Reggie Bush Reacts To USC Recruiting

33 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Reacts To USC Recruiting

      1. Finally. Someone gets it right. Reggie’s stepdad was the asshole who ruined this whole thing. Is Reggie 100% clean? Probably not. But most of this falls on a greedy stepfather. I just watched a sweet (not in the loss, but the version was clean as hell and full screen) re-run of the USC vs. Texas Rose Bowl game. Lots of shots of stepdad Bush in the stands with his #5 “Dad” jersey on with a huge smile ear to ear. I told my wife while watching, “That’s the guy who ruined everything.”


      1. Oh no, not again, Pinkywood does his boring, pointless, unrelated peckerwood shtick.

        Next, Pinkywood will chug a bottle of Night Train and then throw Nell under a bus.

        Commie Lush, always the turd in the punchbowl.

        #Some things never change.


  1. Reggie could have paid back the agent $10k after the agent asked for it, upon Reggie Signing a multi million dollar contract. Reggie refuses and Lake went to FBI. Reggie in all his selfishness could of made it go away.

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  2. Yeah ok this is all Reggie’s fault – we’ve suffered that but no way is Helton a result. This is 100% on the athletic department oh BTW a 2nd player has emerged asking the feds for the ‘interview tapes’ btwn the FBI and Singer. have to say they may al ‘go down’ but I don’t see the feds getting a ‘pass’ on this and with said release where does it lead in ‘upper tier’ admin, Heritage Hall or the admissions office?

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      1. Nah….he’s done gotta wonder about the ‘2nd’ in charge …’s possibly the ‘porcine lifer’ Lopes. I’ll wager he’s the one who met with Heinel and just who ‘seconded’ her recommendations?


  3. Look, I’m a USC fan too, but I have to be realistic and I would encourage others to try to be as well. I really think a lot of you guys wear cardinal colored glasses sometimes. Reggie and Matt are basically talking about the USC of Pete Carroll, but what was USC football REALLY like before that? It wasn’t the program that people seem to be saying competed for National Championships every year. In fact, in MY lifetime, I couldn’t even put USC in the Top 10 of college football programs. Go back about 40 years to 1980, and outside of the Carroll years, what has USC done to support this notion of dominance people seem to have? Not only that, but Carroll was like USC’s 4th or 5th choice at the time (yes, this superfantabulous program couldn’t find a coach who wanted to be here, remember???), and I’m sure many of you who are complaining about Helton also complained about Carroll being hired. You won’t cop to it, but I’m sure that along with Wolf all of you were absolutely howling about the Carroll hire. You know who I bet you were all just THRILLED to see get hired by USC? John Robinson the second time around… That’s right, in the infinite wisdom of USC fans, Carroll was the wrong move and John Robinson was the right one. Not only that, but in the early 90’s Bill McCartney won a natty at Colorado with mostly California players and then Don James did the same thing with Cali players in Washington. Those guys and their staffs were ALL OVER So Cal. in those days and pulled National Championship talent away from USC and UCLA. Where was USC when these guys were raiding Cali and winning championships with those players? Further, why wasn’t USC winning nattys when they WERE getting Cali players? I really didn’t see USC do that until I was grown and the school backed its way into the Pete Carroll hire.

    Here are some programs that have been better than USC at winning nattys during my lifetime; Alabama (6), Miami (5), FSU (3), Florida (3), Neb (3), Clemson (3), OSU (2), LSU (2), Oklahoma (2), and Penn St (2). USC won 2 during that time, but had to give one back. They also lost to an inferior team when they had the chance to make history and win 3 in a row. That puts USC outside of the top 10 of National Championship winners during my lifetime. Also, I’ve seen ND win more rivalry games than USC during my lifetime. Further, USC has more NFL talent and draft picks than anyone, so why don’t they have more National Championships than anyone? USC people love talking about how well situated USC is to be successful at football and they’re right. What they don’t understand though is that given the way USC is situated, the amount of talent surrounding it and the kinds of players who have played there, USC has underachieved for most of its history. If you took the same players USC has had over its history and sent them to a Southern or Midwest school like those on the list above, those schools would’ve produced more championships. Just like Colorado and Washington can win more with California players, those other schools would’ve won more too. Don’t be too surprised when you see Oregon winning big with Cali players as well. I understand that USC was really something in the sixties and seventies, but it’s 2020 now. For a guy who has watched the last 40 years of USC football, honestly, where do these expectations come from? It’s as if you guys have taken a 40 year time span and then projected the results of a 4 year tenure onto it. I’m not going to do the math, but isn’t 8-4 about the average record for USC over the last 40 years? Is it even that good? You guys should probably layoff of Folt, Bohn and the crack pipe as well because it’s giving you a distorted view of reality. I guess it makes sense given how people seem to be clinging desperately to distorted views of reality these days. Given the fact that neither of the 2 new hires were USC’s first choices and USC fans are howling about them, it could very well mean they were the right choices. Please do try to forgive me for not following the crowd here, but you guys are living in Fantasyland.


    1. Clay, with all due respect, I go back to the 1960’s and watched as Garrett and Simpson and so many more Trojans dominated college football. Sorry you missed that show — it was really something. But the history of USC goes back into the 1920s — and what a remarkable history it has been. There has been an epidemic of poor leadership at USC, and still there is no denying that the USC job is an elite, elite job (in the words of Urban Meyer.) USC has all the attributes to be a nationally dominating power. What is missing is leadership and resolve. That’s a lot, but that’s all we need to see. And Fight On!

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      1. John, I appreciate your comment and I can’t argue with anything you’re saying. It doesn’t really contradict anything I said either, so there’s no argument from me. What I would say is that it’s only going to get harder for USC to dominate in the future. The job becomes less attractive the more the demographics in California continue to change. I think I saw a graphic that said the Pac 12 has the lowest percentage of ESPN 300 players in its footprint and that negative trend will only continue. It’s part of the reason that I have suggested USC spearhead the formation of the first 16-team Superconference.

        But for the sideways hiring of Carroll, we’d be another Nebraska.


      2. I remember back the way John does. John McKay, John Robinson, Mike Garrett, OJ, Allen, Winslow, Pete, Haden etc. etc. It seemed like a well oiled machine at that time. Now, not so much.

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      3. Yo, Clay. You are on target with the 16 team conferences.
        1. There are 64 teams in the Power 5 conf.
        2. Add in the Princess (ND)=65
        3. Big 10, ACC and SEC each have 14, so they each just need to take 2 from the Big “8/12–now 10”
        4. Pac12 takes the 4 Texas schools with the best academic standards: UT, Baylor, TCU etc.
        5. The power 4 conference champs are the semifinals for the CFB playoff.

        It ends the silly debate about the #5 and #6 team not “getting into the playoff.

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    2. You have some selective history – all you’ve proven is how a truly gifted head coach significantly impacts a top tier program. The list you cited other programs success is a bit ‘fuzzy’.

      Let’s start with
      NE – 1997 (Osborne)
      FL St. – after 1999 and Bobbie Bowden nothing for 14 yrs 2013 (Fisher)
      OH St. – from 1975 (Hayes) to 2002, 2006 (Tressel) 2014 (Meyer)
      FL – 1996 (Spurrier) 2006 & 2008 (Meyer)
      Miami – last NC 2001 (Coker)
      PA St. – lst 1994 (Paterno)
      AL – 1979 (Bryant) 1982 (Stallings) 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017 (Sabin)
      LSU – 2003 (Sabin) 2011 (Miles)
      Clemson – 2016 & 2018 (Swinney)
      OK – 1978, 1980 and 1985 (Switzer) 2000 (Stoops)

      That list is telling – it trakes a top tier coach to produce victories often and with expectation. Of the head coaches in the past 25 years – Carroll, Sabin and Meyer have no peer ‘maybe’ Swinney.

      Many of those listed were in the final but the point you are making is not that rather it is why should we expect anything better than 8 – 4. We expect more, just like all those listed – when we have a good coach we contend and when we don’t we fall.

      You honestly think the Irish are happy being seen as a has-been since 1998? Those two shots they for the playoffs – crash and burn – why? They don’t have a realy top tier coach and they know it just as NE does and Miami and PA St. and FL St.

      Yes we are angry and expect more – remember boyo – ‘We are SC!”

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      1. Who has been hiring USC’s coaches other than USC? Who are we to blame for that? Those coaches you mentioned weren’t great until they won. Carroll was a guy begging for a job when he got hired and hadn’t won shit. You’re making a chicken and egg argument.

        You’re also dipping into the 70’s for some of your numbers. I don’t see Coker, Tressel, Stallings or Miles to being on the level of the others you named.

        We talk about the number of distractions in Los Angeles and how it makes things harder, but I don’t think we really get that. I honestly think that USC has done less with more over the years and some of those other schools have done more with less. I know all the mantras and I know what we all want to be true, but it hasn’t been true for some time. Kirk Ferentz talks about having a “developmental program” at Iowa and USC has never been that. They have always just out-talented everyone and they aren’t going to be able to count on such a talent edge going forward. USC needs to become a teaching program now. The golden years are gone and you should’ve done more while they were here.


    3. My analysis Clay:
      From about 1962 to 1982, USC was THE DOMINANT FB program on Earth In 1982 we got a two year NCAA penalty for organized ticket scalping.
      I can share a lot about those years.

      From about 1982 to about 2002 USC FB mostly was mediocre. It was the time of Nebraska, Miami, FSU, etc. Bama sucked also!

      PC years: 2002 to 2009. Epic.
      After the Bush incident, I pretty much penciled in 20 years of mediocrity–
      2009 to 2029.

      So, Clay, I think we have some agreement.
      I believe that USC FB after Howard Jones moved on was somewhat mediocre.

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      1. We do have some agreement. You included something that I considered but left out when you mentioned Bama sucking as well. I never understood what all the fuss was about regarding Alabama as a kid either. I remember Bobby Humphrey and Cornelius Bennett being good players, but Bama wasn’t winning anything for most of my life. However, the sleeping giant in Tuscaloosa has clearly awaken while the one in L.A continues to snooze.


  4. As the 1969 Team CoCaptain and 1979 Team CoCaptain, I think I can speak for my teammates.
    My era of playing 1966-70
    We went to 4 Straight Rose Bowls
    Won a National Championship 1967
    Lost a Second National Championship to Ohio
    State in the 1969 Roae Bowl.
    Our group of Trojan Players went 33-2-2
    In my 4 years under John McKay.
    The current state of USC Football is shocking
    Recruiting is as non existent and abysmal
    12th in the PAC12 .. 81st maybe 80th Nationally!!
    Helton is promoting his success by playing
    In a meaningless no name game somewhere in California, on some date this month!
    Ex SC Football players are disgusted and in
    A state of disbelief at How far the Football program has fallen.
    Mediocrity is now acceptable with the administration and Athletic Department.
    This is what you get by hiring a previously fired second rate President and a previously fired second rate AD who reaffirmed a Third Rate Head Coach !
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1970 Rose Bowl CoCaptain
    Alabama looming next Year.

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    1. Bob, you obviously have a great deal to be proud of and I’m not including your era in what I’m saying. I actually have a connection to one of your teammates and I have crossed paths with an inordinate number of USC football people over the years. You should know better than anyone that things changed for the worse in the 80’s. My point is that people are acting like mediocrity is a recent thing and I am contending that it has been the norm, beyond the Carroll years, for the vast majority of my lifetime. I know that USC has a proud football tradition, but so did Harvard at one time. Guys, I’m not saying any of this because I like it or I want to attack USC.


    2. My error 1969 Team CoCaptain and the 1970 Rose Bowl CoCaptain.
      I didn’t stay at SC for 10 years!!
      Even though I would have liked to !!
      Bob Jensen


      1. I caught that last night, but didn’t call you on it. I appreciate the sweat you left in the soil, but we’ve been living on the fumes of decades past for some time. Thank god Carroll fell into our laps, because god only knows what would’ve happened if USC got its 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice.


  5. That’s exactly my point – no one knew they were good just as no one knew Carroll was worth a darn. Sabin started out as an assistant at MI St. before LSU took a swing at him.

    You’re the one that put your list of other programs that have won NC’s with the number in ( ). I listed the last time they won them and again save for Sabin and Meyer – the rest of those programs are truly in ‘….the gloaming.’


    1. Ruso, my entire point is that USC has basically been an underachiever for 40 years, outside of the Carroll years. Whenever I come in here, people are talking about these expectations of USC in a National Championship game and it’s happened 3 times in 40 years. What kind of rational person starts every year with that expectation after seeing that track record?


      1. Clay that is my point with regard to the listing I made of all those past legacy programs and the dearth for many since they last achieved prominence – the year I listed was their last NC

        NE, PA St., Miami, Notre Dame, FL St., no different than USC. They all have ‘average’ coaches – USC doesn’t even have that. Helton is plain awful by any standard of assessment.

        Here’s to Dec. 2020 – with Helton shown the door he so richly deserves and a chance to find someone who knows how to – recruit, delegate, train and lead.


      2. Hey Clay USC Football greatness didn’t start with Pete Carroll,
        We have 131 years of Football history.
        National Championships in All Decades prior to Carroll.


      3. I don’t want to tear anything down. If you have imagined USC being in the hunt for a football Natty consistently in the last 40 years, I won’t try to disabuse you further.


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