Did USC Recruit The No. 1 QB In Nation?

Here’s an interview with D.J. Uiagalelei  of St. John Bosco, the nation’s No. 1-ranked QB, where he says USC didn’t recruit him too hard.

“I always grew up a USC fan. My whole family was USC fans. My grandma used to go to every USC fan. My favorite player is Reggie Bush. That’s why I wear No. 5. (USC) just didn’t really recruit me the way a lot of the other schools (were).”

I’m sure some apologist will mention Kedon Slovis and how USC doesn’t need Uiagalelei. But in the interview he says USC offered him in eighth grade and then sort of ignored him. Another bang-up recruiting job.


16 thoughts on “Did USC Recruit The No. 1 QB In Nation?

  1. This isn’t a new story. Elias Ricks was a coveted recruit in California but his mother, a USC grad, told me he wasn’t contacted by USC coaches. We have a team of amateurs hired by amateurs and directed by amateurs in the Athletic Department. Until someone fixes this it will not change.

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      1. Amen, brother. This is indeed intentional. No change coming. We all were snookered. Perhaps Bohn was snookered as well.

        Thanks to Rick Caruso and his BOT buddies.

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  2. Clay Travis, on his way out of LA this morning and back home to Nashville spent the last 30 minutes 570 AM (5:30 – 6:00 am) this morning ripping USC and in particular ‘….who would have ever thought a program with the legacy they have had in putting players into the NFL would fall to 77th in ranking? It defies logic until you understand what the coaching staff is there…”

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  3. My head coach.,The Great John Mckay,
    Would be very very pissed off at the Current
    Second rate state of USC Football.
    Very disappointing and embarrassing
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1969 CoCaptain Wild Bunvh

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  4. If I were Clay Helton, I would shut the “F” up . I saw an article in the LA Times where he was quoted as saying “Recruiting Ranks don’t matter, he just wanted to fill some needs“ 😂 Is he really that delusional , along with being a Dumb Ass ?

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    1. Try filling some needs with the best linemen out there, the ones who are rated the highest because they show the most potential. (And the line “we just wanted to fill some needs” just goes to prove he thinks he doesn’t need to recruit the top QB recruit in the country–who could be a slam dunk for USC–because he already has the end-all-be-all QB for all-time, Mr. JT Daniels! I’m disgusted.

      I get that the team ranking was going to be low due to the low numbers, but the average stars was only a 3.0. That’s mediocre. What a clown.


  5. This isn’t something to get too worked up about. Remember we had a commitment from Bryce Young, so going hard after DJ wouldn’t have made sense. The thing we can all get upset about is just the fact we don’t have our own kids (so cal) caring to play for us any longer. That and about 10,000 other football coaching reasons.

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  6. Flow:

    “My grandma used to go to every USC fan.”

    You are beyond a dumbass. Especially being so far outside USC. Hopefully your internet connection in your mom’s basement continues to work.


  7. In 2020 USC must have Graham Harrell Call all the Play calling USC must have more physical Tackling PRACTICES rotate different football players in and out having USC being more and more READY for every football game so Injuries Do Not Pile up with all the Coaching Problems and He’ll tons BUYOUT of $20 Million USC Still Has The TALENT to WIN the PAC 12 the pac 12 is a weak division for get about the college playoffs for 2020 because Claydohellton thinks with his Head up his A ooo Mike bohn must FIRE Claydohellton in 2020 USC can have a TOP 5 recruiting class in 2021 with getting a TOP Level Coach like urban meyer…or BUYOUT Pete Carroll

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  8. Although this is odd… I’m done with the top qb in the country nonsense…

    Barkley / Browne / Daniels … enough on those … stiffs ..

    Give me a guy that can play..


  9. Although this is odd… I’m done with the top qb in the country nonsense…

    Barkley / Browne / Daniels … enough on those … stiffs ..

    Give me a guy that can play..


  10. Complete and total disgrace. Helton probably thought, “I don’t need him, I have JT Daniels.” What a joke. Fire this clown and take Folt-Bohn with him.


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