Will USC Fold Its Final Three Games?

Even when I speak to people within the USC football program, they say, “the season is up in the air.”

That means they really are not sure how USC will do the final three games of the regular season.

But one player told me, “there won’t be many tears if there’s a change.” That might provide a hint on the final three games.

35 thoughts on “Will USC Fold Its Final Three Games?

  1. USC could go 3-0, 0-3, 2-1 , 1-2, and does it matter anyway ? The faster Gomer is canned the better is is for the program

    And memo to Mr Bohn, ignore the local newspaper idiots who have no trouble with glorifying John Wooden and ignoring all that went on during his tenure at ucla and are to lazy to actually do their own research into Meyer’s time at OSU

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    1. LMMFAO 😂😂… The BoZo 🤡🤡. Clay Helton blew an opportunity of a lifetime, because he was too stupid to not surround himself with people who know how to run a program. So yes, he is definitely a Bozo

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    2. Om me this Booty, why are SMU and SUCCX one / two in the total number of NCAA Div 1 sanctions received by their athletic programs for Ch, Ch, Ch, Cheating.

      Can’t wait to hear your excuses, excuses, excuses Booty.


  2. The entire coaching staff will be gone next year.

    Is it worth it to draft eligible players, or a guy like Michael Pittman, who has a legit NFL future, to sacrifice his body for the final 3 games and potentially a crappy bowl?

    I think this is a recipe for 0-3 and another 5-7 year.

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    1. Harry —
      There was a time —within recent memory —when no one would even think to ask whether players should stick with their team through the final three games ….

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      1. Yes there was a time that the word ‘Team’ mattered to these players.
        The more talented of the team are now individualist and concerned with THEIR future…when the money starts rolling in College is quickly forgotten.

        Needs a STRONG PERSONALITY to keep them interested, challenged and focused, hopefully in the near future we will have that Personality.

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  3. It is truly up in the air. At one time this question would have gotten laughed out of the box, but when Orgeron was informed he wasn’t coming back the team tanked. That is how we wound up with this naked coach. He was fitted with garments that were made of such special cloth, only Pat Hayden, Lynn Swann and all of the smart people could see. Then one day a young man by the name of Scott cried Wolf and pointed out the cloth didn’t exist. So everyone knew what a fraud Helton was. I don’t think anyone will cry when the nudist exits. (not even Pudly)

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    1. As usual, you make a lot of good points, Rialto (glad they were published this time). While I think it would be crazy to bet a USC game for the rest of the season, I still hold out hope the team will try to fight itself out of the “deep hole” Helton said they’re in…..

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    2. I think it was readily apparent that Helton was a complete fraud a long time ago. And, no, it was not Scott Wolf who made the fact available for all to see. He reported what was obvious to even the most casual observer of USC football. I think we lose 2 out of the next three. I just hope the win is against UCLA.


      1. Just me having fun. In the story I am paraphrasing a young boy points it out. I don’t know many fans who believe Helton’s qualifications are legitimate. He’s the tambourine player in the USMC band- basically useless, but still professional.


  4. Betting line has moved from minus-2 to plus-1 SC. In other words, SC is now a slight favorite to win tomorrow. That has everything to do with whether the ASU quarterback can play or not.

    Then on to Cal, where it would be a huge upset to lose to the Bears again.

    And finally sucla, who we have at home, and hence SC will probably be favored.

    I am betting the Trojans go 3-0 these final games. They have played hard the entire year, have a terrible taste after Oregon, and they are all auditioning for playing time next year under a new coach, so they want to have some good tape to show-off.

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    1. You are an upbeat guy, John. Hope you’re right. I think we’ll get the answers to all our questions tomorrow. If USC wins, they’ll probably go 3-0. If they lose, they’ll probably go 0-3.

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      1. seeing a odds change a day before a game, the house is trying to get some backside money to even the bets. If it were college basketball, and a switch up on the favorite a day before the game it would be because the fix was in

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      2. All my predictions grow out of the assumption tomorrow’s game is on the level…but I really like our chances if the game is fixed…


  5. Like I’ve said week after week, if Arizona State can corral those Trojans receivers, so they don’t run wild, then the Sun Devils should win the game. Those players aren’t playing for Clay Helton’s job anymore, because the writings on the wall, they know his days are numbered regardless of the final win loss record


    1. The thing is the ASU quarterback may not be able to go, and even if he does, he may not last the entire game. Big advantage SC, and that is why the betting changed by 3-points.
      Of course, either way this is going to be a tough game for SC to pull out, but if they do they should be riding a 2-game winning streak going into the sucla game.

      Also, I think kids play for each other, not their coaches so much. And all these collegiate boys are competitive, they play the game to win, and they know there is a better chance of getting hurt if you do not go full throttle. I don’t see a drop-off in desire.

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      1. Not so players play for the coach but will play for themselves the beginning of the game, that extra effort has to come from adequate coaching. If however, you turn them loose they will play for themselves, meaning let them do the play calling.


  6. Vegas had USC’s season win total at 7 wins and I’ll be damned if after 9 games it still isn’t in question. I have predicted a Pac 12 Championship for this team and while that’s still possible in the Wack 12, it certainly doesn’t look likely now. Regardless, I thought the team would play better than it has and at least come closer to playing up to its potential. In fact, after the Utah game, I thought for a moment that perhaps… nevermind. I think that those who were able to glimpse the future through the lips of a opened mouth have the comfort of realized expectations to fall back on and are thereby immunized and perhaps bolstered by the losses. I, on the other hand, have no such comfort as my expectations have died on the vine due to a turnover bug infestation and more. All I have left is the coin flip that is the Wack 12 and the fact that 8-4 was at the mid to low end of my expectation range. I need these last 3 games as much as the team and Clay Helton do.

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  7. I have a feeling that player represents the voices of the team. He must go regardless of whether he beats these 3 patsies. all of them are at the bottom of the barrel. Just take the money and run Helton. The fight on you mention so often is about USC class and you do not understand that. It is about competence, pride in winning, accepting responsibility when losing and not blaming others for your failure.


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