Mike Bohn-Carol Folt Press Conference Analysis

There is definitely a new attitude and new leadership at USC.

This was the most important quote from the press conference: “My intent is to listen, to learn and to lead, in that order.”

This is directly opposite the attitude of Lynn Swann, who never tried to learn how to be an athletic director.

“I am immensely passionate and energetic,” Bohn said.
Again, a direct contradiction from Swann’s attitude. Unless he was on a golf course.

So USC can only get better from an athletic director standpoint. And Carol Folt made clear USC benefits from hiring people with outside experience. Also a plus.

Folt said there would be no limitations on who Bohn can hire. I hope this is true because it would go against what she has said privately when she described Urban Meyer as “radioactive” and there was a snag during negotiations regarding Meyer, according to sources.

Bohn also kept the heat on Clay Helton with this comment:

 “Just like any program . . . we expect him to finish strong. It’s important to win. I’m not trying to add more pressure to him or the student athletes (but) good programs finish strong.”

That does add more pressure, actually, which is fine.

Bottom line: I like Bohn’s philosophy and I think he knows what he needs to do to make USC better.

On a non-football note, he needs to be given more money to hire coaches because many of the non-football hires under Lynn Swann have been uninspired.

42 thoughts on “Mike Bohn-Carol Folt Press Conference Analysis

  1. I found nothing wrong with anything he said.

    If he IS allowed to hire his own football coach, I can’t imagine him hiring anyone but Meyer, if he wants to coach again.

    I also hope he cleans out the dead weight crap that inhabits the athletic department, Lopes, Orr, Tesselone etc, fire them all.

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      1. It would not be fun to be on Tessalone’s bad side—he can be a prick. But that is exactly the kind of guy you want protecting your coaches from being eaten alive. Obviously somebody like Tessalone makes plenty of enemies being good at what he does —-but of all the folks presently drawing paychecks at USC, he SHOULD be last to go (although that doesn’t mean anything —since it looks like we’re in for a clean sweep).

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      1. gt—Now let’s see if USC can do the obviously smart and not particularly ballsy thing by giving the job to Meyer and standing up to a week’s bad press from newspapers and ‘insiders’ who nobody reads or care about….

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  2. Wow finally an A.D. with some sense of direction running a program. Instead of the last guy Swann, Worrying about his next tee time at the golf course!
    Or the other guy before him Haden with his nepotism and raiding a charity for financial gain. Then we all wonder why Haden never sued the NCAA when he had the evidence to show malicious biased in hatred towards USC in the Reggie Bush scandal. Haden was covering his own ass with the charity raiding. Glad those tenures are over! Even this interm. A.D. with Dave Roberts and mediocrity, bye bye. Time to move on and build up a winner.

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  3. SW forgot to mention perhaps the most important thing Bohn said that revealed his philosophy and intentions re: CH. “USC Football needs to own the LA recruiting market.” So, Bohn believes USC athletic teams need to win (CH’s FB team isn’t) and USC needs to “own” the talent-rich LA/So. Cal recruiting market (CH FB team doesn’t).

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  4. No downside to this presser… bye bye clay…

    No Urb, the wife beating enabler/ convict covering up scumbag … plenty of other quality coaches who can bring us back just as well just as fast.

    Hell with even decent/average coaching this year we’d be unbeaten.

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    1. Nero —Try learning some law before you call somebody “a wife beating enabler” —or better yet get back to us with the elements of an aiding and abetting charge and show us all the evidence ya got….

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      1. It’s simply impossible not possible that you’re so oblivious…

        It’s been well documented that he knew and covered by omission or commission criminal behavior by players and staff.


      2. Nero —That’s exactly the kind of evidence I thought you’d come up with [“everybody knows”]….


      3. MG, with all due respect, you’ve turned into a rabid, tunnel vision monster in the last few weeks over SUCCX FB. It’s amazing how swift you’ve bottomed out.

        Now, after your hardy “Air Raid” Harrell bromance has soured, you’ve hopped on your Hamster Wheel in hot pursuit of the new AD to fire H and employ M.

        MG, what happens if M fails to coach up to your elevated expectations?


      1. GoldenTornado — Don’t expect an ‘actual’ list from Nero…


      2. James Franklin / Luke Fickell / Bob Stoops /
        Kyle W. / PJ Fleck / just to name a few…

        OH and without all the baggage / scandal / lies / cover up / and deleted text msgs…


  5. BTW, since we’ve spent so much time on integrity and scandals, it’s worth mentioning that I haven’t seen one shred of evidence from any outlet, journalist, or pundit corroborating SW’s statement that Folt was against hiring UM, or that she referred to him as radioactive. Support for these contentions may be forthcoming. But If not, SW’s journalistic integrity may be lacking.


      1. gt —Obviously you’re on the money with that remark. When an announcement is days late it’s because there’s a problem. The question now is: what was the problem and how did it get solved. I REALLY hope Bohn didn’t accept an illusory promise from Folt that she’d “keep an open mind” to Meyer. What he NEEDED is a promise that she would not interfere with his decision to get Meyer…

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  6. sorry, but I didnt get a good sense of Bohn. He seems to be a politician, not a leader. I didnt hear any articulation of a “big vision” for USC’s athletic deparment. the comment on expecting Helton to finish strong actually seemed to me to leave an opening that if they win the next three Helton can stay until the end of the year, or even keep his job.

    I really cant see Helton getting fired soon, which is what should happen, so they can try to save recruiting for next year.

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    1. Given the current climate, not firing Helton would be career suicide . . . maybe for Folt too. If a losing football team isn’t enough for CH’s dismissal, the sharply declining athletic revenues will be. At the end of the day, it’s all about the money. The impending payouts to victims of medical negligence will make revenues a very high priority. The university cannot afford to subsidize an operating loss for a football program that should be wildly profitable. $ will force the issue if CH’s miserable job doesn’t. . .

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      1. One of several ends that can be accomplished, with no downside, by announcing Helton’s termination effective at the end of current season, followed by the as-soon-as-possible announcement of Meyer’s hiring…

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    2. Early signing day is Dec 18th, Gomer’s last game is Nov 23rd, that’s almost a month ( 23 days ) to get kids to flip and if the USC coach is Meyer most will flip.

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    3. There is a way to do this. Helton SHOULD be allowed to lead his team to the end of the season (as a practical matter there’s NO one around to take his place—his assistants are for shit). This season is what it is—& even though nothing Helton accomplishes over the next 3 games is of great national or Pac 12 significance, we might as well let him play it out). (But) It’s not against the rules to announce ASAP the guy who is taking over in 2020 (hopefully Meyer). Helton doesn’t need to be gone/gone for such an announcement to rocket our recruiting class from 66th to top 5.

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      1. Agreed
        BK makes a good point that Meyer can accomplish that in a month or less, but the sooner the better, on that account, and to me, I think there are several other positives, not the least of which is that the returning players will be given the earliest opportunity to audition their capabilities (and I don’t think they need to meet him to know what’s coming)…

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  7. I tend to agree with all of this. People on the boards were mentioning how many times the word “integrity” was mentioned in the press conference. I’m thinking Meyer is still a very real possibility… Helton has 3 games left. In theory, he should win all of them. ASU, Cal, UCLA… but if he loses even one, his firing will be that much easier. I’m thinking even if he wins all three, 8 -4, he can still be fired. The team just makes so many mistakes, gets stupid penalties…. yada yada. There’s always reasons to fire someone if you want to…. and the fact that Meyer is in the wings is a huge reason. If they can’t get Meyer…. either because the president says no, or they can’t agree on terms…. 8 -4 “might” save Helton…. Assuming the new AD has a plan B, C & D. Just have to see what happens.

    On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 11:40 AM InsideUSC with Scott Wolf wrote:

    > scott wolf posted: ” There is definitely a new attitude and new leadership > at USC. This was the most important quote from the press conference: “My > intent is to listen, to learn and to lead, in that order.” This is directly > opposite the attitude of Lynn Swann, who nev” >

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  8. Athletic Departments are made or broken on the success of the football or basketball teams (Unless you are Stanford or UCLA- which is yesterday U in bball). Success on the gridiron usually translates to a successful AD.



  9. Met AD Bohn many years ago just as CU was joining the Pac12. He traveled 350 miles down to PoDunk Colorado (my home at that time) to soothe the jangled nerves of about a dozen Buff fans there in PoDunk. With the CU chancellor by his side, he discussed all matters academic, athletic, and financial with this bunch of CU “supporters.” They didn’t know that there was a Trojan in their midst 😉 He was supremely energetic, optimistic, and honest. He showed an incredible aptitude for the vagaries of recruiting in the Pac12 (and Big 12).

    What Bohn did with CU athletics, despite the tawdry nature of their fanbase and the financial limitations of CU athletics was laudable. With our superior fanbase, finances, and academic standing, he will be able to leverage the USC brand and return us into a recruiting juggernaut.

    In addition to Football, I can think of about 5 other head coaches who may wish to perform a little better over the next season or two. Fight on!

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  10. News flash Ms. Folt stay true to your word, let Bohn fire Gomer now not later. Hire Meyer watch Justin Flowe flip from Clemson, Kendall Milton from Texas and last but least Byrce Young flip from Alabama those 3 will vault USC back into a national recruiting power which we lost under Gomer don’t call me Pyle. Do the right thing and watch the fan base come back to coliseum in a major way. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out the powers to be such as Wayne Hughes. Watch Fox Pregame show tomorrow to see Reggie and Matt start asking UM has he had a preliminary conversation with any SC powers to be. Fight On # hire UM # return us back to glory

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  11. I’m am tired of seeing all these fake SC fans on this blog if you are a true fan you have to take the good with the bad yes we have been bad but I have been a Trojan fan since 1973 come on let’s rejoice this hire and stay strong through these turbulent recruiting times. #Bohn/UM revival is here#days of watching Gomer facegone#FightOn#1Fan

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