Sources: USC President Carol Folt Not Budging On AD

We talked to a source this afternoon who said USC president Carol Folt has not changed her mind regarding Urban Meyer.

That means Mike Bohn will have to hire someone else if he officially becomes the athletic director. Bohn has expressed reservations because he wanted Meyer and now USC is trying to convince to take the A.D. job and find another candidate.

56 thoughts on “Sources: USC President Carol Folt Not Budging On AD

  1. Folt is making a big mistake. It will be difficult to hire a quality person if they have to submit to Folt telling them how to do their job. And this won’t be the last time she does this.

    She said she wouldn’t hire the next head football coach. She is effectively doing that by blocking Meyer. And why is she blocking Meyer? There are coaches on search lists who have more baggage than Meyer.

    Hoping former players call or write to her. This is nuts.

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      1. She is a total POS controlled by the woke BOT. It was easy to fire Swann as he was a total, 100% incompetent that visible for all to see. She was a mediocre choice at best and now has her nose up Caruso’s ass. I hope Bohn doesn’t show up. He has some integrity and should be allowed to do his job as he sees fit. USC will never find a competent AD if this bitch is allowed to pull this off.

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      2. Exactly! 20 years of academic fraud at UNC. She is an idiot. Fire Helton NOW. Back up the truck and pay Urban and his assistants whatever they want then sit back and rake in the cash for the next decade

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    1. I wouldnt come if I were Bohn. No one is going to be happy in the fan base unless we are contending for championships. If he is an Alpha AD he will tell her to stick it and wait until another program with a supportive boss.

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      1. Do not believe this BS. It is not true and is only started by people who hate USC and don’t want Urban coaching there! Folt has NEVER told anyone not to hire Urban. The only thing she has ever said is it is not her job to hire the next coach. We have not even fired the one we have so speculation about hiring a coach is just that, speculation! Wolf and Plaiscke are stirring up crap and trying to poison the waters because everyone knows they both hate USC. That is all this is. Bohn is getting a counteroffer from Cincinnatti and is considering that counteroffer and in negotiation with USC.


    1. Exactly!! USD hired a femoid long are as president! Unfortunate choice. At least she got rid of Swann, however.

      There are, however, other much-better-than-Helton HC options out there, like Del Rio, Jay Gruden, James Franklin. Or even one of the others like the Cincinnati head coach who came from Meyer’s ztaff, Bryan Harsin, PJ Fleck, Matt Campbell, etc. But, sucks she won’t budge on Meyer, who would have been a guarantee.


  2. If I were Mr. Bohn and this is true–and we have no evidence that it is–I would immediately cut bait and move on. Folt is not looking for a leader to run the athletic department, she is looking for a puppet. . .

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    1. The “IF” part of your reply will get resolved soon —-when Bohn publicly accepts USC’s offer and hires a missionary worker with no prior involvement in the game known as football….

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    2. Agreed on all parts. Most importantly with the zero “evidence” part. More “sources.” If this is true, I’ll gladly eat crow. And with that, we’re all royally screwed with the future USC athletics. But if not, and it’s Flow and his pot again, then this is trying to stir up more controversy like Helton getting into a fight at halftime last Saturday. Which is 100% false.

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  3. Meyer does not want the job. With the spoiled SC followers it is national championship-or bust.

    And there are many L.A. people who don’t want him, so why would he step into a hornet’s nest like this

    Besides, with the players SC now has it would take at least 2-3 years to come up to traditional SC-caliber speed. By then he would be ready to retire again.

    So this fantasizing about Meyer is tantamount to imagining you will receive a Ferrari for the Holidays.

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  4. Forget Urb… He’s a complete scumbag…

    There are plenty of quality coaches out there w/o resorting to a guy who tolerates wife beating .. lies about it … and deflects when caught…

    His programs @ Florida & OSU were cesspools of corruption …


  5. Bohn should say no and let us stew in our own juice. Folt was fired by UNC because she could not make an independent decision. She resigned because she had no choice. She was caught between the board and the students. She finally had to back the students because they hid the confederate symbol and no one could find it. She was between a rock and a hard place, If they could have found the confederate symbol she would have put it in another place on campus in order not to displease the board. This waffling is typical. She ended not pleasing anyone. So, she was out. It is happening now. This is not a profile in courage.

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      1. Imagine if Folt were a man in her job blatantly oogling a hot coed’s ass. He would have been forced to “resign under pressure” the following Monday. Does anybody doubt that? He would have been “me-too’d” out of his job. That is the only thing that truly bothers me about this.


      2. Oh lord I never saw that shot of her. Classic by any standard.

        Carol obviously has never been taught how to do that move correctly. Hey Carol babes, learn to brush your shoulder discreetly so you have a stupid reason to turn your head. It’s a high school move that is timeless.



  6. Meyer was pushed out of Ohio State for nothing. There were no police charges filed against his assistant coach for wife beating, of which, it was alleged that Meyer knew about and didn’t report to the university KGB

    Read link from Washington Post no less:

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    1. True, Wayne —but, after all the unseemly revelations of the last 36 months, USC can’t resist using this as an opportunity to reclaim it’s virginity…..

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  7. Oh just keep Gomer and keep on sucking … no one will give a crap about Urbie being hired after one week
    Way things are going watch F ing Kiffin get the gig


  8. Scott,

    have your sources send Carol Colt a photo of Urban Meyer’s asz. That might change her mind! Seems to be the key to her heart, after all.


  9. Sark Sark,,,,Swann Swann…..Kiffin Kiffin……Helton Helton……
    Announcement by USC admin….we’ve learned and will never make another mistake……
    News……we are humans and make mistakes all the time.
    Get off it and take a chance you pack of commies. People make mistakes……Coach Meyer


  10. Here again, if these rumors are true, the moment Folt made hiring a head football coach conditional after she subordinated this responsibility to the AD, she violated the relationship of trust between herself and Bohn, or anybody else interested in the job. He is crazy not to move on because the relationship is already strained and it hasn’t even officially started. What authority will she usurp next? As far as Bohn, he was a damn fool not to make approaching UM a non-negotiable condition of his hire. Seems like neither party to this transaction has sound advisers.


    1. Is it possible they waited until after he accepted the offer before they told him he couldn’t hire Urban? I’m hearing that the other candidates declined the offer when told they couldn’t hire Urban.


      1. More BS. This never happened. All this crap about not being able to hire Urban is a myth that started by journalists that hate USC and are trying to poison the waters because they cannot stand the thought of Urban coaching USC and bringing them back to the National spotlight. NONE OF THIS BS IS TRUE!


  11. I hate to say this, but I’m gonna say this – they shouldn’t have hired a female for the job of President. She’s only going to bring in some BS feminist agenda.


  12. Folt is right, no to Meyer. USC should not hire this guy, his past behavior will be repeated You all can say the Ohio State thing was not a problem but you can not deny his behavior at Florida was well documented
    Win at all costs is not a way we want to go


    1. “Win at all costs is not a way we want to go”

      Clearly, which is probably why Helton is still there and Folt is refusing to hire a HC that has a proven ability to turn a program into a winner.

      Mediocrity at all costs is what USC Football has stood for since Pete left…and why we ditched our season tickets.

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      1. What a great bumper sticker for USC fans: “Mediocrity at all costs!”


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