Radio, Radio

I will be a guest on Petros and Money around 3:45 p.m. today to talk USC recruiting

7 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

  1. I am so over USC, with this new administration and so called spineless Athletic Director, Why would anyone watch their home burning down, when no one seem to care about putting the fire out. I been a USC fan since I was 7 years old, and it truly breaks my heart to see a blue blood in college football being torn down layer by layer. You have a bad coach, a horrible tooth face spineless Athletic Director, plus the wrong Administrator to lead USC. I want go to Ny more games as long as Helton is the coach . I will put my USC hat in mothballs until hopefully that whole bunch is sent packing.

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    1. Joseph Blue. Thank you. you speak for the fan base. Some of my rich friends suffer in silence. One of my best friends gives generously but will never complain, but agrees with me. WE go to games together but no more. He goes but I am boycotting. I have tickets but I tear them up . This is one way I protest, empty seats. If I knew they could not sell them I would stop buying. Again, thank you J. Blue

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    2. Ist game was in 1959 at age 16. Reminder John McKay was 6 – 5 – 1 in 1970 & 1971 almost same then wins National Title in 1972 going undefeated.
      Not that Helton is another Mckay, but let’s see how the season unfolds &
      if bad he will be gone.

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      1. Well,you are my age. Our Dad, a 30’s SC dental grad took us to campus and games ,I was 8,my brother 5. Went to all the home games for decades,we lived and died sc athletic teams.We went to track meets, swimming ,baseball,basketball. Great coaching was always there, along with some severe PCC football penalties in mid 50’s ,really affected ’57 team…that was a long yr…’59 home games were great ,until ucla and ND.
        This head coach will never have a great team, he purposefully has zero real football practices, everybody knows , & it was addressed early this spring with promises to change ‘the culture’…nothing changed at practice…never will.

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      2. Steve B. Remember it did not take mckay long. . Come one the preacher (Helton) has had enough time. McKay did not like losing. When Notre Dame beat us soundly, he was angry and said”that will never happen again.” so I would not mention them in the same sentence. Helton has never blamed himself for the ineffectiveness.

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  2. USC people have never been taught to be activist. We are very mute. We abide crap. We are not protesters. We really do not have much backbone when it comes to standing up. We just sit back and take this crap. Except when it comes to making money. The decision makers are walking all over us and we are still passive. What kind of people are we? Where is our pride? Everybody knows Helton should go we swallow this crap and excrete it. The one thing we would stand up for in the past was football, now we have lost that. I grew up at USC and in spite of our many negatives the one thing we were taught was how to be excellent and look for it. Have we lost that admonition?

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