Mike Bohn Is Alive

USC had the nerve to send out a video to buy Holiday Bowl tickets in the midst of the worst Signing Day ever.

The comments on the video are disabled and it looks like the video is locked. Here is the link.

35 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Is Alive

    1. Pudly won’t apologize to me. He has sullied my good name. I am God’s messenger. Pudly is Satan’s lover. I will emerge victorious in our battle of the Bible. He must repent!

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      1. Unlike Pudly, I need to make multiple consecutive comments rather than just 1. My faith in God is greater than his. I possess the truth and God loves me more than he loves Pudly.


      2. Pudly, you have earned the wrath of our Lord and Savior by questioning me. He communicates directly with me and tells me that you need to fear him. You are the cause of all evil in this world. Only I can forgive you now and set you on a path of virtue (as defined solely by me).


      3. In a post below, you say God loves you more than Pudly. As a Christian myself, God loves each and everyone with all of his heart. That is equality in my book.

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      4. Hey Loyola and ‘67!!! That’s not me saying that! Act like you know something! That’s Pudley imitating me! So, stop your foolishness and act like you know the real thing! Loyola? USC? Really? Pudley is your problem, not me…Get it? Evidently not!

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      5. Any who perpetuate Pudley’s fraudulent representations of me, will be held accountable, supernaturally…ready to risk it? Silence! Stay out of it! Understand? You should immediately because I am in prayer over it as we speak, and I don’t always play nice in prayer…it’s His will now…. but, my petitions are vast and eternal!


      6. The Bible teaches love and Jesus showed compassion and reserved judgement for the most extreme of circumstances. “Let he who is without sun, cast the first stone.” You have a passion for the Bible which is admirable. I just don’t sense any sort of love for your enemy (Pudly) which is what our Lord preached.


      7. Stephen,
        Not sure if you are a Christian, you quote scripture but I haven’t read if you believe in Christ crucified for your sin. If so, pray for your enemies- Matthew 5, forgive seventy times seven Matthew 18, love your enemy- luke 6. Remember you and I do not have any righteousness without Christ, and we were both enemies of God prior to Christ – Colossians 1 and Romans 5.

        I don’t think it’s OK to post in your name, but it’s certainly not anything the rest of us take seriously. We know it’s not you and just a troll. Also, we who are Christians and participants on this blog know nothing in regard to USC football has eternal consequence. It’s OK to disagree without getting all worked up. A little encouragement, if this blog gets you to the point of anger and causes you to pray against your enemy and not for them, stop coming on here for a bit or ignore the trolls. We know, no baseball pic = no real Stephen.


      8. Hey Chris…. stop with definitions of what matters, because all things under the sun, are His business…you’ve mocked me before, openly, so, you’re no friend. Do you not understand this? Stop 🛑 go away… you’re no authority on what matters to Him or me. If you don’t oppose evil, you impose it, even passively. You sit in the cheap seats, unwise and cowardly…do you think cowards make Heaven? Do you? You may find it here, which lays prostrate anything you stand for, and have written against me… Revelation 21:8…”But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”


      9. As for me and mine, we build our house on the rock. That means Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Questioning my belief in Christ, after I’ve made it abundantly clear, is disrespectful, to yourself and your ideas on life here on earth….you’re not welcome in my house, due to your own actions. Your arrogance is shameful….flee from me…I know you don’t get it, but, you will one day, one way or another…


      10. ok. I don’t agree with your thought, but I don’t want any further back and forth. For mocking you and for anything I’ve written that has offended you I apologize.


      11. My assignment is not up for your agreement….I present, that’s my part, because I understand a fraction of what’s ahead, and it’s not pretty. Whom shall He send? You, who is unwilling? You’re not as connected as you think you are…you’re not safe…and, if you’re not safe, chances are those around you aren’t. Maybe, we’ll meet on better terms in Heaven. That’s my purpose…


      12. Rest assured, I’m not the best of us. I have issues/sins to deal with daily……nevertheless, He comes, I bow….


  1. I just feel badly for the players. This is all out of their control. I’d personally love to hear Carusso’s explanation of what’s transpired over the last month. Flow? Special interview? Maybe Chaz Bucket has some pull with this one?

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    1. Likewise, ’04. Feed badly for the players, and there are a bunch of really good young fellas on this team who are totally committed to SC.

      Here is an example: How Markese Stepp, when he was 18 years old, responded to a jackass ND fan who called him every name in the book on twitter after Stepp signed with SC.

      Classy young guy who will go far in life:



  2. USC is making national headlines. Some are “Rome is Burnt” and “USC and Temple Fight It out For 76Th place”. Another reporter think Helton and staff did not even recruit this year because they felt it was pointless. The latter is true and I don’t think Bohn knows how badly that will hurt years from now. It would be like Apple or Micorsoft not speaking to any client for a year.

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