A Message From Mike Bohn

Photo/Ling Luo/Daily Trojan

Here is a statement USC athletic director Mike Bohn sent out to members of the Trojan Athletic Fund on Thursday:

Walking onto USC’s campus today, I was overcome with feelings of excitement, passion, and opportunity. Tremendous excitement in joining the preeminent college athletic program in the country and becoming a member of the Trojan Family. Heartfelt passion for continuing my lifelong mission of furthering student-athlete excellence, and the opportunity to position USC at the forefront of the intercollegiate athletic landscape well into the future. 

I will work tirelessly as your athletic director to make the Trojan Family proud and deliver the championship program that you deserve. My passion and energy never take a day off, and that is my promise to you. My immediate priority will be to listen and to learn, with an ultimate goal of delivering a bold and innovative vision for USC Athletics.

 I believe wholeheartedly that student-athlete success should be at the very heart of our mission. Creating a world-class experience for our student-athletes and establishing comprehensive excellence across ALL 21 sports are absolutes.

As a member of the Trojan Athletic Fund, you play a critical role in providing these necessary resources for us to be successful. I applaud your strong investment in our student-athletes and acknowledge your generosity with immense gratitude. I look forward to thanking you in person when we get the chance to meet. 

Today, my family and I joined the Trojan Family, and that is a special feeling. I look forward to getting to know all of you over the next weeks and months and welcome you to reach out with your ideas for the program.  Together, we will build upon the legendary Trojan tradition of success both on and off the field. 

 Let’s get started.  

Fight On! To Victory!


7 thoughts on “A Message From Mike Bohn

  1. We have an Athletic Director…anti climax time.
    His statement says it all.
    Now, just waiting for the inevitable.

    USC-UCLA Helton’s swan song. ‘Turn out the Lights, the Party’s over’

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  2. That is almost verbatim the speel Jim Knowlton issued when he became AD at CAL. ‘Hey, I’m a sensitive guy. I listen’.
    It’s meant for the students-alums-boosters to stay off the newly hired AD’s back for the first year or two. Meaningless.
    Translation: ‘I’m here to listen. If you’re writing a check while I’m listening, I shall listen intently. Listening hours are 0800-0900 M-F. If the line is too long, those with checkbooks in hand shall go to the head of the line’.


    1. Nothing wrong with that. Since their inception, U.S. institutions of higher learning have been largely supported by gifts, donations, government grants and subsidies , and endowments. This is especially true of private institutions like USC that don’t qualify for government subsidies like those in the UC systems. Hence, all the whining by UC universities when their legislative handout gets cut. Didn’t they teach you people anything at your taxpayer-supported school?

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      1. Oh & by the way Mr Snarky

        CAL takes the top 10% that work their tales off. Probably top 5-7% for Berkeley. People who make disparaging remarks about CAL or UC are showing a lack of knowledge. SC prides itself on Natties for their FB program. CAL prides itself on their students, faculty & grad schools. FB comes way down the list. It isn’t why the school exists. For every whacko CAL faculty member you’ve heard of, I know two brilliant quiet conservative minds working to make your life better.
        No buy ins or scholies for Crew. Or Rugby. No lori laughlins.
        The Feds rely on CAL to run the nuclear operation in this country & do a lions share of development for defense. Among other classified activities. Ever walk into bldg 82 at Palmdale? The sign above the door says ‘step ahead 20 yrs’. Translation for any knuckledraggers-you’ll hear about what we did in 2019 during the year 2039.

        BTW, I frequently hear people on this board whine about UC getting taxpayer money. I know quite a few UC people & have never heard one whine about cuts to the budget. And the cuts have been significant. CAL does more with less almost all the time. 95% of the people who I am familiar with at CAL, when they leave, rotate UP. I wonder why that is?



    2. Cal-Berkely athletics aren’t anywhere close to USC nor UCLA nor Stanford. Per football they haven’t been relevant in decades. For all the claim of academic prowess funny how the alumni don’t contribute more.


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