USC To Announce New A.D. Thursday Morning

USC president Carol Folt will introduce its new athletic director — Mike Bohn — Thursday morning at 10 a.m.

As I said this morning, USC officials expected Bohn to “come around” after he had second thoughts.

Now the question: Is this any way Bohn could convince Folt to hire Urban Meyer? Folt doesn’t want Meyer but Bohn’s stock will never be higher than now so he might want to try.


54 thoughts on “USC To Announce New A.D. Thursday Morning

    1. Uncle Rico,
      (1) I think Scott handled the little situation he created a lot better than Biden’s doing and (2) consider all the fun we had all week getting riled up about Folt losing her A. D…..

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      1. It was just a light reference, Arturo —- like the earlier ones about “The Bridge Over The River Kwai”, Tarantino and Barbarians At The Gate…..

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    1. Riddle me this – do you think there may be a reason why one of the most successful coaches of modern time, who’s only 55 years old is now working in sports television?

      Seriously, there are 130 D1 head football coach jobs and he’s not currently employed by any of the 130 schools. What’s up with that?


      1. What? He’s never been fired, including at his last job. What coach can say that? He’s had well known health and stress issues, leaving at the top of his game, after championships. He’s been offered every conceivable position, and left while he had years on his contract and offers to up the money.

        He’s carefully chosen to work at places he has a clear path to national championship after he left Utah, having an undefeated season that may have merited a championship. Unless its USC, Notre Dame (with an asterisks, because it’s impossible to win an NC at ND without being undefeated), or a deep pocketed glamour franchise in the NFL (like the Dallas Cowboys), there’s no other job that really would make sense for him.

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      2. That defies all logic when you break down Urban and the schools he’d actually coach at. He’s not the bad guy everyone makes him out to be, He lost some control at Florida with the success. I’m guessing he’s learned a lot.

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      1. btw, Owns, how do things work out for those two nice cabaret performers? Happy ending at the fade out?

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  1. It’s gonna be interesting . . . We’ll learn a lot about Bohn very quickly. Will he fire Helton? When? Can he attract top tier coaching candidates to USC? How long before he “cleans house” in the athletic department? etc.

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  2. Since you apparently can’t reply to a reply from Global Clownshow :
    Football coach Urban Meyer was placed on administrative leave Wednesday by Ohio State, a stunning twist to his wildly successful tenure amid allegations he was aware of multiple instances of domestic abuse involving one of his former assistant coaches.Aug 1, 2018

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  3. When I hear many elsewhere state USC is foolish to pass on his hire –
    Question now is – whereto thou goest Urban Meyer? He so wanted the USC job as it was the platform to do what no one has ever done – win three NC in the post-1998 era at three different schools. Right now, aside from USC what other schools are there? Can’t return to OH St.. There’s: Notre Dame, MI, TX, Miami-Fl, FL St., NE,

    Only a handful of schools are capable for him in, what I believe, is the very tight time frame he believes he has and now that ‘site’, unless USC changes its’ mind is gone. because of that list only Notre Dame is a ‘fit’ – the others have fairly young coaches.
    It is obvious THIS is/was the perfect slot….he just happened to arrive on the heels of a series of scandals – quite a few tied directly to the athletic dept. and a new president determined to be much tougher than she was previously specific to perception.

    Where does he go?

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      1. Owns – that’s one of the few possibilities, but tell me what you think – I actually had a discussion with someone recently on this (aside from the “the ‘N’ on the helmets stands for Nowledge” and “What’s difference between Corn Flakes and Corn Huskers? One belongs in a bowl” jokes). Nebraska is perhaps THE most unique of the old blue blood programs in that they got there almost entirely without being a true blue blood. Demographics, geography, changes in styles and attitudes…Frost is seeing just what a tiger he has by the tail. I think they give him at least into next year to see if he begins to make satisfactory progress, since many are clinging to him as a life preserver tie back to the golden days of Dr. Tom. So it just doesn’t seem like a place (given the failures of otherwise respected coaches like Riley and Callahan to make a dent in either success or culture) he would, or should, go. Next closest place I can think of is Arkansas.

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  4. I’ll say it again. Lots of silence from Meyer. Unlike Stoops. If things play out like they may, this could be huge. Not only for USC, but for college football overall.

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  5. If Bohn is the hire, first things first. He needs to have a heart to heart with Helton informing him he is gone after the season. Nothing personal…just business.
    Then have the same conversation with Steve Lopes who was asleep at the wheel all through the Singer admissions scandal.

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    1. I really do not care whether Helton finishes strong or not , he is a faker and can put on a show. He needs to go. I have seen enough. He has a habit of trying to pull those chestnuts out of the fire just long enough to give a head fake. Let us face it , he is incompetent. I hope Bohn knows that. Every wayfaring knows it. .


  6. Bohn should insist. Folt in any case will make the final decision. But, if I were Bohn I would not put myself into a failure situation by not having the right to, at least, put forward for consideration whomever he choses at his level of authority. We have always had presidents, prior to, Nikias, who were fans, and most of all USC fans . I hope she is one. It makes a difference. I have been all over the world and all of the places knew about USC because of football. And, were fans. So, USC football is like Notre Dame football. It is a brand. Although we are a good university, also academically, we are not liked by the wolrd becauae of intellectual superiority. It is football . A sensible leader should be aware of that. Our intellectual standing is discoverd through that process. This is a message to president Folt, those remote fans just like a winner. And, the messages I am getting on a daily basis from those remote USC fans is: you need to get rid of Helton. Not kidding. Any USC fan who has traveled may know this. So, Ms. President get with it.Football is a vehice for discovering what a great University we are.

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    1. professur1,
      Conversely, if the world sees a football team that alternates between putting 10 and 12 men on the field, the world thinks “that’s one funny university.”

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  7. With Urban Meyer at the helm of our football program, Larry (Loser) Scott is on notice: NO MORE PARITY…the gigs up with your stupid thinking !

    The rest of the PAC12 is on notice…it’s now USC & the 11 Dwarfs !

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      1. no…we don’t hold all the cards, at this juncture Bohn holds all the cards.
        Most of the top tier AD candidates demurred, Folt and her Point man Caruso found a professional AD and hope to rein him in.

        Bohn was making in excess of $600k at Cincinnati, who among us on these boards could not live a very comfortable or even lavish life style with that kind of income? Of course SC has to sweeten the salary to compensate for the bite Cali is going to take and the almost $4 a gallon gas prices etc. etc.

        He’s not coming because of money…he’s building his resume based on future challenges and successes. Future Conference Presidents come from ADs or Legal ranks. He wants to succeed not only for the school but for him self as well. I don’t feel he’s the type to accept the challenge to only be restricted, hamstrung, intimidated or micro managed by either the President or BOT.

        This is new territory for Caruso though not for Folt. USC for the last 25 years having hired past SC jocks as ADs whom they could manipulate or control, this man is an Athletic Department in a complete package and will require….No, demand autonomy. So, let the new era begin, it’s been far too long in the coming.

        FIGHT ON !!!

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      2. Let me be clear, factor: By “we” I MEAN “Bohn” ….


      3. I really do not care whether Helton finishes strong or not , he is a faker and can put on a show. He needs to go. I have seen enough. He has a habit of trying to pull those chestnuts out of the fire just long enough to give a head fake. Let us face it , he is incompetent. I hope Bohn knows that. Every wayfaring knows it. .


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