USC Morning Buzz: Administration Believes Mike Bohn Will Come Around

If you heard Petros and Money yesterday, I said I spoke to a source in USC’s administration who said they believed Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn will come around and agree to take the USC job despite the snag involving Urban Meyer.

The situation must be resolved in the next 2-3 days, the source said.

“We’re optimistic,” the source said. “We like Mike and think he will be a great choice.”

You can listen to the interview here at the 32:42 mark.

Meanwhile, here is this week’s USC podcast, with more on the athletic director situation, a heated debate on whether James Franklin would take the job and more on the Oregon debacle.


38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Administration Believes Mike Bohn Will Come Around

  1. I’m certain the SUCCX money offered Mr. Bohn is a substantial increase over his Cincinnati pay grade. However, is it enough for Bohn to forgo his ability to execute his vision for Clown U’s athletic future w/o acceding to Folt’s and BOT’s stronger agenda?

    Once Bohm excepts Folt’s/BoT parameters he is creating a precedent he will absolutely regret.

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    1. I accept your reasoning (is this how Patton and Zhukov felt?)…and still think you would do a better job…

      So what’s your hunch?
      Will he do this deal with the devil (become AD/no Meyer hire power)? Or will he come to his senses and realize the proper long-term move is to walk on?

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      1. I hope you’re right…just like going 7-5/8-4 and playing in the Whatever Bowl, having an otherwise decent/qualified individual take the job with those types of limitations (and more importantly, an agenda driving the imposition thereof) would be worse…better that he walk (all of this predicated on the leading rumor mill gristle of course), they go down the Garrett, Haden, Swann path…who would fit in this sequence (sorry for the math/logic word problem – that I can’t solve myself)? Or they go to the other leading playbook choice of putting a pig in a new dress and relying on the media lapdogs to carry out the propaganda drive? Either way, things usually have to reach a critical mass of bad before they get good…if you’re not going to do the obvious (if it’s in fact possible, and regardless of the drawbacks – as Money said on the Petros show “Take the hit!”), then do the expected, sink the ship, and play games in front of 80,000 empty seats…then…maybe…

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      1. Breaking news!! North Texas AD is interested in the job. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t like hanging out with coeds in college bars. He only f**** his wife missionary style, no sodomizing or dressing up like a waitress and barking like a dog. Carol foit thinks he would be perfect but rest of the bot wants somebody who is a blazing homosexual and a transgender former athlete. I’ve heard Bruce I mean Caitlyn Jenner is now the leading candidate!


    2. Don’t read too much into this but Bohn is scheduled for penis reduction surgery at UCLA Medical Center at 11 am —and his office says he will make a major announcement concerning the USC job at noon….

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  2. Apparently Bohn is the type of AD USC should have – he wants some independence in decision making and wants to find the best coaches. Folt must appease the faction of radical feminists who put her where she is so she does ridiculous things like intentionally leering at referees on TV to show she can do things that men can’t anymore. Or she rejects Bohn after picking him for wanting to talk with Urban Meyer.

    Meyer is maligned as someone who covered up wife abuse (that never happened) of one of his assistant coaches, over an incident where that coach was never charged by the police. Meyer has been in purgatory long enough and seems to meet her criteria of not being a public drunk, blatant womanizer or abuser but nonetheless she has to appease her feminist lobby.

    Folt needs to find a storyline that maintains her credentials as a feminist and yet can pick Bohn. Find another feminist priestess (Camille Paglia or Maryanne Williamson types) who will endorse Meyer and get Folt the Dolt off the hook.

    After a 56 point blowout of the football team Folt shows up on the practice field to support Helton (the Red Skelton clown). Does that mean she is going to retain him and sink the whole program for, what, another decade? That could spell her quick doom and she should be aware of that.

    Her dilemma is that the football program has to be revived for the university to surmount the financial stress being put on it by the (bogus) radical feminist lawsuits.

    Complicating the issue, the beat writer for the LAT knows who butters his bread and wants to be a factor in determining a politically correct coach for SC. Ignore him.

    But nonetheless, Folt needs to find a way to revitalize the football program or the finances of the university will decline and the feminist-politically correct crowd will eventually be purged. Folt and her successor symbolically got rid of the business school dean to show their muscle. But showing that again by skipping over highly successful personnel like Bohn and Meyer would doom them. Folt has to walk a tightrope to survive but needs to find someway to fall on the side of Bohn-Meyer or some other competent coach. Helton is not an option as the top high school players no longer want to be a part of his program.

    Dolt’s tight rope act is no Gina Lolobrigida in the movie “Trapeze”. But she could learn something from Gina whose best movie was “Beat the Devil”.

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    1. Look at the press release yesterday by the BOT, the University is going full steam ahead into the PC diversity swamp, SC will be lucky to hire a Saint unless that Saint is a minority homosexual with a disability

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    2. Wayne,
      Excellent summary of Dolt’s dilemma needing to appease opposing philosophies. If she succeeds she will be seen as Mother Superior, if not she is toast !
      Interested in your appraisal of our Board Chairman. I have my own opinion but would like to hear yours.

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  3. Newest P’cast with DW, just like yesterday’s with the coach, again on the mark by DW (although RA, though saying what I’ve wanted to hear him say for a long time, comes across as a bit of a shapeshifter, given his partial support for Helton and Pendergast, as well as the “Air Raid” gambit).

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  4. Have read elsewhere that Bohn will have autonomy in hiring a football coach.

    I guess we’ll all find out when and if Bohn takes the job and who he hires.

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    1. I don’t trust USC to do anything right at this point…I have no idea, but I’m sensing that he’ll take the job after leveraging a few more bucks by feigning pulling back when Meyer was made off limits, he’ll try to get someone good but be rebuffed (as they again go cheap in terms of what they’ll authorize being included in the contract offer), and then we’ll get another leftover/milquetoast hire they’ll try to spin (and be assisted by the same lapdogs in the MSM who did that throughout Helton’s tenure)…

      They have a chance to do something spectacular…I’ll believe they’re capable of anything beyond perpetuating disaster when I see it…

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      1. James,
        Your use of the term milquetoast, is quite fitting of Helton, it struck me as relevant with Helton’s weekend comments… “I’m a SERVANT to the University and my players” it appears that is what’s now required by the University Demigods…subservience !

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      2. I think/fear you’re right…at least it’s a warning to those who don’t have their head too far in the wrong place that this is what happens…just hope as put in comment to Owns that if they botch this that they immediately are confronted with $80,000 empty seats…

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      3. James, I might think that the final negotiations may not be so much on his salary or buyout as how much they agree to pay for a head FC.

        If they say “Aside from Meyer, we’ll pay enough so that money won’t be an issue for anyone else you might want”, then maybe that will do it.

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      4. ’67
        And that might be the best case scenario (rather than the best case scenario originally envisioned)…
        They’ve never been willing to pay the piper before so if they were at least willing to do that, at least it would mean he has a chance…
        But how dysfunctionally avoidant, as well as hypocritical…and stupid…

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      5. James, fingers crossed. Bohn seems to be the type of person who could right the ship. Will he come, despite an incompetent and foolish BOT, and a myopic president?

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  5. I insist that the bond of trust between Folt and whoever USC hires has been broken if the AD cannot hire their own coaches as she promised they would. This is not a minor technicality; it is a deal breaker and will very likely apply to any top AD candidates with any sense. It probably explains why none of the top AD candidates have shown interest. This relationship between Folt and Bohn is strained and he’s not even in the job. Folt has handled this process like an amateur. It’s been clumsy and does not inspire much confidence in her leadership ability.

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    1. TT22,
      “ This relationship between Folt and Bohn is strained and he’s not even in the job. Folt has handled this process like an amateur. It’s been clumsy and does not inspire much confidence in her leadership ability.”

      It’s quite simple….Folt is just following Caruso’ script, were in the drivers seat play hard ball…only thing is, they’re not in the drivers seat! They may wave the money, but most candidates don’t want to sully themselves by association.

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      1. After a billion dollars worth of embarrassing settlements and years of humiliating results in major sporting events — it’s sorta touching that USC doesn’t realize it’s not in the driver’s seat…..

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      1. MG
        So right. Again perfect (because the essential principle is identical) is to analogize to Roman history…they’re desperate, neck-breaking efforts to avoid doing the obvious perfect thing is reminiscent of how Augustus tried everything but holding a Bachelor-like gameshow contest to avoid investing Tiberius as his successor…at least in his case force of circumstances compelled him to do so…we apparently are not so fortunate in the present…

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      2. James –This time the barbarians are not at the gate, they are sitting on our board and that makes things a bit more….inevitable.

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      3. And you are so right (as it is a rite apparently) – they have found the enemy (but are probably too … deluded, stupid, arrogant, et al … to recognize) and it is them…

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      4. I felt compelled from shame, since I snarkily (but somewhat slyly) responded to an Owns comment (re except vs accept – not snarkily as to his point, which was spot on)…now I must pull the unmasking bit of the mutants from Beneath the Planet of the Apes and reveal my inner…editing/writing-challenged…self!

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      5. James —That’s just it: we’re not editing challenged, we’re just not allowed to edit.
        [Now you need to ask Owns why two thirds of a ship is not as good as three thirds of a ship — I love higher math]…..

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  6. What I really want to know is why USC is airing its dirty laundry so publicly. For those born before the of pollution causing hot air global warming inducing dryers in every household, people used to run a line between two poles and hang their linen to dry in the global warming ball of gas in the sky. So if the linen wasn’t completely clean it was embarrassing to hang it out to dry. Even more so when the linen was soiled by the wearer. Such linen was hung inside the hovel because it remained useable although soiled. So when we can’t even run a search for a department chair why do we wave it about like a teenager’s menstrual rag? Nobody, not even the baby bears up the street wants to see that.
    I too read that the practice was visited by the school president and board owner and met with Helton pledging their support (according to Helton). They should have told him he has 25 days to clean out his office, and maybe they did. But maybe the real reason they visited him was to get Bohn to defecate or leave the porcelain. Perhaps the dirty laundry is a ploy to move the indicator in our direction.

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    1. Jimbo WOW you have not only impressed this august audience with your grasp of history and then “slyly” patted yourself on the back (even though you had to reference your post for those that missed it), you have, in a matter of only a few posts, achieved a level of Blow-Hardedness* that even very few Trojans can aspire to!
      You love you (and you’re perfect for each other).
      * You have even inspired a new word!


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