Mike Bohn On A Football Timetable

New USC A.D. Mike Bohn was asked if he would wait until the end of the season to make an assessment of Clay Helton.

“I think it’s premature to say at this point,” Bohn said. “We’ll see. I’m going to support coach and support those players unequivocally. They’re out there battling and representing USC and we want them to be successful.”


39 thoughts on “Mike Bohn On A Football Timetable

  1. You’re pushing the envelope Scooter with your invective….
    Don’t try and twist his words to fit your always cynical narrative.

    Your old enough to have attended many inaugural speeches by new SC staff and we too know how superfluous and meaningless they are, now it’s sit and wait for the new AD’s actions to match his words.

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      1. As usual, Scott is trying to get something more than blather from Helton and Haden….. but he’s told they “don’t have time.” If I were either of them, I wouldn’t have time either.
        Breaking News: Bohn was seen leaving Helton’s office 10 minutes ago with a bruised lip…. just like the one Helton wore to the Oregon game. When greeted by a student athlete Bohn said he didn’t have time to talk “because I have to go to my car and get my gun.” The student reported, “he looked kinda mad.”

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      2. I wish someone in the media would peel the covers off of Pat Haden, because he’s the Teflon man, and has gotten off lightly with all of the scandals

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  2. Scott, what are your ‘sources’ telling you about a timetable and who our next coach will be? They are due to be right sometime, so please disclose.


  3. It is ironic that the ground under Helton is evaporating faster than snow cone on the surface of the sun, and this is the Arizona State game coming up. I know it’s wishful thinking to believe that Helton hears the sizzle of his gluteus maximus on the throne of heat and decides enough is enough, but maybe it is also the perfect timing. What would Helton do if Bohn said, “Let’s meet after the game…would the tarmac be okay?”
    I’d like to see this happen for more reasons than the blog will allow, but again it might just be wishful thinking on all of our parts. Here’s to the eventual end of the Helton era.

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  4. I’m pretty sure they want Clay Helton to lose this weekend, so they can dismiss him, and get the ball rolling on a new coach. It’s very clear that the administration is going in another direction, regardless of the win loss record at the end of the season.

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  5. Rooting for Clay. If anyone can overcome this type of adversity it’s him. Hoping he can get 2 more blowout wins and 1 close loss to up and coming UCLA.

    Long live clay!!

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      1. While 3 blowout wins sounds overly optimistic, MG, we all would take it.
        In that case, still gotta fire CCH on Nov 24th.

        The bowl predictor presently has USC in the Santa Clara Redbox Bowl vs either Michigan or Iowa–two smashmouth programs. Can’t let CCH on the field for that one.

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      2. MG
        Sir. Youz guys might have your hands full with ugly. I fear someone over there finally figured out how to read a playbook.


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      3. Cal75 —I suspect we’ll have our hands full with everybody left on the schedule…

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      4. Cal75 —Apples & oranges. Apples and oranges.


  6. That’s the political answer meaning, “We’ll let him finish out the season. After that, he’s gone.” There is no way, with the way this is all set up, that USC could whiff so hard at the opportunity to hire Meyer. If they do hire him, we can all leave the last 10 years in the dust.

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  7. My prediction for the week……one of the players…..a good one……starter…….probably a senior…….in the last quarter…..commits one of those penalties or judgments……that remind you of Marshall last year.
    They know what we know…..they feel powerless and this is their time……just like last year when at least in three games toward the end they did some stuff that was……what??!!. So their bothers would be rid of him……and they call the submarines the silent service.
    Ready to accept the beating that no Trojan would do this.

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    1. Fred
      I find it hard to believe an SC starter would ‘throw’ a game with that kind of outburst again. Marshall was just emotional when he popped a fuse. Wrong time and place & the ref was right there.
      I may have misunderstood your comment.


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  8. the most telling part of the whole presser was the icy glare by Carol Burnett when asked about “hiring limitations”…..she basically said “yes there are and F U if you don’t like it” .

    no Meyer confirmed.


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    1. Hate to agree with anything the Ugly Bucket writes, but when she answered “No,” to whether there were any hiring restrictions, she could have been telling the truth at that moment with a prior understanding from Bones that he was not hire Meyer, but all others were fair game.

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    2. Those closest to the podium actually heard Folt use those very words…. [it’s said that, in private, everything is “fuck this” or “fuck that”] …

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      1. Cal75 –All kidding aside, she seems like a class act (I hope she doesn’t feel obligated to nix Meyer to prove herself to the L. A. Times, though)….

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