USC-Oregon Report Card


I don’t blame Kedon Slovis for all the interceptions but he’s an 18-year-old who is being asked to do everything and throw 57 passes. You can blame injuries for lack of running backs but Pete Carroll beat UCLA with Sunny Byrd and Chris Howard at tailback.

Grade: D


Kenon Christon was a good decoy for most of the game.

Grade: C


There were plenty of dropped passes and I don’t get why Drake London wasn’t featured more after a strong first quarter.

Grade: C-


They are so used to blocking three men that they were totally unprepared when Oregon rushed four-and-five men. Tim Drevno has not improved the offensive line.

Grade: F


With Drake Jackson out, there is no one that makes plays. I’m not sure why this unit gets so much hype.

Grade: D+


Kana’i Mauga‘s performances have gone downhill since his first start vs. Arizona mainly because he is no longer playing Arizona.

Grade: D


The loss of Isaiah Pola-Mao was significant. And then Oregon figured out Clancy Pendergast’s blitzing schemes and Pendergast doesn’t adjust, which makes things tougher for the DBs.

Grade: C-


Fire John Baxter. Fire John Baxter. Fire John Baxter. Fire John Baxter.

Grade: F


If Clay Helton got hit in the face at halftime, it was the only time a USC player hit someone Saturday that didn’t draw a 15-yard penalty.

Again, where are the people who said there was a culture change?

Grade: F

17 thoughts on “USC-Oregon Report Card

      1. I wonder if Folt realizes that if it’s anybody but Meyer, Alabama will get USC (and it’s new ‘coach’) off to such a humiliating start next year that they’ll never recover…..

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  1. Unfortunately, the tip of the iceberg. Yep, no cultural change because it is too deep at USC. Someone in a power position would like to keep Helton. And, they are calling the shots. USC has always operated like that. Helton has support in some very powerful places. I have seen this for 60 years. It is just deeper now and hard to identify. Helton may be retained regardless of his record. There is a support system there for him and it is deep. Those of us who have been there for awhile know this. All of our protesting will not change that. But, protest we must. Football program is just one of the symptons.

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  2. I still contend that UM’s recent misjudgments work to USC’s advantage, or to the advantage whatever school lucky enough to hire him. Why? Because he has no margin for error. UM has to be on his best behavior or risk becoming the next CFB coaching pariah like Jim Tressell, Hugh Freeze and Art Briles. He must be a model citizen in the world of college football.


    1. Urban Meyer isn’t exactly Hunter Biden or Kiefer Sutherland — he doesn’t have to turn his life around to be good enough to stand in Folt’s presence. He’s already there.


  3. Don’t fool yourself….its not Folt…….look who she walks with and the pack of billionaires that want it their way…….I want it…..I want it…..I want it……its my university to run…..wa…wa….wa…..
    USC is just mirroring the sickness of PC that has infected our society. Fights in the boardroom….incivility….no accountability and reason has vanished. Aside from that we’re fine.


  4. I have to thank Scott because he has made me bolder than I have been when grading my band class. I routinely give failing grades now. If a student skips an event, give them an F. Don’t mince words just flunk’em ! Getting an F in band is like dating the three legged girl, nobody accepts you in their peer group. I am the envy of the campus now using the Wolf grading system.


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