Jack Sears Visiting Oregon State

Former USC QB Jack Sears is visiting Oregon State today.

The Beavers play Washington tonight. Beavers QB Jake Luton is a senior. The other quarterbacks are former Nebraska QB Tristan Gebbia and Nick Moore from Hart High School.

A lot of Pac-12 schools are believed to be interested in Sears. Wherever Sears goes, the most important thing is that he starts. That’s the main priority for all quarterback transfers and why picking the right school is important.

14 thoughts on “Jack Sears Visiting Oregon State

  1. If Jack Sears wants to be tutored by a great offense mind, then he might want to consider to Fresno State. It’s not the Pac 12, but he’ll get a chance develop, and play for Jeff Tedford.

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    1. Fresno State has two redshirt freshman QB’s in addition to two more pure freshman QB’s on their roster right now. Not to mention a sophomore QB. One of those five will replace their senior QB after this year.

      Don’t think that’s a place Sears can come in and play right away.



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  2. Helton really puked all over Sears. Putting him on the scout team was such a punk move. He’s clearly much better than Fink and arguably as good as Slovis and Daniels.

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    1. Yeah but his daddy didn’t kiss Gomer’s ass like Chuck and Duck’s did, and why Gomer thought Fink was better than Sears is well, Gomer being Gomer as to talent evaluation


      1. How the hell did Pat Haden think that hiring Gomer was a good idea? I’m starting to think Gomer may have some dirt on Haden (also why he got an extension). An unspoken look of “give me the job or I drop a dime.” It will be telling when he gets canned and nobody (in the literal sense of the word) tries to hire him.

        FU Swann and Haden, you wasted 20 million dollars and a decade of SC football.


  3. Here is how a truly warped mind works. Sears has sat out this year preserving a couple of years eligibility. So we get a new coach who quietly asks him to come back and tryout. Then if some of you are right the coach sees what you saw in his brief appearances. Sears starts behind a beefed up line and improved offense. Daniels goes into the transfer portal and we have a proven backup in Slovis for the future.
    Warped I tell you but I’m no writer I’m a drummer


  4. Ore St is an improving team. If one wanted to live in that area it would be a good move. He will start where ever he chooses to go and he will know that before he goes,and that the coach really wants him there.


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