How Many Athletic Directors Turned Down USC Before Mike Bohn?

I spoke to an athletic director at another university this morning who said 10 athletic directors turned down the USC job. He was the second source to tell me this.

I think this is why USC is still negotiating with Mike Bohn and believes he will eventually take the job. But like with Bohn, most of the others were turned off by not being able to at least consider hiring Urban Meyer.

27 thoughts on “How Many Athletic Directors Turned Down USC Before Mike Bohn?

  1. If Folt and the BOT are going to block Meyer, then there are many others to block, such as Franklin at Penn State.

    If you are going to hire an AD, then you have to trust the person’s judgement. If you don’t, then don’t make the offer.

    The SC sh*tshow continues, unabated.

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    1. Scott is brilliant. I love this post —it leaves everybody in a lather even if they DO hire Bohn…

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  2. I don’t care if we hire Urban Meyer or not. I just want to win!
    But, Scot Wolf though is a riot! He has all these sources that visit him in his dreams.
    Just name some of them and get some credibility!
    You can just make up stories as you go.

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  3. I do not blame them. And, it is beyond stupid to make the Meyer consideration off limits. Do we think we have a monopoly on virtue . As a mtter of fact we have been and and are now and will be in the future a cultural low level actor. Meyer will not add to that. This illusion that USC is so clean is a fantasy. And, that Meyer would bring us to a new low. It might be that we would drag him down. We are a bunch of phonies. USC talking about ethics is like the devil saying he is religious. Come on. We are just believing our own press releases. We are no better or worse than others. It is just that we have this white squeaky clean image. Face it. Urban Meyer should tell us to sack it and let us stew in our own juice. I will say it here, he would improve our image, I have been affiliated with USC for over sixty years , I love the school but we are not choir boys and girls. Get with it. That white house is just a horse. Again Urban Meyer would be a step up from this sanctimonius Helton who says god is on our side, sounds like Joe Louis who did not know any better. What a bunch of crap.

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    1. Joe Louis? You mean the former heavyweight champion of the world who when he met Muhammed Ali and Ali said “Hey you used to have that ‘bum a ,month’ tour right?” “Yeah and you’d been on it.”


      1. After what a smart boxing light heavyweight like Billy Conn did to Louis, I kinda hate to think of what a full fledged heavyweight like Ali could have done…


      2. Yes, that Joe Louis. A nice man and a great champion. And, I have the utmost respect for him. I realize it is a false equivalency except for the words” God is on our side”.However, I would take Joe Louis any day, even with that saying, He was a giant in both character and competency. He was referring to Hitler during world war 11 and I am sure you know all of that. Thank you for the pleasant memory. And, thank you for the quip, I did not know he had met Ali. And, I do realize to mention Helton and Joe at the same time is not the proper thingt to do. Thank you for your response.


  4. How the bleep did we get here?

    Helton, like Pudly, is a phony. He should conduct an honest press conference (with Pudly by his side) and announce that his motto is now…

    Faith, family and boy-toys


  5. I’d love to see Urban Myer running the Trojans football program, but he’s not the only one with the formula to win a national championship. Coaches that do more with less always impress me, and the first ones who come to mind are Baylor’s Matt Rhule, and Iowa States, Matt Campbell. Can you imagine what they can do with the resources at USC ?

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  6. If we’re going to act as if we’re too upstanding to hire Urban Liar, why is Mark Stevens still on the BOT?! Anyone who would physically assault a member of the opposing team while sitting courtside at an NBA game has NO BUSINESS being associated with USC.

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  7. So far USC ranks 10th in recruiting in the PAC 12. How are you going to attract blue chip college bound players with the uncertainty of the head coaching situation and with poor team play? Hot recruits want to sign up with a team where there is excitement and a really opportunity to win a championship. Face it, none of this currently exists at USC. The new AD needs to step in and right this sinking ship immediately, let go of Clay Helton and hire a top notch coach like Urban Meyer.

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  8. The equity that Folt built with the sacking of Swann is gone. What a f$&king hypocrite she is to bar Meyer from coaching at USC because UM looked the other way when one of his assistants beat his wife. Yet she has on her payroll Mad Max who looked the other way when the campus gynecologist was fondling the coeds and his med school dean was doing drugs with a prostitute!!! Hypocrisy!! Flood Folts inbox with angry emails

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  9. As much as we would all like to believe this and throw our hands up in disappointment with this news, I think we all really know that Scott has no sources on this. He doesn’t speak to any AD’s, NFL coaches, or current coaches. He makes this stuff up from bits and pieces of information he gets from the equipment guys at USC and other blind sources, and then passes it along as fact. He couldn’t get his stories correct when he did have access to USC and actually could get a media credential, and now that he’s not even allowed on campus, he is even more far-fetching…

    Poor Scottie, looking for clicks and making up stories that won’t stick can only last so long…


  10. How impressive is Florida St with their coaching situation. Taggart was again in the midst of another losing season along with a significant decline in attendance so the school fires him right away. That way they can get a jump on hiring a new head with the coaches available. The longer our situation continues with the current coaching staff, the longer it is going to take to fix it. That’s why you have to hire someone like Urban Meyer to give the football program immediate credibility.

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  11. Let’s all calm down. we’re Trojans right. Our coach gets up everyday. We should be grateful to pay higher than average ticket prices for below mediocre football because we’re Trojans right? And when the price of hot dog and soda at the stadium rival’s the cost of same at Disneyland, it’s okay because we’re Trojans right? When a Trojan Honk like Dam Weber grills the university for being a clown college (see the post above) it’s not bad because we’re Trojans right. Now is it okay to say the parents of Claymore Helton, Carol Burnett Folt and Lynn Loveshelton Swann should have used Trojans?

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      1. Well a Claymore in a mine used by the military I believe that the Helton hire has blown up in our face the way these mines blew up in the field. However you do have an interesting point. I can see it now, ” ref I say ref, you done made a mistake ref. My boys weren’t set before pulled your yella linen. Ref whatcha gonna do about dat? “


      2. Big Bear I believe from your statements you already know this, but for anyone not aware…there is additional symbolic value in RT’s invocation of the Claymore…it is a mine, but it is hand detonator initiated (as opposed to a tripwire), and it is aimed…so yes, USC shooting itself on purpose…what’s new?


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