USC Signing Day Podcast Time!

It’s time to talk about Signing Day and many other USC matters.

15 thoughts on “USC Signing Day Podcast Time!

    1. You all see what Pudly76 is about? He’s still computer hacking my name. Do you want your name hacked? He has no honor…..he knows his own handle, Pudly76, is properly accused, so he poses in a cowardly fashion…sorry for the inconvenience etc…that’s who this person is…dishonorable…


      1. Meet me in Weehawken with your seconds, Pudly!!! For the last time, I command you out from your den of iniquity and face me!!! You will not go unpunished!!!!!


      1. Hey Link, thinking for others is never your strong suit, just yourself… I will fight, that’s a matter of public record….


    1. You mean like you did on OJ’s victims, Pudly76 and ‘67..,..posting in God’s name requires a boatload of prayers…years in the making…


      1. Stephen,

        Actually it does not take many years to prepare to pray. It takes seconds. all you have to do is prepare your heart to ask for forgivness and ask your prayer in God’s name.


  1. Also0, his problem is not just about recruiting, it is about coaching!Why do we need to talk about recruits?. The preacher{Helton} will just ruin their careers. His problem is weak coaching, recruits will not help him.


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