Clay Helton Meets Mike Bohn

Clay Helton said he had a one-on-one meeting with Mike Bohn today.

“To see his energy and his positivity hitting the ground running today was awesome,” Helton said. “To be able to sit down with him one-on-one and for him be so positive, say, ‘Coach we’re cheering for you. Go get ’em, we’re right behind you’ “

  • Meanwhile, defensive end Hunter Echols will have season ending shoulder surgery, Helton said.

31 thoughts on “Clay Helton Meets Mike Bohn

      1. factor13,
        Like you, I could give a shit about Helton (he deserves what he’s about to get) but if he twists then, to some extent, the team twists with him —- so, although you’re right as usual, it doesn’t make me that happy….


    1. The players aren’t stupid. They can read the papers and internet. Everyone knows Gomer is toast. USC will lose one of the next three games, probably on Saturday. This charade has gone on long enough. At absolute best, he is 7-5 and a invite to the DoucheBag Bowl. Enough already…

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      1. You’re right —the players aren’t stupid. (But) They now not only know that (1) Helton’s gone in December—but (2) that he’s probably (barring another Oregon -style loss) going to finish the season with them…


      2. I agree and at this point is does not matter about the next few games. Winning those does not make anyone feel any better. I would rather lose without him than win with him. He is a big bag of wind. When I played we hated the coach so much that we felt like not putting on the equipment, that is what players feel when the coach is a drag. Players are not dumb. That is what Del Rio felt like when he led a movement to get rid of Ted Tollner. One payer said we got an extra jump in our step when he was replaced by Larry Smith. I feel for them they want this Helton gone.
        And, about that radioactive crap. I will tell you what is radioactive: when you have a school of social work taking bribes; when you have a medical school Dean taking dope with prostitutes; when you have a cardiology dept. losing accredation; when you have a Dr. in the student health center taking advantage of young girls and an administration pretending not to be aware for years and in some instances trying to cover up by saying my secretary did not give me the information when the police tried to let them know.
        Now you have a good coach who is being sullied(if the information is true) with accusations without proper information. And, last but by no means least, we have an athletic dept. and administration soaking the loyal fans with charges{ who have bought season tickets for years ) that are excessive , and taking their seats away if they do not comply . I benefited from the changes but there were thousands who were disadvantaged. Now if you want to talk about radioactive and immorality let us do it but do not take it out on the many loyal football fans who would just like to have you get rid of a sorry coach. Focus on those many problems that is costing USC its reputation.
        Come on now get real!


  1. i red some wear taht he wasnt been highered cuz he wanted to higher john meyer, person who say this says he got sourcerers, why he been highered then? seams like somethin is up and the ncca need to ejaculate into this, or may be guy who say he got sourcerers makeing things up,


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    1. 04 — I can’t honestly say anybody in that photo comes off real well….


  2. He sure looks clueless in that photo.
    CH: “Angela my honey, I was a hit in that press conference today. As Mr. Bohn was speaking, everybody was turning to look over at me. I remember back when Pat gave me the keys to this awesome Trojan machine, I knew we were going to do special things. I looked into Mr. Bohn’s eyes, and he had the eyes of a warrior who is here to battle with us. I can’t wait for him to see this team in late November.”

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    1. I read he wasn’t there today. And the fact the new AD said he never met him probably proves that. So this is likely a photo from something else when Flow was actually allowed at USC events.


  3. I’ve had all it all wrong I just found out Bohn rhymes with own (as in bone). I was gleefully running over headlines in my mind. Who could pass up an opportunity to say “Helton gets Bohned.”
    I have a feeling Helton will live down to his potential before being shown the door.


  4. Clay Helton can go undefeated the rest of the season, but he’s still not Mike Bohn’s guy , he’s been on the job for four years, and has thrown the program in reverse. Helton is a horrible recruiter if you consider the resources he has access to, along with reputation of USC football that he can’t seem to take advantage of


  5. Hey Flow. Any new word on the halftime “face-bashing” Helton took at halftime last weekend? Or have you finally given all that bullshit up along with all your “sources” in the AD search this week? Get lost, dude.


  6. Well . Clay Helton has been right so far. Last year when he said Swann was backing him I thought he was crazy and brelonged in the loony house.. Maybe he is some kind of witch doctor and casts some kind of spell. on these people. Or they are just plain dumb. If he is retained after this year I want to get the magic formula he owns. But, Barnum did say a sucker is born every minute and maybe we have a few in our midst. Maybe more than a few. I must say I am completely baffaled+


  7. I would like to apologize for some grammatical errors in my earlier post,my subjet and verb agreements were bad and in some instances a lack of coherence but I hope you will forgive the grammar and get the point. Thank you.


  8. I don’t believe SC can continue with Helton. The impact on season ticket sales and donations must be dramatic. I believe the only reason that a new HC hasn’t been announced is that there is no one on Helton’s staff who is capable of taking over. NOTE: Bohn didn’t say he wouldn’t be reviewing the football team before the season ended….


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