USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Only One Reason Mike Bohn Under Siege

First, here’s my take on USC’s recruiting class for the Sporting News.

Excerpt: USC fans who were furious that Clay Helton kept his job were irate again on Wednesday, especially when athletic director Mike Bohn not only promised recruiting would improve “dramatically,” but also said it was going better than people wanted to admit.

Now, maybe here is a reason Bohn is in hiding.

A USC administrator told me a package containing human feces was delivered to Bohn last week at Heritage Hall.

That’s in addition to a funeral wreath, angry letters, emails and phone calls. Bohn is under siege.

37 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Only One Reason Mike Bohn Under Siege

  1. ALL THIS SHII IS ABOUT MONEY. USC NEEDED TO PAY $20 MILLION TO BUYOUT HE’LL TON WHICH LYNN SWANNandlopes gave he’ll ton a mentally insane contract…is PAthetic KNOW LYNN swan Quits andk know this Shii is left for mike bohn to take over Needing USC to Spend $20 MILLION TO BUYOUT HE’LL ton which they NEVER were going to Doo The PAthetic part is the MEDIAandespn Saying He’ll ton is going to be FIRED which Screwed over USC football Recruiting….USC still has the TALENT to Win the Pac 12 going in to 2021 He’ll ton Must be FIRED USC recruiting class is in the top 10 rankings in2021 with another year to go having a 5 star quarterback committed USC must Fire HE’LL ton in 2020


    1. …but SC has given a long-term, high pay, deal to Graham Harrell, that might also have to be bought out if a new head coach is brought in. It was probably the only way to retain Harrell (because Helton could not call plays effectively and never did learn how to adjust in the second half of games or how to manage time outs. For that ineptitude he was awarded a fat contract for his huggy-bear social work). At least I give Tim Drevno credit for trying to re-build the OL which will take some time as the players develop (2 to 3 years). I like the OL players they are bringing in. What is incredible is that high ranked high school players in the skill positions have stopped coming to SC (and not only SC but all California schools) and are going out of state to find competitive football programs. Unfortunately SC’s new feminist regime got rid of the competitive business school dean. What is going on at SC is a reflection of what is happening in the entire state with higher education.

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      1. Congrats to Wayne for being the first person astute enough to see that recruiting is down in ALL California schools [and it’s up for Washington, Oregon and Arizona]. We’ve all been so upset over what’s going on at USC that we neglected to look at the bigger picture — the best athletes want out of what USED to be the most desirable and attractive landing spot in the country. The problem is a lot bigger than Helton (although, let’s face it, he’s the embodiment of everything that’s wrong statewide) —recruiters are now actually, affirmatively and explicitly offering California athletes a chance to play football at universities that aren’t devoting themselves 24/7 to Mission Statements filled with empty, insincere words which shortchange their own students and student athletes. USC’s refusal to consider Urban Meyer —a man more decent and focused than anyone on their Board —tells you everything you need to know about what a bunch of phonies and hypocrites presently run USC…..

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      2. Astute observations, WL and MG.
        I left CA 30 years ago, but continued to humbly champion USC’s and CA’s “brilliance” for quite some time to my non-CA friends–both the CFB fans and the non-sport, politically active people. I regularly caught shite from these “jealous” non-Californians.* Your statements mimic exactly the narrative my smart (non-CA) friends put forward.

        I guess I’ll have to add overall political dysfunction and generalized malaise/softness to the ever growing list of indictments for West Coast life and sports. (Still, we’re not selling the beach cottage).

        *They gave it a rest during PC’s years. Ha.

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      3. The “feminist” regime that you talk about is the only thing they got right at SC. This is similar to integration.


      4. 22:
        I’ve been “promoting” the academic superiority of USC (and I include our bretheran at UCLA, UC Berkely, Stanford, UW, and even UC Boulder) as a recruiting advantage to the student-athlete–including CFB.

        When one looks at ESPN’s glamorous conferences–the ACC and SEC–one finds few reputable academic Universities among those 28 schools (Wake, Vandy, Duke?). ESPN’s focus on glamorizing schools which offer
        marginal education to students and student-athletes does no favor to this sport we love.

        Granted, few 5 star HS FB players care about the education which they will (or will not) receive, but perhaps bringing up academic performance and post-graduate success might prove fruitful in the longer term?


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      5. I include the Princess and many B1G (former big 10) schools in this listing of College sports powers offering a top-flight education.

        Help me out, Cal75


      6. Arturo —Just to be clear, I’m not declaring myself to be opposed to women’s rights when I say USC is a mess. What I am saying is that once USC (in the person of Haden —but it actually went much deeper) told the NCAA “we’ve sinned so badly we won’t even think about taking our case outside your corrupt system” —USC officially became Patsy Central. What’s followed has been a bewildering, unbroken string of cowardly decisions that compromise our athletes.
        Here’s a question for you, my friend: Did Helton vote Alabama 13th in the country BEFORE or AFTER he was retained? If it was before, then it was just a typically cowardly act —meant to ding the coach who made him into a laughing stock on national television. But…if it was after —he’s got to be the dumbest fuck in the history of football.


      7. MG-
        You are probably talking about things that I fail to see the negativity in and have more insight than I could ever dream of presenting. Just for the record, I , without any knowledge of what is going on behind any closed door meeting- including agreements, directives etc- think that Carol Folt has made a huge, grave error in retaining Helton ( I think Bohn is a figurehead) and, in that, I have been critical of her. I don’t agree with attacking her personally (she’s a woman, from NC who graduated from a UC school) and am not sure that is what you were indeed doing. I am responding to the statement the new feminist regime that has turned the university upside down. The regime may have done so, but is it because it is a feminist regime? I applaud any institution that challenges its’ own status quo in an effort to be more inclusive of people that may have not been so previously. This is probably more complicated than I make it out to be and, when it comes to understanding something that is more complex than I think it is, will leave that to minds that are more capable such as your own.



  2. How can Bohn have missed this? Did Folt and Bohn not understand the backlash? How the hell can you love a program and stand there ignoring all the hate like Helton does? Maybe it’s in “God’s Grace” in Helton’s mind? No normal person could stand there spouting data that is completely false.

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    1. The Social Justice Warriors Carol Folt, Rick Caruso and Bohn-head are achieving their goal of de-emphasizing patriarchal, colonialist, racist, sexist USC football. They fully expect the backlash and they don’t care. They get paid six figures to take the flak. Then they will move on and laugh at us, just like Folt did at UNC after she removed a memorial to UNC students who died in the Civil War. You could see this one coming a mile away. This is what Folt does.

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      1. gotroy22 –

        I agree. If you think logically, it’s ridiculous to go round and round complaining about how incompetent SC is. This is all being done by design.

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      2. gt — I agree with the part about who Folt is —she’s a person who’s willing to take the money and run. There are many folks like that in administrative positions these days — and, although they aren’t dangerous individually — together, they drag us all down.
        If Folt possessed the courage her title demands this whole Athletic Director and Head Coach search thing would have turned out SO differently.
        PJM (who can be so smart when he wants to) put it best: This fiasco isn’t the product of a bunch of dumb people making light headed decisions — it’s been carefully crafted by those who say one thing and mean the opposite….

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  3. This is not the University my parents went to. Silly as it seems the choice of Los Angeles schools hinged on the football team winning. The only difference between her choice and mine was the band. I didn’t want to go to an East coast wannabe, I wanted to go somewhere where the band stood out. Although I never was admitted to the school (grades etc) I did get to get on the field with the band.
    Now my public university kids have never attended a game of any sport at their school and look at their education as a means to an end, not a rite of passage.
    My problem is by devaluating the school’s unique sports department by signaling its surrender to mediocrity, the administration has taken the school down to the level of some correspondence schools. It won’t be long before you see USC advertised on matchbook covers and bus behinds.

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      1. Actually, we’re not 12th in terms of the quality of our recruits, pt. We’re in the top half (ahead of Utah, Washington State, Arizona, Cal, Colorado and roughly tied with UCLA). But THAT is bad enough….

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      2. Pac 12 — We’re in the middle of the pack in terms of “player averages.” But you’re right —we have very little to brag about. We’re located in southern California (a place described by Urban Meyer ONE week ago as the place he’d MOST like to recruit from) —and we can’t get 5 and 4 stars to come to our school.
        The worst part about this mess is how easily it could have been remedied if Folt and Bohn had shown some guts.

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  4. Carouso is nothing but a freaking stooge. I was told that the Americana Mall in Glendale has to stay open until 11:00 P.M. On Tuesday December 24th, 2019, which is Christmas Eve. he is the owner of the mall. If I am a shop owner, I would shut down and tell him to stick it. The guy is a freaking control freak and he wants to run for mayor/governor. Guy is a douche bag.

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    1. Pasadena, Amen brother. The buck stops with the BOT, and Caruso is chair of the BOT. He has to go, but he is a smart guy who has insulated himself and his BOT buddies by first hiring Wanda Austin, then going along with her firing Jim Ellis (who still has never seen the case against him), and then hiring Folt. It is unbelievable what he has done to the university, and yet no one seems to think that the BOT is responsible for any of this.

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  5. When Stalin came to power he did away with most other leaders…..killing off most army officers…….and then moved on to telling the people how good they had it……while they starved.
    Our business Dean is just the start. Our recruiting is the start of the fake news.
    Have a good day…..comrades.

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      1. Can’t we just leave politics out of this, PT? You have a ton of insight and your expertise is apparent, so please can we just lay off the politics?




  6. We recruited where we needed to, not merely to boost our rating. Anyone who knows anything about football sees the value in that. As another poster noted a couple of weeks ago, we had only 15 scholarships to offer! We signed 11, 9 of whom were linemen.

    “This week when your favorite team announces its signing class, or when you hear about the four- or five-star recruit that your school did or did not get, remember this number: 2.4.

    That is the average star ranking of the 15 offensive linemen voted to the Pro Bowl last year who were evaluated in the era of the recruiting star system. None of them were ranked as five-star prospects; four were four-star guys. — Bruce Feldman

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  7. C’mon… Coach Clay, Coach Bohnhead, Coach Foldo, and the BoTs, have this covered….All we are saying, is give Helton another chance, and another chance, and another chance, til someone bites the dust! hahahahahaa! I crack myself up… 12th ranked recruiting class isn’t that bad… what? What’s that? That’s 12th in the PAC 12? NO WAY!…
    Oh well…. I probably won’t watch the Mojave Bowl, or Escondido Bowl, or whatever faux Bowl SCs in…


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