Caution: Genius At Work

Here’s Graham Harrell after the Oregon game. Did he ever do interviews at North Texas? Does he know U-S-C is not North Texas?

Harrell is eating, looking around like he doesn’t think he should do an interview. Remember all the bold promises made before the season: The offense is simple, just find the open grass, no one can cover all the receivers, blah blah blah.

Well, does the Air Raid allow for quarterbacks to throw 3 interceptions in three different games?

22 thoughts on “Caution: Genius At Work

    1. They have never established the run. They would just run the ball for the sake of running it. There is no plan or execution or determination to the run.


  1. Very unprofessional giving an interview while chomping on whatever he’s eating. He really is projecting a great image for USC. He comes across as a doofus.

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  2. North Texas? I’ve NEVER seen an assistant coach from any program do an interview while spewing food. You could say, “we’ll, poor guy just came from the food machines” —but all’s he’s got to do is tuck the power bar in his pocket, do the lousy 2 minute interview like a professional and chomp on it afterwards. Attorneys get caught by reporters coming outta the court cafeteria too —never saw one insist on eating while talking yet….

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    1. easy Mikey, based on SC’s history, you may be casting aspersions on your NEW HEAD COACH!!!

      i’ve seen it BEFORE!! the mid season firing, the hiring of nearest asst as new HC!!


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      1. Hey, Chaz. Was it you who finally got Flow to spell “genius” correctly? If so, good work. It’s never a good look when someone tries to shit on another and can’t even spell.


    1. The offense was hit and miss to begin with, CR, the kiss of death being when, one by one, the RBs went down. Employing all of the RBs, the team was good enough to beat ND in South Bend with this offense (and a scrappy, though poorly coached, defense ).


  3. Probaly just got lossed if he’s hear and thinks hes in texas where ever taht is, hapens to me all the time, and poeple say ed get out of the bath room wen some one else is pooping, it can be smelley, tahts a good way too now if u r in the rong place,


  4. This is the asshole that the poor fuck Clay and Lynn Swann thought was going to save their asses. He has been a total flop. Is it any wonder we are as screwed up as we are?


  5. SC does not practice like most real football teams…not GH fault.
    SC does not practice the 1st team vs 1st team and not against the typical 3 man front and 7-8 defenders vs the pass…not GH fault.
    SC stopped using a 2 back set before GH.
    SC is a HELLTON TEAM…100%
    Asst coaches coach the athletes hellton style …in shorts,rarely full pads and never full speed blocking and tackling to the ground.
    There is no real change as promised …liars never keep their promises


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