Clay Helton Doesn’t Care About Perceptions

Clay Helton was asked today about Mike Bohn saying recruiting was going better than people wanted to admit.

“At the end of the day I’m not about perception, I’m about wins,” Helton said.

I hadn’t noticed. He’s won only 13 games the past two seasons.

23 thoughts on “Clay Helton Doesn’t Care About Perceptions

      1. Great song. A band called Snotty Scotty and the Hankies played that all the time around the Pasadena area. But, why would you compare a great song to Helton? He is not great.


      1. Just Puke,

        In your former life you were the pervert that would sit in the porno theaters with your long trench coat on going commando. Go back to your hole where you came from.

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    1. Huge comments from a lot of publications on the demise of USC recruiting thanks to Helton and Bohnhead. Poor Bohn, I bet he wishes he was back in that backwater town in Cincinnati freezing his ass off. What a sorry POS.

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      1. And after Haden and Swann, Bohn was supposed to be the professional AD who knew what he was doing.



  1. I am not really upset at the guys we brought in, we needed lineman. But I am certainly upset about all of the guys we whiffed on in our own back yard. I read a theory that Clay and assistants may have quit or barely had an effort in recruiting in anticipation of being let go. Not sure if it is true, but it certainly would make some sense. No real way to explain our complete failure.


    1. ALL THE real coaches go into the homes and point out sc practices are devoid of any real football…no sc players taken in top rounds for nfl …no top players want sc now..with hellton as coach…you finish last in recruiting with a coach who refuses to coach real football…the word gets out.
      this yr sc had more 4-5 star players than all pac12 put together, more than Clemson,about 50 some & will be back , some will leave while there is still time to be coached by a real coach.


  2. So nice to see the influence Caroll Folt has with our recruits. I wonder if she realizes that she has egg all over her face after being punked by a high school kid. The only consolation, he’s really a big fish in a small pond, lots of talent, but no real football experience.


  3. Right now is why schools cut coaches loose in big time programs. What we’re witnessing is fairly new in that a big time program ignored their base and stayed the course. It’s only going to get worse with every mistake Helton or Bohn makes. Everything is under a microscope. Every failure will be tied back to Bohn, and not fairly– that’s the perception now. It’s going to be an ugly season. I would not wish this on anyone — Helton included.

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    1. They brought it on themselves. Bohn, may be just another lackey, I say may because I do not know. But, this I do know. Someone or ones have very bad judgement. Anyone who would retain the preacher must be a deficient decision maker.


  4. At least someone is calling it as it is.
    Helton can go 5-7 and called it a ok season
    Bohn agrees
    With the talent leaving no good coach will want to come to USC
    Urban Myer dream on

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    1. I used the song because just replace the lyrics on the ‘bridge’

      ‘Cut and run…I cut and run….1st I cut….and then I run…my name is ‘Clay’…my last name ….’Heltonska’…1st I cut and then…..I run!”

      Come to think of it – it is a far better fiit for ‘the peckerwood’


  5. The most striking thing is that Helton is giving UCLA a great opportunity to own LA/So Cal Recruiting and they aren’t capable of taking advantage of it like Oregon is


  6. This is when dishonest people really expose themselves. The truth is there for any sane person to see.
    sc finished dead last in the final pac12 recruit rankings and in the low 70’s or high 80’s on total rankings. I don’t not ever recall ,in my 65+ yrs of (8yrs old then) sc ever being this low,maybe ’57 was , but not in the last 5 decades .
    Nobody from the rivals 250 or espn 300…NOBODY. SO WATCH THE LIES about the class meets sc needs,and how happy they are AD on down….
    Nobody of any talent level wanted by the top 25 programs wanted sc.
    Nobody on any sites that do constant sc reporting will call it like it is..EXCEPT WOLF.


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