Pick The USC-ASU Score

With an early kickoff, I’m posting this a little earlier.

Can USC rebound from its loss to Oregon?

Is Arizona State going to be a different team after being dominated in two road losses (Utah, UCLA)?

Clay Helton must run the table to save his job, right?

21 thoughts on “Pick The USC-ASU Score

      1. 67 — He practically did it to Arizona (three quarters worth) —but we had everybody healthy for that game. Our injury situation is ridiculous. [Remember all those videos USC put out over the summer of guys lifting weights and yelling “bring it on—we can’t wait to get this taste out of our mouths!”]??

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  1. Running the table cannot possibly save Helton’s job…the program is a mess….it’s obvious to anyone–even most fanboys–that he’s out of his realm….you only need look at all of the fans masquerading as new red seats at each home game—65th ranked recruiting class…UCLA is 33rd, Cal, 35th, ASU, 29th, Colorado,46th, WSU 52nd, Oregon State 55th, etc…. Unfortunately, ASU isn’t very good….too bad…
    Trojan’s 33-ASU 27

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    1. Ben –There’s an awful lot of talk out there about USC making the playoffs without winning the Pac 12 if we can just win these last 3 high visibility games with murderers’ row: Arizona State, Cal and Mighty UCLA.

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      1. I’ve heard the talk as well, Michael…these last three games are “must see TV.” If any leader of fine young men can guide his troops through this blitzkrieg of an end to the regular season, it is, Colonel Clay Helton-Sanders. Helton-Sanders has commented privately this week, that he can’t wait for the fans to see the mighty Helton’s finish, and he knows that the Coach O’s, Tide, Buckeyes, and Dabo’s will want no part of this group of fine young men, especially when they’re lead by, not only Helton-Sanders himself, but his field commanders Bax and Air Harrell…. BooYAH


  2. Trojans 27, Devils 21

    It won’t matter for Helton. Even if he wins out, there is not a strong opponent in the final 3 games. Everyone knows that Helton should not be retained.

    Bohn didn’t come here to watch another year of losing to a team like BYU, squeaking out a win against Colorado, giving up a kickoff return TD with 15 seconds left in the half, watching starters get injured on special teams, the failure to play the best guys, the list goes on, lousy assistant coaches, the list goes on.

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    1. Yep. 3-0 would be a fun finish. But Helton is more than done. Bohn has no option but to throw everything he’s got at Urban until Urban says, “No thanks.” Even if that ends up being nothing more than an attempt at hiring Urban Meyer, that at least shows USC is serious about major change.

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      1. I’d like to take that one step further, 04: Yes, USC politely offers lots & lots of money, etc., etc. —but, if Urban sez no, USC refuses to end negotiations. Let’s see if Urban’s health can withstand that kind of pressure….

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  3. ASU played beyond their potential and then came down to earth on two conf road games against teams on their way up and at home. USC will win 42-24, because these are two wounded teams, just one with lots more talent that came off a home humiliation. ASU is gonna get a dose of that too. Cut me in on the money I made you or curse me as a homer.

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  4. I want USC to win and believe they might…….but…… I believe that it is in our long term best interest for Utah to win also. Go Utes!


  5. Helton had a true freshman starting at QB the last 2 years. He’s had multiple key injuries on defense. They get phantom calls against them. They could easily have won all but…… just kidding.
    The guy is what he is, not a good head coach. Personally like him, just want him far, far, far away from our football team.

    I can’t bring myself to pick against us, USC 42 ASU 35


  6. A real q/b named Daniels will frustrate the sc ‘D’ ,since he learned how to run at a young age,instead of stand there and get clobbered. Herm is a decent coach,and teaches fundamentals to 3 star athletes ,while hellton ball ruins 4-5 star athletes…
    ASU wins 30-20


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