USC Recruiting Called Out By One Of Biggest Supporters

I never thought I would see the day someone as politically correct regarding USC as Matt Leinart would call out the atrocious recruiting class.

26 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Called Out By One Of Biggest Supporters

  1. Call 213 740-4154 to leave a message for Mike bone letting him know how disappointed you are in him and the administration. I just called and left a message with his secretary. I asked his secretary to take me off the mailing list for donations.


    1. I told all of you folks for the last two years that this recruiting day would come. And to those Trojan Fans that thought Helton and Staff was really doing a great Job, and that the Hiring of a second rate President from North Carolina and her hiring a Third Rate Athletic Director from Cincinnati would solve USC’s problems,
      Well guess what?
      It didn’t!! It’s gotten worse!!
      Bigtime!! Maybe if SC gets hammered by Iowa in this upcoming meaningless Bowl game, will someone in authority will do the RIGHT THING and fire Helton and Bohn so we can start over from the bottom and hire A quality AD and HC. My choice for the last Two years has been Urban Meyer.. Do you think if he was our new HC we would be 11thin the PAC12 and 80th Nationally in recruiting?
      I think not!!
      A very.telling and sad day for USC Football.
      Bob Jensen #51 LB
      1966-70 1969 Team CoCaptain
      1970 Rose Bowl CoCaptain

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      1. Mr. Jensen:

        I’ve relayed to you previously that I was a walk-on FB player as an undergrad, and then went on to USC Med School. I know a little about FB and a ton about illness and its costs.

        I estimate that there are just a bit over 1000 living former USC FB players.
        These guys sacrificed their bodies–cervical spine, low back, knees/shoulders/wrists/hands/ankles because they believed in Trojan FB.
        The cost of the education received does not cover the chronic medical care for the ORTHOPAEDIC injuries alone.

        We now know that these Student-athletes also sacrificed some of their brain power, with all of us likely suffering some CTE. (I cringed this month when I read the report of young–31 year old–Kevin Ellison’s brain autopsy showing advanced CTE). The cost of CTE long term is unknowable.

        Perhaps it is time that these 1200 or so men who have brought glory every Saturday to USC step up in unison and educate the Board of Trustees, the President, and the AD about what it means to be a Trojan FB player? You know where to find me.
        Frank Mayer, MD
        1982,83 tackling dummy and scout teamer
        1988 MD LAC/USC Med

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  2. Pudly, I may not have many vowels in my name but my religion demands I smite you! Present yourself to me and prepared to be smote.


    1. I shall smite those who offend me. Bible says Pudly walks with the Devil and he shall sleep with the Devil. Leviticus 7! You have offended me Pudly! You injure my reputation and I shall seek Satan upon you. You horned animal. You have tasted the forbidden fruits of my loins and for that ye shall be poisoned 1000 deaths. And to that, I shall relish the slow destruction of your soil into ash! Repent Pudly!!!! I command thee to Repent!!!


      1. Repent Pudly!!! I have an overly literalist interpretation of the Bible and use a sports blog of highly questionable worth to yammer on about how God loves me more than you because I mistakenly believe I know the truth and sit on the right hand of God. You are probably in the 3rd or 4th row of pews with Michael Guarino. You 2 giggle and laugh at me and give me wedgies at lunchtime. But God loves me more than he loves you. You can’t join my cult! Take that Pudly


  3. When SC wakes up and hires a competent coach without any strings tied to him that are being controlled Folt and Bohn, will be the day SC will resurrect itself. Until that time, SC is a name in the past that meant something. This new SC means just as much as UC Davis means to me, not much.


  4. why are people blaming Bohn? this is all rick caruso. Folt is a mere puppet of Caruso. i think bohn is trying to find a way out of this mess, maybe a new job.


  5. Strike 1: Retaining Helton.
    Strike 2: Recruiting whiffs.
    Strike 3: Potential loss to Iowa.
    (Helton fired? And USC really looks like a “Clown University” all over again?)
    Is there a strike 4 in baseball?
    Strike 4: Potential loss to Alabama.
    (No way Helton survives all that, right?)


    1. 04 “Potential Loss” to Alabama? Do you really think this clown Gomer can actually stay within 5 tds of Saban and Alabama? He got boatraced today by placing number 12 in conference recruiting, will probably lose to a less talented but disciplined Iowa team and then get his head kicked in by Bama. Did he not vote Alabama number 13 in the rankings? This sorry ass admin decided to retain this clown and now has to pay the consequences.

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      1. I only like to to say “potential” simply because the game hasn’t happened yet. Do I realize the likelihood of us getting smoked by Bama all over again? Hell yes I do.


  6. 04 now imagine how different our outlook on the bowl and next season vs Bama would be had they actually fired Helton and hired a coach that brought toughness, culture and discipline that could recruit at a national level? But according to Bohn and Gomer , we put the finishing touches on an outstanding recruiting class. What a joke this has become.


  7. Scott Wolf used to say USC recruits itself.

    With all the Scott W. and whiny fan negativity what do you expect. Look at UCLA with a coach who had a great reputation at one time. Look at Texas with Herman whom Scott wanted at USC. Look at Peterson who scratched at the door of greatness but quit because it wore him out.

    I think the fat boys that we recruited will give our skill player a little more time to do their thing.

    Cant wait to see the Air Raid with some great running backs next year.


    1. The 2020 season is already pre-ordained– an 8-4 or 9-3 result is the best which may be expected with the present HC, DC, ST coach. While I am an eternal optimist, I struggle to see a 10-2 in 2020, though if the defense improves, 10-2 is feasible (with UW rebuilding and Stanford status uncertain).

      Given now two devastatingly poor recruiting seasons in a row, 2021 and 2022 are going to be the seasons where USC suffers. Unless HC CH already has a real defensive genius ready to sign the contract Jan 1, 2020, this is all pre-ordained for the future.

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  8. With all the scandals and incompetent AD I think with Folt the emphasis will be on athletes of strong character, grades and being a team player.

    The reputation of the school as a great learning institution is the overall objective. Thats where the real money is as you can see that parents were willing to commit fraud to get their kids in the school.

    USC has been smeared heavily with Pete Carroll infractions and the mess that has continued.

    The players on this team are exciting to watch. I never watch boring Bama beat on Podunk U to build their record and points up.


  9. I hate this feeling of missing a sure thing with these local kids. It is frustrating to know the outcome of games before they are started. Almost nobody believes USC has improved over the time Helton has been the person in charge. (Can’t use the word coach, because he’s not a true coach).
    Everyone knows repeatedly doing the same things over and again is a sign of insanity. Keeping Helton is as insane as they get. I have watched the crowds dwindling at the Rose Bowl silently laughing to myself that Ucla did it to themselves. Now USC seems duty bound to follow suit. Lousy coaches don’t move the fan base to buy tickets. I wouldn’t be surprised if USC and Ucla join forces at the coliseum once again just to cover expenses.

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