USC Recruiting Is Fine, Just Ask Clay Helton

Here is the money quote from Clay Helton today: “It’s not going to be the national ranking because you just don’t have the numbers, but it does fill the needs. And I’m more worried, again, about wins than I am about winning today. I’m more worried about winning on Saturday.”

He doesn’t have the numbers? The average star ranking is about eighth-best in the Pac-12, so he’s wrong there.

He is more worried about winning? Since when? USC is 13-11 the past two seasons.

14 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Is Fine, Just Ask Clay Helton

  1. Losing Flowe is huge. Troy Polamalu was the guy Flowe patterned himself after while growing up, and SC was by far the school his family wanted him to go to, not Oregon.

    Might say a lot about how Flowe perceives Pendergast and his assistant coaches.

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      1. Hey ‘67 and Guarino! You ever glorify OJ again, in any way, you will lose more than you understand. Laugh at that? Disrespect that? Don’t think so? Test Him on that….


    1. This loss might be attributable to the early signing period. Imagine if Flowe had a decision to make on the first Wednesday of February instead of today. USC most likely would have a new DC instead of Pendergast.

      A new DC in February and more time to think could have swayed Flowe’s decision towards USC.



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  2. You have all disrespected me! I will smite you all! Repent before me you sons of bitches!!! None of you are holy like me. Now kiss my holier than thou a$$!!!!


      1. I will destroy you Pudly!!! You and your devil-worshipping friends, Michael Guarino, Trojan1967 and pasadenatrojan, will burn! Get out in the name of stphnmcghghy! Out out damn spot!


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