USC Athletic Director Press Conference Live Blog

After the press conference, Mike Bohn said it is too soon to make any decision on football. He said he will not be going to the Arizona State game because he has to go back to Cincinnati to say his goodbyes.

Carol Folt said she is not placing limitations on Mike Bohn on who to hire.

On Clay Helton: “Just like any program . . . we expect him to finish strong. It’s important to win. I’m not trying to add more pressure to him or student athletes (but) good programs finish strong.”

Mike Bohn: “We all understand the importance of football.

“It’d be premature to talk about coaches. I’ve just arrived.”

So he didn’t exactly address hiring or firing a coach. As expected.

On Clay Helton: “I’m anxious to meet him.”

On his new job: “Trying to be everything to everybody is formula for failure.”

On being an outside: “I believe I bring in a new perspective.”

“From Day 1, I want to pull everyone together.”

Mike Bohn is very energetic! Full of passion on the podium.

“I am a passionate leader.”

Mike Bohn: “I am immensely passionate and energetic. My intent is to listen, to learn and to lead, in that order.”

Lynn Swann never said!

Naturally, Mike Bohn has a cardinal and gold tie.

Mike Bohn: “I want to be a part of a team that recognizes we want to win.”

Carol Folt says Mike Bohn is “known for his integrity.”

“He is very energetic. He is very focused . . . true to our university’s mission.”

Folt said she wants “winning competitive teams in all of our sports. Doing it with integrity on and off the field. (The) wellness and success of student athletes is at heart of everything that we do.”

We will be blogging the Carol FoltMike Bohn press conference here.

36 thoughts on “USC Athletic Director Press Conference Live Blog

  1. If we get political, cagey, evasive responses to questions about Meyer, it’s only a matter of time before we hire a second rater….

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      1. I don’t understand singling out Meyer by Folt. If she finds him unacceptable, then as many as one third of the people on the standard search list, such as Franklin, may fall into the same category.

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      2. 67, Franklin tried to get a rape victim, of one of his football players, to not file charges against the player, that’s worse then anything Meyer ever did

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    1. Folt said she wants “winning competitive teams in all of our sports. Doing it with integrity on and off the field. (The) wellness and success of student athletes is at heart of everything that we do.”

      Doesn’t that sound like Pat Haden’s “Wining the right way”?

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      1. Yes, gt, it sounds just like Haden. [I would prefer it if the virtue talk took a backseat at USC for the next month]….


  2. Gomer is done, no way this guy tolerates the armature hour that Gomer and his staff bring every game.

    Offer Meyer 9 million for 5 years and see if he takes it, if he does, the rest of the PAC WAC 12 will be playing for invites to the Who Gives A Shit Bowl for 5 years and the recruiting class will go from it’s current ranking of 65th to top 10 by the end of the recruiting year

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    1. THE only thing that will save this year’s class (actually, it might be better to say “resurrect” this year’s class since there’s nothing to “save”) is naming Meyer ASAP. There are other good coaches out there —but the only one who’ll turn a 66th rated class (one digit short of the devil’s number) into a top 5 class AND beat Saban is Meyer….

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    2. So Buddha when Gomer finally gets canned what stupid face are you going to put on your avatar next? Tired of looking at clueless Clays dumb ass with his mouth open.


    3. Budda,

      Myers won’t take $9 million for 5 years. That is $1.8 mil per year. helton is making more than that. I would say $16 mil for 4 years.


  3. Doesn’t sound particularly well-prepared. Keeps harping on “it’s all about student-athlete” even when it’s not an appropriate answer to the question posed.

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    1. He’s been over-prepped by the USC people (to say all magic words and phrases —& not give out one single morsel of “real”)….

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  4. I hope he understands what football is about at USC. Football has brought in billions of dollars to the school. It pays for his paycheck. If he understands that, then he understands to hire the best coach which would include Saban, Oregeron, Myers, etc.

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  5. “Just like any program . . . we expect him to finish strong. It’s important to win. I’m not trying to add more pressure to him or student athletes (but) good programs finish strong.”

    Gomer’s ass just got even tighter than it already was, paging Pudley

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  6. My guess is a lot of well known ADs turned this down first. Its a far cry from Univ of Cincinnati to USC and Bohns tenure at Colorado wasnt all that successful. .

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    1. Lets just hope he’s not a puppet for the bot and company. He gets to hire his guy( Urban Meyer). The next few days will tell what’s really going on who he highers as coach.

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  7. Folt and Bohn need to understand the importance of Trojan Football to the Trojan Family, and much power the Trojan Family wields. Bottom Line: To a large extent, both their jobs hinge on a winning football program. The Trojan Family has lost patience with the garbage on the field and won’t tolerate a dumb-ass protracted rebuilding process. The time is now. To be the best, you need the best on the sideline and on the field. They need to go out and get it done and stop with all the political correct, rah rah rhetoric. Just win baby. . .

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  8. Bohn answered the questions like any new hire would, his ebullient praises of his new family members I.e. Folt, Caruso, BOT etc. ad nasueum.

    When you have hatchet work to do you don’t alert the intended victim.
    Meaning deep discussions regarding a new coach, the questions from Ryan and many others in the interview were sophomoric, how ignorant are they.
    Now we will have to suffer through their incessant prognostications pretending they know what he meant in his answers. Annenberg Fail!!!

    His most important move now is to secure a consensus of his plan, if he achieves that even with Folts disapproval (she may remain neutral) so that she can use her position later to condemn anything that goes sideways with the program….that being Meyer. Smart political move by the way.

    The next is to ferret out the bad apples and terminate them immediately !
    Lopes would be at the top of my list.
    Then using his network to find new members for his team he can trust and will be loyal to him.

    Kissing Helton goodbye is the easiest task he has to look forward to. 20 mins max and it’s over…Next case.

    The hard part is selling Meyer, yes I know everyone thinks he’s chomping at the bit…he is but….only if he gets the level of authority, budget and contract he desires, plus Bohn is going to have to do some appeasing and ass kissing to Meyer to make up for Folt’ ignorance and intransigence assuring him everything is “Kosher in Kamelot”

    When this goes down…I Hope Plaschke chokes on his donuts !

    FIGHT ON !!!

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