadn’t had many returns for a touchdown, why not keep momentum? A short well covered kick could have ended the half. I have called Helton so many names this season that I can’t remember my favorite version of a put down.
    Brutus Thornpple is going to be close. The born loser fits so well.
    Oh and Helton’s face? He stepped on a take left in the tunnel by a yokel who did have a pitchfork available. The village is coming for our idiot.

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  6. Helton would kickoff again? How would Helton break that down? If you are curious, consider:

    There were 20 seconds left in the quarter.

    Assuming an effective squib kick, the Ducks would get the ball around their 35 yard line with roughly 15 seconds left. Only 10 yards closer to Trojan end zone than if a regular kickoff was a touchback, or if the Trojans covered the kickoff reasonably well.

    On the other hand, squib kicks can be mishandled, fumbled, etc. Much better chance for a turnover with a squib kick than a regular kickoff.

    Now, assuming the Ducks do have the ball on their 35 with about 15 seconds to go, then they would need to get the ball to the Trojan 23 to have a chance at a 40 yard field goal (per Scottie, that was the longest converted this year).

    At that point of the game, Herbert was struggling. So who knows if the Ducks would try to move the ball, or take a knee?

    If they try to move the ball, and with 1 timeout remaining, they have maybe 2 pass plays to go the 38 yards, and then try for the field goal.

    Helton really is the village idiot.

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    1. 67 —The decision shows what a loser Helton is. He didn’t think his defense could hold Oregon out of the endzone for a whole 15 seconds if Oregon recovered a squib kick on the 35….

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  7. hellton is a pride filled liar.
    never will he humble himself and admit he was wrong and change …he can’t he is too self centered
    BUT being the liar he is,he presents himself 180 degrees the opposite…well you are what you do, not what you state.

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  8. If Helton is still there the UCLA game should not be attended by anyone. I call for a strike our loyal fans deserve better. Why do we continue to accept this nonsense? Now is the time for fan backbone. We count and should let it be known. Who are we if we continue to be accepting of being treated like we do not exist. Enough.


    1. Tickets are $102.00 per ticket for season ticket holders. I want to see first hand Helton being walked out by security after the game when Bohn says, “YOUR FIRED”!!!!!!

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