Clay Helton Gets Surprise Visitors

USC president Carol Folt and Board of Trustees chairperson Rick Caruso were at football practice and spoke to Clay Helton.

Was this a superficial show of support before the axe falls later this month?

“Her support and Mr. Caruso’s support has always been there,” Helton said after practice. “Obviously this is a production-based business . . . those people have always been great to me.

Drake Jackson and Talanoa Hufanga returned to practiced during the non-contact portion of the workout.

Meanwhile, USC announced sweeping changes to the Board of Trustees.


21 thoughts on “Clay Helton Gets Surprise Visitors

  1. So fucking impressive —especially the part reading, “all this to be accomplished sometime in the NEXT FEW YEARS.” What a joke. No set time period. It reads like Dingus’ “plan for the future” in Wes Anderson’s “Bottle Rocket.”

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    1. Something that should cause concern in Scooters post….
      The President and the BOARD CHAIRMAN were on the field to speak with our beloved failure of a Coach…!!!
      The board is there to advise the Administration…not to speak with individuals, that duty is left up to the President and Department heads.

      You can see a trend here as Caruso is edging himself into the daily discussion of all things USC, this is supposed to be Folt’s job.
      Caruso intends to run USC through his useful sycophant Folt.

      The warning signs are all there

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  2. And here all of the Trojan faithful and even a few people from other schools are checking the internet every few hours wondering when we’ll see a Bohn fire Helton…😉

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  3. Caruso doesn’t know it =but his ‘machiavellian’ re-work f the BOT is his own death knell when that day comes, and come it shall, when he’s ‘shown the door’.

    Haden’s dream has been realized….a ‘pansy rainbow coalition’ where ‘all are welcome’ save those who love USC and also those who love the USA.

    Caruso is a pig ass – glory is in his grasp – but as Patton said “…all glory is fleeting.’

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  4. I am a UNC grad of 45 years ago. Ive followed Folt as an alumni. She is process driven . Had little interest or knowledge in athletics and follows the trend in topics of interests . Based on USC interest in football she will make a change but integrity is important to her coming from Columbia originally . Urban Meyer wont happen

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    1. I thought as much. He wouldn’t come now anyways. Because his players like him. She won’t fire Helton until the season ends and let him resign gracefully. Glad I didn’t blow $250. to go see the Oregon game.

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    2. I both think and hope you’re right…..the litmus test for all here is whether Haden is allowed to somehow miraculously ‘rise’ from his self-earned crypt and be welcomed back’ by the like of Caruso et al, and Bush is not.

      We haven’t seen the last of ‘Pat’

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    3. I just want to get this straight —Folt can’t let Meyer step on campus cuz she’s “too full of integrity” but she lets Helton —who didn’t notice that some of his ‘walk- ons’ never saw the practice field— stay?

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      1. Good night Mike, look I knew he was head of the BOT but truly I never actually realized the power caruso has until this blog post by Scott Wolf.

        Folt is his handpicked leader just as that ‘temp’ president who fired the head of the business school.

        “Hey, Rick you still shorting contractors on your builds as the construction nears completion….say, on average, a sweet 20%?”

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      2. Meyer has way too much baggage. Never was going to happen. The University is fighting for its reputation in the 21st century given all the hits to the school from all the scandals.

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  5. There should be an entire article about Liz Habib apologizing to Urban Meyer like she did today. Once people find out the actual facts about what happened at OSU they realize the man is actually super clean. From the independent report itself: “neither Urban Meyer nor Gene Smith condoned or covered up the alleged domestic abuse by Zach Smith”…

    And “Coach Meyer has “a sincere commitment to the Respect for Women core values that he espouses and tries to instill in his players.” The Independent Counsel also concluded that Coach Meyer would not hesitate to terminate any coach if spousal abuse was established: “We believe [Coach Meyer] as did Zach Smith, that if [Coach Meyer] ever came to learn or believe that Zach Smith had physically abused his wife, Coach Meyer would have fired Zach Smith or any other coach on the spot.”

    Further the police never found courtney, zach’s wife to be credible. Worth noting he has never been arrested for domestic abuse.

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    1. The Meyer abuse by the MSM and Sports Media was nothing more that a hatchet job instigated by SJW’s mainly feminist and virtue signaling sports pundits. When looked into, Meyer did noting to cover up or condone Smiths *alleged* spousal abuse…instead Meyer was made the main focus because of his position and Celebrity. At this juncture Meyer would no doubt tell Mz. Folt to kiss his ass.

      Now, as far as the resizing of the board, incidentally it’s needed. However; keep in mind that Caruso is an politically motivated Narcissistic Oligarch.
      Think in the terms of Garcetti and Newsom, he’s a political climber.

      This will give him the ability to hand pick his most loyal Lieutenants. Caruso and Nikias are the impetus of the LONG ONGOING scandals at USC allowing the abuse of young women by a perverted OB//GYN at Keck. The scandals they hope to clean up were caused by a lack of institutional control…or worse yet tacit approval.

      IF…anyone of those young women were student athletes at the time, the NCAA should immediately initiate a investigation.

      Caruso and Nikias have to go, they are corrupt and self serving.
      Every department needs a thorough cleansing.

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    2. i don’t know why Habib’s aplogizing, but if anyone should apologize, it’s Durty Urban. 31 players arrested inclu pyscho Aaron Hernandez. wow.

      also, the wife beater pled to a lesser charge which is unfort too common in our legel system. and i guess Durty Urban’s 3 game suspension was a clerical error??

      Durty Urban is so radioactive, he GLOWS!!



      1. ….hey ‘lunchie’ yeah you ‘la tapette’ still have that photo of the ‘peckerwood’ on Gilbert’s leash?

        Sweet if bel-air tech loses tonight to the one team gutless jonniekins would never, under any circumstance, play….he promised the CSULB President Dave Snow a shot at a UC chancellorship if he (Snow) would throw Tarkanian under the bus…..Snow did but the ‘peckerwood’ couldn’t remember anything promised….so jonniekins what?


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