Did Carol Folt Refuse Offer To Pay Off Clay Helton?

I got a call in the middle of Signing Day from a former USC All-American, who told me, “The recruits are screaming (out) and USC’s administration is not listening.”

That sums it up. Recruits are fleeing Southern California and Clay Helton offers spin while the administration pretends like nothing is wrong.

  • Meanwhile, no one I spoke to yesterday or today believes USC will have the gall to stage a recruiting dinner in February. But this is USC so you never know.
  • I wrote back on Nov. 5 that Carol Folt was not budging on hiring Urban Meyer. I heard this morning a USC mega-donor was willing to pay off Clay Helton’s contract if USC hired Meyer and Folt refused. “She didn’t want to be attached in any way to Meyer,” the source said.

41 thoughts on “Did Carol Folt Refuse Offer To Pay Off Clay Helton?

  1. We hate you folt! At first we had faith in you thinking you would put the REAL USC FOOTBALL BACK ON THE NATIONAL STAGE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS! then you proved to us you are just a pond to the good ol boys country club members that run usc.you say you want nothing to do with Meyer oh really but you associate with that euro trash nikias who has done so much worse than Meyer and who still has a office on usc campus….folt nikias is your daddy,we all get it now.the la times or daily news should right a article on how in the hell is nikias your daddy still around usc. You god damn umpa lumpa haircut style BISSSSSHHHH!!! what’s your address folt I got a gang load of used baby diapers I would love to leave at your door step!!! Use them to give yourself a facial since your full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩


    1. MG goes deep with the analogy. In other news SC recruiting, 2020 class version, made the national news feed on FOX.


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  2. According to charter of the university, the BOT hires the President and the president hires the AD and the AD hires the Football Head Coach. Fans have no say in who gets hired or fired!

    Everything was done according to charter (highest governing law of the university) Don’t be like the democrats trying to undo duly hired official of the university!

    Be a true fan and support your President, AD and HC!



    1. Comparing the mess at USC with the impeachment proceedings – that’s a new twist on the “If you don’t support what’s happening with the program then you aren’t a true fan” strategy. You can’t possibly think that BS is going to change anyone’s mind and/or actions, can you?


    2. Ted, is that you?

      Fans ultimately have all of the say in who gets hired and fired.

      College sports is a consumer entertainment product, and either consumers like the product or they don’t.

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      1. Michael, May I summarize the new sales spiel? “Hey, you are lucky we are still willing to field a football team! You’ll like what we give you! Soon you will be saying, “Thanking you president folt, may I have another?”

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      2. @trojah1967 Just when I thought I was out, you pull me back in! You couldn’t leave well enough alone could you little twerp!! Now you’re going to pay!!
        No more mercy! I do not train to be merciful. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition. A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy!
        “You called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it.” “Tell em the law’s coming. You tell em I’m coming, and hell’s coming with me, sanctions are coming with me!!



  3. This is all gonna backfire for years to come. And here I was thinking and hoping we were finally seeing the end of the sanctions these last couple seasons. What a huge crock of shit.

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    1. 04 —USC’s REACTION to the sanctions (“Okay —if that’s the way you want it, we’ll go along!”) was worse than the sanctions themselves and signaled weakness and stupidity at the top. Just look at how Penn State handled a much worse situation and it’s clear USC lacked quality leadership (and it’s only gotten worse since)….

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      1. UCLA has the 28th best early 2020 FB class according to ESPN’s top 50 D1 Universities. Chip did well and will improve that rating Feb. 2020.

        Sadly, SUCCX’s 2020 FB class did not make the top 50.

        “Facts are important.” ~ Dear Pisley.


  4. Just listened to Helton on ESPNu radio. Hes happy with everything at USC . Once we start winning nat championships the rest will come. We dont need a better class according to him we only lose 7 seniors. And we are focused on big trench guys because USC can always get the skilled positions.

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    1. In a rare stroke of luck, Helton will IMMEDIATELY get to embark on the first of those predicted national championships….against Alabama…..

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  5. If true about Folt refusing to hire Meyer, then Bohn made a deal with the devil. He went to the podium at the presser and flatly stated that there were no constraints on whom he could hire.

    Caruso is the puppeteer here. Hiring a woman prez, fresh after she was fired at UNC, was a stroke of genius by him. She has to make the BOT happy. She can’t afford to be fired again.

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    1. This is 100% Caruso. He is a buddy of the hollywood liberal elites and has ambitions in politics, so he can be seen allowing Urban Meyer to become the football coach. Even though Urban has great integrity, the way he handled that one problem with the assistant coach (which he apologized for and even though he followed proper protocol by reporting it) makes him toxic to a liberal mindset.

      Folt is just a puppet. Students are not happy with the tone deaf response regarding the 9 student deaths in the past semester, among other things.

      Will Bohn maybe resign? Or is the recruiting ranking, along with a loss in the next bowl game, going to finally push out Clay? Did Bohn demand the right to fire Clay after the bowl game? or will replacing Clancy be enough to appease some boosters?

      The dumpster fire at USC just gets worse and worse. That is what happens when you hire a President who cant lead, but can only take orders from the chair of the BOT.

      The control freak(s) on the BOT need to hire leaders, not puppets.


  6. Michael, when Caruso says “Jump”, Carol says “How High?”

    What can we do to get people to focus on BOT? They have no business running the university, but that is what they are doing.

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      1. BK, Did you say “over”? It’s not over until we say it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?…When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Who’s with me?…Actually Bluto was able to plan and adjust to get the final result. Gomer is incapable of matching Bluto

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    1. 67 —
      The university isn’t being run for the benefit of what WE (or most of the public) think of as the ‘university’ —it’s being run to further the interests of a few specially placed individuals…. We keep asking ‘why is the university not acting in it’s own best interests?’ —but we’re naively forgetting that what WE call the university and what THEY call the university are 2 very different things…

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  7. “She didn’t want to be attached in any way to Meyer,” the source said.

    Smart woman. Much smarter than most of the knuckleheads posting on this board.


  8. Way up there where Scott was writing he said that recruits are speaking out. He’s right they tweet that they feel their best chance to be developed into professionals is with… (name of team goes here) Helton has cleared the table at the top, by not sending a fraction of the players to the NFL that we once sent. And Helton is clearing the table at the bottom by bringing in lousy recruiting classes. The Administration knows this. It is sort of interesting that Harrell’s new contract runs the life of Helton’s contract. Is this a coincidence?

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  9. Folt is a bureaucrat. Quite a few folks on the various sites don’t seem to know or accept what that means.
    If she hires Meyer…….and he does well……she enjoys the games but Bohn hired him and gets the atta boys. She gets is a few extra dollars for the endowment. Very low reward for the risk.
    If he does something stupid…..she becomes the dummy that hired a wife beater enabler and helped him pull another boner in an era of no second chance by the fascists. She gets booted…….and loses her lucrative salary and position. Probably have a tough time getting another job.
    Bureaucrats always take the choice that protects their salary and position.
    If a bureaucrat was running WW2 we’d still be fighting our way across France.
    Bottom line……all USC means to her is a job and her salary. The university and doing what is right……..that’s a TV show that has a happy ending. Does not happen in real life.
    This is the difference between the owner of a business that created it and the professional managers hired by the 4th generation.

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  10. So much common sense.
    We’re stuck with Carol “Integrity, I don’t need no stinkin Integrity” Folt unless we make life a little hell for her


  11. I understand the anguish of SC fans. I have been a big fan since OJ played there. I do agree with the lack of discipline and the stupid penalties for the current team. The defense does need a change! However, the fact is, the kids that passed on SC this year had a good reason. THEY were not good enough to play right away. The Trojans are stacked at every position but Oline. I too am not convinced Helton is the coach to take them to the promised land but I believe he deserves one more chance. Having said that, changes need to be made on defense. They are very good at times and mediocre at times. Need to be solid for 4 quarters.


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