Justin Flowe Commits to Oregon

Justin Flowe, the top-rated player in California, just announced he committed to Oregon.

“I feel like I will thrive in that program,” Flowe said.

So Flowe wasn’t one of Mike Bohn’s silent commitments. And Bohn said USC’s recruiting class would improve dramatically. Carol Folt sucking up to Flowe on Sunday did not work either.

USC’s recruiting class is currently ranked No. 72 by Rivals.

28 thoughts on “Justin Flowe Commits to Oregon

      1. Exactly. Had they hired Meyer Flowe and a bunch of other top players would be Trojans and Meyer would have told the 3 stars to look somewhere else. USC football is beyond dead. The destruction of the program couldn’t have been done any more efficient had it been done on purpose…hmm

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  1. Someone posted video of this kid on the blog earlier in the year and I said he looked like a young Lawrence Taylor.

    If Oregon is coming to take what you’ve had, letting them smack you up in front of your home crowd isn’t a good look. If I remember correctly, bad special teams is what started the snowball rolling in that game. In addition to the uniforms and the exciting brand of football, Oregon also appears to have better recruiters on their staff than we do. Time to face the strange changes.

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  2. wolfman, following your blog now for 30-35 yrs….i’ve seen you dish out some whooop-asss on the troxans over the years, but DUDE, this year you are officially OFF THE CHAIN!!!!

    you’re like a one-man SC WRECKING BALL!!!!

    no WONDER Bone is hiding under his desk at HH, gently rocking in fetal position.


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  3. Pudly has offended me. I challenge him to a duel in Weehawken. I shant choose a second until he selects the rascal, Michael Guarino! My pride and good name shall not be further dragged through the mire! I demandeth respecteth!

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    1. My good name has been tarred! I will not stand idle while my quarry roams free to insult others. I demand a dual with the Dastardly Pudly!!! Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!


    2. I can’t complete a thought in 1 post. Pudly must be held accountable! He and Michael Guarino are the axis of evil. Held accountable for their crimes they will!!!!


  4. He went to play with Organ because organ Won the Pac 12 also organ all those Uniforms that they Need Desperately and USC has Gomer


  5. It’s not just the football that has been wrecked for a decade now, it’s the university. UCLA won by SC turning more UCLA than UCLA… In a way fb success may have made us ignore what was going on.


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