Is Urban Meyer “Radioactive”?

A source told me this morning that in a meeting USC administrators, school president Carol Folt described Urban Meyer as “radioactive.”

I wonder what would happen if Rick Caruso, the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, wanted Meyer? Would it make a difference? Probably not.

Has USC contacted Bob Stoops yet or is he radioactive too?

  • A high school coach told last night that he has a player committed to a Power 5 school who would flip to USC today if Meyer got hired.
  • Did you hear what Clay Helton said about tailback Kenan Christon yesterday?

“Right now I think Kenan is a really good 15-to-20 touch guy,” Helton said.

So why wasn’t 230-pound Markese Stepp a 15-20 touch guy? Remember Graham Harrell said he could barely handle 10 carries vs. Notre Dame?

42 thoughts on “Is Urban Meyer “Radioactive”?

  1. Wonder if any of the other geniuses at the table pointed out to her that she actually described him in a complimentary fashion (whatever her intent might have been), given that the indispensable object in our existence (our local neighborhood star) is radioactive…and on a more limited scale, so are nuclear reactors (and the “radioactivity” isn’t the issue, but rather how they are built, maintained, and managed)…actually driving a large part of the new space race agenda (to acquire He3 in belief it could power clean burning reactors…while still being radioactive…Carol)…

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      1. I’ll say it again, gt —this video is deeply disturbing. Carol is a ticking bomb. It’s only a matter of time before she gets the university into deep trouble…

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  2. When Clay Helton gets fired at the end of the season, I guarantee he’ll be out of football, and jump into another line of work. I can’t imagine a millionaire going back to being an irrelevant, figurehead assistant .

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    1. F’ing Chernobyl/Fukashima level…Preacher Roy…remember what a shapeshifter he was after the 2003 NCAA final in his haste to get to Chapel Hill? And to think that was the ethical high point of his time in Blue Heaven…

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      1. I like the many allusions to shape shifting that are showing up in your analysis, James….

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  3. I would advise Ms Folt to pull her head out of her ass and actually do her own research into what happened at OSU with Meyer, she might find that what she perceives is not fact

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      1. James –Speaking of “just the facts”, you’ve gotta catch a YouTube video of the frozen stiff, ultra weird way Sgt. Friday walked the halls of Parker Center on Dragnet….

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    1. Even if the problem he had at OSU we should not forget what happened when he was at Floridian

      She is right, stay away from him he is too much of risk


  4. If Folt and the administrators are truly debating this much about Meyer or who they will target as the next head coach, why don’t they just fire Reverend Helton already?!!

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  5. it’s rather amusing how everyone at Yesterday U was positioning for Meyer to be hired, but just when it was all coming together….Carol Burnett puts the Kapow on the whole operation!

    i actually thought you Dummies were going to pull it off!! oh, how many nights i shivered under the covers imagining what Meyer would do with a class literally full of 5-star CA players!!!

    now the only question is, does Hell-TON get a three or FIVE yr extension to his contract???


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    1. You may be on to something Mr. B. It has occurred to me how much Helton resembles the late Tim Conway. Just imagine the President and her puppet straight man at the faculty follies. I can’t wait to see the leaked video of Helton doing the Siamese Elephant skit. ” I knew a man who had a Siamese Elephant…they were joined at the trunk… I just love the fight in those two elephants, but I’m going to watch the tape and correct the mistakes… Those Siamese Elephants were warriors.” Can you see it?

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    2. Charlie — Unlike people, countries and major institutions take a long time to die. For 10 straight years USC has pursued the death track ….but it’s gonna take at least another 15 to finish the job……

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      1. SI reporting that if Mike Bohn acccepts the job he will make an offer to Urban Meyer and he is negotiating with USC on what he can offer for 4-6 years around 9 million per year

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    3. Great to be back, right CB?
      It’s like a train wreck running into a dumpster fire that ignites a toxic waste dump full of old tires.
      It just keeps burning.
      How long have I dreamed about SoCal with Carol Folt as their President?
      When you think of it, U Meyer is the perfect coach for SoCal.
      Blatant disregard for rules, guidelines or Institutional Control.
      And completely supportive of his coaches even if they give the Mrs. a little head butt now and again.
      Just what the Trojans need right now, perfect.


  6. I don’t know how radioactive UM is, but Pres. Folt certainly is polarizing, which is already impeding her presidency from quickly gaining the momentum and the support needed to pursue her agenda. She has completely underestimated the importance of USC’s rich football tradition and its unifying effect on the Trojan faithful. Indeed, college football is the front porch of the university at every Power 5 institution. According to research in higher education, winning teams attract donors, top faculty and students; it garners support from local, state, and federal policymakers; it unifies alumni, friends, and fans; and, it instills local, regional, and national institutional pride. It is the glue that binds a university to its past, present, and the future.

    Like Pres. Folt, the new AD needs to hit the street running to quickly establish credibility and build confidence to ensure athletic teams prosper and department revenues are maximized. At USC, the football team funds the entire athletic department, including (sadly) the anemic basketball program. Research indicates that college football also has a “halo” effect: When the football program prospers the other athletic programs, and the university at large, also prosper. Presently, Trojan football revenues are down and they will continue to drop until a coaching change is made. Denying Bohn the right to pursue UM–one of the top 3 coaches in the nation–has not only strained his relationship with Folt, but made the AD job at USC radioactive. It’s an employment nightmare, a double whammy. Bohn can’t be his best because he can’t get the best. Then, he has to worry about what authority she will usurp next. Furthermore, some viable coaching candidates may opt out knowing that they were Bohn’s second choice.

    As far as UM’s mishap at OSU, we’ve forgiven U.S. presidents for worse.

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    1. Exactly, tt !
      She doesn’t get the fact that worship of football at the expense of honesty and integrity is the bedrock of ‘Ol SoCal. She doesn’t get the fact that you can fill the coffers for YEARS before the NCAA smacks you for lack of institutional control AND she doesn’t get the fact that the the 60 plus-year-old alumni want to go back to 1969, like right now!
      Personally, I think SoCal sports will benefit from a woman’s touch.
      Keep up the good work Mrs. President!


  7. They should stop the crap. Who do they thjink they are? Radioactive? The only thing radioactive here is Helton. If she said that then she would get rid of most of the people at USC. Maybe she has not been here long enough to know that . I sincerely hope she did not say that, it would be a terrible thing to say about a person, plus it comes under the heading of slander and could be a court case.I am sick of this character assasination . And, it is embrassing if true.

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  8. Carolyn Folt is picking up where she left off in getting fired from UNC for causing controversy, getting involved in board politics and making unsanctioned decisions (tearing down the statues for one) that she had been explicitly told not to while the board addressed the situation.

    Obviously her stewardship of the academic and athletic programs, with the huge agent/pay for play, sexual assault, fake degrees and fake majors, etc. was unbelievably bad. I wondered to myself (and aloud, here) what would possess USC to hire her; the UNC board directed the PR fight and cover up for her train wreck of a tenure and they protected the culture as they saw fit. Rather than be grateful, she, with her giant ego in a pint sized body stabbed them in the back.

    Now she’s paling around with Caruso while another booster (of much greater generosity) was sent off, with all the story leaking. She is engaging in the same incompetent and blind micromanaging that caused all the other scandals, embarrassment and public spectacle of dysfunction. And she’s throwing grenades in accusations in the most ironic form of accusing someone else of being “radioactive” knowing it will leak to the press. LOL SHE’S radioactive and USC is radioactive at this moment sadly.

    Even if we don’t believe what Scott or others are reporting, the mere fact that the timeline and communication have been so bungled, leaks have been getting out so regularly, and that USC has let the speculation fester without clarity of getting in front of the story is just business as usual.

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    1. You do realize she came in after the previous UNC President resigned because of the scandals you’re saying she oversaw and this was responsible for?

      Riddle me this – do you think there may be a reason why one of the most successful coaches of modern time, who’s only 55 years old is now working in sports television?

      Seriously, there are 130 D1 head football coach jobs and he’s not currently employed by any of the 130 schools. What’s up with that?


    1. exactly, and no evidence in that one either…at Penn St the coach of a generation dies for following the rules,reporting allegations to school authorities.


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